From the Mountain, Book III


An Option Given

Precious Child, I am Master Jesus, Yea Lord of Earth, given this dominion of The Father. On this day you have received a special anointing from Me, and from this day your walk shall never be the same. For, you shall walk with the sweetness of angels and with love and purity of My Heart. Yea, you shall walk with humility in all things, a true servant to your brothers and sisters.

This day, you have been given the added choice by Our Father of whether to die on March 02, 2002, or to live until My coming. If you choose death, this shall not be held against you; for you shall be very tired. If you choose to persevere until My return, your husband shall also live until My return; and you shall go among a group of seven prophets, of which you are also an apostle. Two of the others may be made apostles, depending on their perseverance.

You will be guided in living arrangements and you will never want as long as you live. Neither will those with you want; for, I shall provide in abundance. As long as you choose to live, you will be given mighty victories over evil, and you shall be a great sore in the side of Lucifer. For, he shall seek you with great fury, but shall not be able to find you. For I shall hide you beneath a great wall of fire by day and by night I shall hide you beneath an army of angels.

On this day, Moses has officially given you his staff. No one shall ever have this again. Listen not to this one or that one, who say that Moses has given it to them. This is not so, and is rubbish, spoken of mind of entity. Child, I have called you aside for a work like none other. You, once Aaron, were chosen long ago for this work; and you chose to return from the heavens above for this difficult role, along with the rest of the 144,000. Many of you are sitting idly by, waiting for Me to hand you power, to give you this or that. What are you doing for Me? The greatest numbers are lost, Child, to this cause or that cause. The dazzle of the material world has holds on some of those I love the most.

Pray for them, Child. Fast for them, especially at the time of the Jubilee; it is part of the announcement of My Coming. Yea, it heralds the last seven days (seven years); but during the last five My signs and miracles shall appear all over the world. You are just beginning to see some of these.

Do not get caught up in the illusions of others. Come to Me for confirmation in all things. Child, I am your Master, your Teacher; and yea I came to you in a dream last night and asked to marry you and to bring you by the River. Child, I have an engagement ring for you, and My Secretary, Moses, called you on the telephone to remind you. But, you were afraid and said that you had to flee because of the war. Child, your dreams are full of work, work, work, which you have asked for. But, I shall give you dreams of beauty, hope and glory; and you shall rejoice in these.

In your dream last night, you found yourself cleaning up the feces of a child. This has been left by one of My children and you know who it is. Yet, you did not complain, but cleaned it up. Child, this is My Way; and in this, I bless you.

I have given you three days of intense focus on Me. Yesterday, I made you see the great, giant demons, which have been trying to control you from afar. And, I showed you that I allowed the demon to possess the woman, who came to your house to chop down your only shade tree. I allowed this to happen with this woman, to cause you to search out the darkness, which is moving in on you. Child, I also allowed the hail to fall on your home, so that you would seek. I made you see all this and more, that you would seek more of me; and have the added strength to fight these spiritual wars.

Because you have obeyed and taken the time for intense spiritual work, I have showed you these things and I have anointed you greatly, supplying the strength you have needed to overcome. You have wondered why you get up in the morning and see the chains put there by Lucifer. You break them through My Spirit and they are back the next day. You have felt this horrible oppression week after week. Child, I made you see them and sent you five ministering angels, which will be at your service as long as you live. You will see others, who have been chained by the Adversary; and these angels will work through your commands to set them free.

You will see others, who have been implanted by Lucifer and you will be able to break these deep holds through the fire of My Spirit. Months ago, you were told that you would receive this gift and you know that it is not true.

This day, I have made you see once more the date of the burning of the USA and you have seen Dec. 12, 1998. Yesterday, you were carried to the realms of Heaven, where you saw the apostle Peter, the Beloved One. Our Father, Jehovah, blessed you mightily and when you asked for ‘more’, he loaded you down with more. In that you have asked, Child, you shall receive. Veils have been rent from the heavens that you see more, receive more, know more and carry more weight of The Father. For, this reason, He has given you the option to extend your life. Child, you are chosen and you are blessed. Do not let another prophet, or even apostle dictate to you. I dictate to you, The Father dictates to you, but no on else. Do not get in the trap of trying to live up to other’s desires and expectations. I set you free, and you are free in me. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 17th day of April 1998,
Linda Newkirk


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