From the Mountain, Book III

The Page Reveals More

"Precious Child, you have prayed long and hard this morning; and you have seen how the evil one has come in your sleep and tried to bind you. But, he cannot succeed, for you have the Fire of My Spirit, which burns away all. I have brought you once more to the heights of My Mountain on the wings of My Spirit and I have allowed you to eat of several levels of My Tree. You find yourself at the Seventh Level; but I forbid you to write of these experiences, save what I tell you. Child, time grows short for billions of you. You have seen in Isaiah that only 10 percent remain faithful to the end. Yea, Child, this has been spoken and it is true; for strait is the way, narrow is the gate, and few find it, because it is a strict way! Notice that I have brought you back to My Upper Room to a new timeline. Write as given and seen."

"My Lord, the energies here are a radiant purple, the desk is round with a V; and I sit in this V."

"Child, touch the top of the desk with your hands and write as seen."

"As I touch the top of the desk, I see a swirl of multi-colored energies. Quickly, this fades and I see Bill Clinton. He stands before two black doors and he knocks. On the doors are the words, ‘Mysteries of Babylon.’ The doors open slowly revealing Pope John Paul II. Before him, seated in a chair, is Paula Jones; and the Pope is sprinkling water over her head. As The Pope shakes the water, Paula disappears, leaving a black puddle on the floor. Clinton steps into the puddle and becomes smaller and smaller. The Pope becomes very large in stature and Clinton just keep on shrinking until he is the size of a tiny midget about one foot high. Then, The Pope takes Clinton and puts him under a glass dome. Clinton tries to speak but he croaks like a frog. Clinton’s breath soon fogs up the glass and he disappears in it the mist. Amidst the fog, and out of sight, Clinton quickly grows to a much larger size. Soon, he bursts through the glass and shards fly out in all directions. Some of the shards, called ‘Deceit and Cover-up’, stick into The Pope; and as The Pope begins to walk away, he slips on the grease spot left by Paula Jones. The Pope, now down in the grease, calls for Clinton to help him up, but Clinton is now huge. ‘No Way,’ Clinton says, looking down at The Pope. ‘Let the buzzards do it; I’ve got work to do!’ So, Clinton turns his back on The Pope. However, The Pope is able to rip out one of the shards and throw in into the back of Clinton, and Clinton never notices. I see the date as June 1998.

Steam begins to pour from the eyes, the ears, and mouth of The Pope. As the Pope steams, so does a volcano in Italy! I see an earthquake hit Italy and building cave in as the Earth shakes mightily. Fire and hot lava spew forth from the volcano and on the lava is ‘July 1998.’ Driven by steam, The Pope takes a match and lights a fire. The fire follows the course of an accelerant and goes all the way around The Lincoln Building. Then, The Pope lights another fire; and it follows an indirect path all the way to Russia. Next, he puts the match to another line of accelerant and it burns a path into Germany. The mighty fires of The Pope burn bright with the date ‘September 1998’; and amidst the blazing flames are the words ‘Just Desserts.’ The Pope fans the fire of ‘Just Desserts’ and says, ‘Give the USA a double portion. Let them have their just desserts!'’ Then, The Pope turns in the direction of The USA and breaks wind. It smells foul, like sulfur dioxide or rotten eggs. Then, he says, ‘I howl at the red moon; it is a harvest moon!’

Then, I see black boots, swords, guns, and military vehicles pointed toward the USA. On the swords are the words, ‘Enough of You,’ and on the black boots are the words, ‘I’ll Stomp You!’ On the guns are the words, ‘Red China;’ and the tanks bear the name, ‘Russia.’ Many shields are seen and they say ‘Nerve Gas Protection,’ and ‘Bio-warfare Protection.’ Then, I see a large, black horse coming up from behind, and on the horse is written ‘Saddam Hussein Hates America.’ Behind the black horse are many nuclear missiles, which read, ‘USA-Bound;’ and they bear the date, ‘Dec. 1, 1998.’

Next, I see Turkish dancers, with their faces covered. They look like innocent women, but they are militants; and they change quickly into full military apparel. Firecrackers go off in the desert, and I see Israel, busy with the West Bank. Bogged down with internal affairs, she does not see those lining up against her, who are Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and others. Even the UN is about to take a stand; and the date is ‘Now.’"

Precious Child, we shall stop for now as there is much work to do. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of February 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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