From the Mountain, Book III

Praises at Christmas

"Precious Child, much has happened to you this morning in prayer; and I have seen your love for Me, and your dedication. Child, I am aware that you are attacked endlessly by the evil one, but I have not sent you into war unprepared. I have given you the greatest Christmas gift you could possible receive. I have greatly increased the power of My Holy Spirit within you. This power will be steadfast, and this increased amount of Spirit will go with you to all places. I have greatly fortified your home and property to further keep out the low-level entities, sent by the evil one; and I have given you warrior angels of greater stature.

You see that I have brought you to the heights of My Mountain upon the wings of My Spirit and have allowed you to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life."

"Yes, My Lord, and a most unusual thing has taken place. The Tree, sensing my presence, has let go of fruits and directed them to my mouth. With great eagerness, I cherish this succulence. Now and then, I swallow many diamonds. Many butterflies of white light fill the space around me; they light on me and disappear into the radiance of the Holy Spirit, which bathes me.

My Lord, I am led to sing for joy. My heart is so full of gratitude that I could burst with its light. I will sing verses that I sang ten years ago, when you appeared to me as I was lost in darkness and alcoholism. Deep meaning is attached to every word:

Jesus, I adore you,
Jesus, I adore you,
Jesus, I adore you,

Jesus, I worship you,
Jesus, I worship you,
Jesus, I worship you.

My Lord, I fall on my knees beneath the Tree, as tears of joy bathe my face. A host of heavenly angels is before me with some of the apostles and my Precious Friend, Moses. They all sing the same choruses, but with a great blend of heavenly notes of perfection. The voices of this chorus of perfection reach high notes, unheard on Earth. A joyous sound fills my soul and makes perfect a season, which is meant for love of You, My Lord.

Suddenly, great light falls upon me from above and I look up to see you, My Precious Lord. From your hands fall light and airy things. I catch the scent of roses as rose petals fall in my hair, catch on my clothing, and light all around me."

"My Beloved in whom I am well-pleased. You are my source of great joy; and your love is returned to you many fold. Little One, be joyous at this Christmas season. You carry a financial burden, which shall soon be relieved."

Then, Jesus wipes the tears from my eyes and He is gone. I sit beneath The Tree bathed in such radiance and glory as few human eyes have seen. Before me, a beautiful leaf drifts down from the tree. I reach out and grab it, noting the message inscribed on it, ‘Tomorrow will bring you joy.’

"Precious Child, ‘tis so. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth,

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of December, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

Note: We had the poorest Christmas season we have ever had. Right before Christmas, a financial emergency took all our savings. It was a time of oppression as we were worrying about bills. On Christmas Eve, we borrowed my Mother’s artificial tree, decorated it and celebrated Christmas with the love of Christ. On Christmas morning, my precious husband surprised me with a gift of perfume, which brought tears to my eyes as times were so hard and I knew that we could not a afford it.

In the messages, Jesus said not to go in debt worrying about gifts, and this is just what we did. I sent His message out over the Internet warning everyone to get ready for the war and the dark tides of the stock market. Jesus meant for us to follow His advice, and we were forced to do so. I will always remember Christmas of ‘97 and how we celebrated in joy with so little.

May the will of God be done in all things.

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