From the Mountain, Book III


A Look into the Year 2000

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You know my voice well, and you hear me with ease; for, I have nurtured you over much time. Child, note that I have brought you back to My Holy Mountain and into My Upper Room. Yea, the energies here are powerful and healing. Child, eat of The Tree and be given new life through Me."

"My Lord, as you have commanded, I have eaten. As I stand beneath this Tree, I am reminded once again of the Star of David in my Chest."

"Yea, Child, this is your destiny and it shall be with you always."

"My Lord, you said ‘always.’"

"Yea, Child, ‘tis so. For, it is your past, present and future; and you do not fully understand the full ramifications of this. However, in time you shall. Come and sit now at the desk, which has The Page of Time and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I am here at The Page and I notice that there are several beings around me, all dressed in white."

"Child, these are angels of great stature, who have been sent to be with you at all times. I have commanded them to be with you, wherever you go."

"Thank you for these beloved souls. At times, I am aware of many angels around me, in our home, on our property, and even around our vehicles when we are traveling. My Lord, I thank you for your protection as we need it so; and I thank these precious souls, who work so tirelessly. Bless them, My Lord. They do a mighty work. Now, I will proceed with The Page. As I look at it, I see the year, 2000, blinking in red lights, filling up the whole page; and around the numbers are yellow and red flames, lapping upward. Within the flames an evil spirit appears, and says, ‘Double, double toil and trouble!’

Then, I see many soldiers running through woods in camouflage suits with grenades in their hands. These are American, but Oriental soldiers are hidden in the woods; and they do not wear military apparel. Then, I hear the words, ‘Chesapeake Bay,’ and see gray, battleships parked nearby in the bay. An alarm is sounding on one of the ships and soldiers are rushing off the ship. They are Caucasian, and I hear the words, ‘Fighting Irish.’ As I look across the bay, I see fires here and there in neighborhoods and smoke is billowing. I see people in the homes, hiding in fear, and I hear babies and children crying.

Then, I see words pass quickly before me and I cannot read them. ‘I command them to be legible in the name of Jesus Christ;’ and the words appear quickly. They say: ‘An open hanging of Bill Clinton.’ Then, I see him hung by a rope; and I am not sure if this is in effigy or if it is real."

"Child, he would hope it to be so easy!"

"This vision passes and I see German soldiers outside the Congress of the USA; they have machine guns, and seem to be guarding it. Inside Congress Halls, all is dark and there is not a soul. My Lord, this is a depressing sight."

"Yea, Child, for you have seen a window of the war and how fast this war shall ensnare you. The USA shall be crippled completely and readily; and death and destruction shall reign from coast to coast, and on all four boundaries."

"My Precious Lord, what shall we do?"

"Child, I am preparing a way for many of you to flee. Have faith in this. Some of you will flee and return to utter devastation; but many of you will live abroad, and in the end you will be hunted like dogs. Child, I have spoken of My curse on America and I have not spoken this lightly. But, fear not, My Little Ones; for, I shall pour out a great rain upon those, who love and obey Me. Though many of you shall die, you shall die a victory in Me; and in your deaths, you shall know My glory. Go in Me this day, Child, and get these works out. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of March 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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