From the Mountain, Book III



"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. Look around and you will see that you are atop My Mountain, in my Upper Room. Your great prayers from deep within your soul have brought you here. What do you see?"

"My Lord, I see many men, all dressed in radiant white. Each has a powerful, radiant, white-light energy field around him. Their eyes radiate this same powerful, white light; and I believe they are the Twelve Apostles. In deep humility, I fall to my knees; for I do not feel that I am worthy to be in the same room with such devoted ones. One pulls me up to sit in the white chair and I am weeping. I recognize him as The Apostle, Peter; and he is so kind."

"Child, why do you weep," Peter asks?

"Peter, I weep because of my inadequacies before you, who are so powerful in your walk before God. I feel so small and you are so great."

"Sit in the chair, Little One, that we may anoint you. From this point, your walk will get harder, as you go with more power. Remember those of us, who have gone on before, and how difficult the path. When you believe you are alone, remember that you are not. When you feel alone, never fail to come with great seeking to Our Lord, with a great yearning in your heart; and you shall be filled with The Holy Spirit. This is The Promise of Our Lord. Even in the face of death, remember to pray; and you will be filled with love and power of The Holy Spirit; the sting will be taken away. It is known that you and many others will die for the causes of Our Lord.

You have been chosen for a work like few others in this day. Remember: we do much that you are unaware of; and when you expect it least, we are with you. Now, we lay our hands upon your head and shoulders and we bless you. We of the Twelve bless you with the gift of miracles; for, you shall see many. You shall heal the sick with a touch of your hand, with a prayer, with the sound of your voice; and you shall raise the dead. You shall bind evil and stand in its ugly face; and you shall shut down evil places and actions with curses from your mouth. You shall walk dark and dangerous streets and you shall be safe until it is your time. You shall speak death to the clones and to those, who love evil, and they shall die. You fear this, for you love life. But, remember: those, who love evil, promote harm and death of others. Do you uphold this, or do you stand, even a single one, against this?"

"I stand, even alone, against evil."

"Then, be blessed with the power to speak against this evil and bring it down. You will be revered and you will be feared; and you will be cursed and blasphemed; but dark words shall slide off you as water off a duck. They will effect you in no way, regardless of what is said; for, you rely on the almighty power of The Holy Spirit. It is sealed to you through good and bad, riches and poverty; for, you shall know the depths and heights of both before you die. We seal upon you these Blessings of The twelve, each of us in agreement. If you feel weak or shaky, it is because of the power, which has been poured into you. For, we are of one accord."

"Yes, I feel very weak and shaky."

"But, this shall not be for long’ for you shall go with much more power and energy. You shall be healed of your infirmities; even your vision shall improve. These blessings we impart to you; and you shall see all come to pass. You are a prophetess of God, called of Our Lord, Jesus. You have dedicated yourself to His causes, and (have been) found worthy to walk this path. You will do a mighty work from your humble abode; and when you leave, you will have brought millions away from evil and back to Our Lord. Millions will thank you that you saved them from torment.

Your feet are shod in The Word. Your eyes are ablaze with The Fire of God; and your heart carries the depth of His compassion. Your mind carries The Wisdom of Our Lord, and your hands bear the miracle of healing.

We are with you. We are The Quorum of The twelve, The twelve Apostles. We do a mighty work, of which you are not familiar. We walk beside you, even to your dying day."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

Note: Some of the blessings and words of wisdom given by The Apostles in this message have definitely come to pass. Among them are a number of miracles. One most astounding miracle is the miracle of the irises. I picked three white irises to give to a friend, who could not carry them on the plane. Jesus instructed me to put them on a shelf without water. "Let them be a testament to Me," he said. Jesus told me that the irises would bloom six days, on the sixth day they would begin to turn brown, and on the seventh day they would all be dead. The irises sat on the shelf in the heat of the high eighties and continued to bloom in majestic beauty. I could see a glow around them and knew that it was a light from Jesus sustaining them. They died as Jesus said they would, by the seventh day, a true testament to Him and His word.

Jesus performed a miracle on our dog, Cookie, who was hit by a car. The bone in his leg was broken and actually swung back and forth; and God showed me in a vision how it was severed. Immediately, I began to pray and prayed daily for this precious animal. We did not have money for a veterinarian and I knew that his healing depended on God. As the days went by, the leg started to swell. Then, the swelling slowly disappeared and he began to stand on his leg, then walk, then run. God completely healed his leg within a few weeks. Praises to our Lord!

There have been other miracles, but I will not go into all.

What I was told about life getting harder has definitely been true. People I thought to be friends turned on me with a vengeance; even certain family members; and all of this came about because of the prophecies. During this time, I became very sick and was ill for many weeks. The work on Book III came to a standstill because I was so tired so much of the time. Praise God for adversity. There is a reason for all things. Adversity is not necessarily bad. It is just hard.


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