From the Mountain, Book III


The Cave Man

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. I honor your praying and seeking for My truths. Look around and see that you are in the upper room of My Mountain, as My Spirit has brought you here. You question whether you have done right to take such a firm stand against two, who were lying and attempting to deceive you?"

"Yes, My Lord, I have seen demons in control of them."

"You see and know; for My Spirit has shown all. Stand firm against evil."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, what you have done is not easy; for you love them. I ask you, Child, ‘Can those know love, who are controlled by demons?’"

"My Lord, they cannot."

"Child, they are confounded. But you have prayed a mighty prayer on behalf of these two and the rest is up to them. You have cast out demons, who feared and blasphemed you; and in this you have done My will. Now, Child, be free of any idea that you have done wrong; for you have done my will."

"My Lord seeing those I love chase after lies and darkness has been very hard; but Your Spirit has kept me on course. In all things, My Lord, I seek Your will."

"Child, in time you shall see a change in them. The evil demons in control have maintained an ‘in-your-face attitude’ for years. It is time for them to humble themselves before Me; for I know all; I see all. Now, Little One, I have more for you today." (Note: These words, spoken of our Lord about the positive changes to come about in these two people, have begun as this date, July 01, 1998.)

"Thank you, My Lord, let us proceed."

"Child, look at the rotating disk before you. Notice that it has many holes; and through these holes pours a white light?"

"Yes, My Lord, it is before me; and I notice that others in white robes are seated around me."

"Child, take hold of this sphere."

"My Lord, I have grabbed hold of it, but it is vibrating mightily. As I strive to hold on, it suddenly explodes, leaving someone standing before me, who looks like a caveman. Then, the caveman disappears leaving a crumpled white robe on the floor, which soon vanishes. In an instant the caveman returns, standing behind a large tree, holding a wooden club in his right hand. Behind him is a rather dark forest with many of these cave men, hiding behind trees, holding wooden clubs, and looking this way.

Suddenly, I am aloft, soaring upon the Wings of Your Spirit. The gentle breeze of Your Spirit carries me to an area on the other side of the forest, which is lighted well with bright light. In this lighted area, I see a low hill with a castle atop it. The castle is well lighted, and within it is a person dressed like a king. Flying saucers are steadily entering and leaving the base of the hill and little soldiers, who look like gnomes, come and go saluting the king.

The king places a monocle to his right eye and looks far to the area of the Red Sea. ‘I shall own these whores,’ he says. ‘I am the king. I am the one, who will place enough leverage on their fine asses to make them honor and worship me. I am their master, and they SHALL worship me.’ My Lord, would you please explain what is happening."

"Child, did you come to My upper room on this Mountain?"
"Yes, My Lord."

"Did you see several of my angels, dressed in white, seated on either side of you?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Did you see a sphere with many holes, with white light shining through the holes?"

"Yes, My Lord, what was it?"

"Child, is black, white, and white, black?"

"No, My Lord."

"Then, just as surely as black is not white and white is not black, Lucifer does not serve Me or the causes of Light."

"But, My Lord, what does this have to do with the sphere?’

"Child, look at the sphere. Do you see it changing back and forth?"

"Yes, My Lord, it changes back and forth from the sphere with lighted holes to the sphere of the Earth."

"Child, this rotating sphere with the radiant holes is the Earth."

"But, why would I hold the Earth in my hands?"

"Were you told to do this by Me?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, you have held the Earth in your hands."

"I don’t understand."

"In what way?"

"I don’t understand what happened."

"You held the Earth, and it vibrated mightily. Is this not right?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, look deeply. Think deeply. Be deep in this. You hold the destiny of the Earth in your hands, and it has shaken you mightily; for you see its holes."

"Yes, My Lord, I follow you in this; but the Earth disappeared and a caveman with a club appeared. Please explain."

"Child, go to the red convertible and open the door. Who gets out?"

"It looks like Queen Elizabeth; however, when she turns to me, she is clearly not the Queen but an ugly black and red lizard, which is sticking its forked tongue in my direction. I am wondering what her connection is to the cave man?"

"It is great! Child, did you see the caveman vanish and the white robe fall to the floor?"

"Yes, My Lord; but what does this have to do with the Queen?"

"Child, as the Gila monster/Queen gets out of the red convertible, what does she drag behind her?"

"My Lord, she drags the white robe; which is stuck to the end of the lizard tail. Every now and then the Queen appears and she puts on the white robe. When she wears the white robe, she stands before large crowds, tears white petals from daisies and tosses them to the waiting crowds. ‘I shall keep the gold centers,’ she says; and she places the gold centers of the daisies in the pockets of the white robe. It is very difficult to separate the Queen from this dark monster, as she changes back and forth so quickly. My Lord, what does the Queen have to do with the cave man?"

"Child, who is the cave man?"

"My Lord, he is the evil ‘R’ man, who comes and goes from the cave in the mountain, which is really the basement of his castle."

"Child, you have held the destiny of the Earth in your hands, and have been shaken mightily. You have seen how the destiny gives way to the works of the cave man and the one, who wears the white robe, the Queen. You have seen many cave men, hiding behind trees in the dark forest, all clutching clubs. What do you make of these cavemen?"

"This is complicated. These cavemen are perhaps extensions of the evil ‘R’ man and these clubs are not really manual clubs, used to strike, but are secret organizations of the dark forest, representing Lucifer."

"Child, this is close, but not all. Look at the cave man. When he smiles, what do you see?"

"I see that he has teeth, which are very white for a caveman. They are big, strong teeth, with a single gold star on the left, front tooth. His fingernails are curled and thick; and when he walks his curled, thick toenails dig into the dirt and give him traction. His keen hearing allows him to perceive the slightest sound. His knees are wooden, like those of a puppet; and his right leg is cracked and weakened from the crack. He hears every tick of the clock and watches his time very carefully. He walks with the steps of a giant, and when he walks the earth trembles; but he has back trouble. One of his disks, called ‘slippery elm’, keeps slipping from side to side. Yet, he goes forward despite a mighty headwind and lights many fires in his path. He climbs atop a mountain and from afar his mighty roar can be heard, piercing the air like that of a grizzly bear.

Looking closer, I see that the feet of the cave man are chained to the King of the hill. This King takes a mighty whip and beats the cave man until his back bears stripes. The whip tears into the back of the cave man: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten times it cracks. The stripes burn hot and flames appear on the cave man’s back. Amidst the furor of the flames, the angry cave man roars and charges ahead, gaining speed from the heat of the fire. But, soon the fires of the stripes begins to dwindle, leaving nothing but charred stripes. ‘Poland’ is the last burning stripe to go; and when it goes, the cave man falls into red mire, face first. Then, the King of the hill throws a match upon the caveman and burns him into ashes.

‘I am The King of the Mountain,’ the one atop the hill says; and little gnomes dance at his feet. ‘Get them ready, boys,’ he shouts to the gnomes. ‘The good ole days are just beginning!’ Then, he lights a roaring fire in the giant living area of his palace and he begins to clean out the palace, piece by piece, and throwing all into a roaring fire. He shakes in his boots, but is careful that the gnomes do not see. When all possessions are burned, he flies out of the castle upon the wings of his king’s robe. Behind him, the castle goes up in mighty flames.

‘Cross the stream, Master, cross the stream,’ one of the gnomes calls out to the so-called king. ‘It is about to dry up, and no more than a trickle shall remain!’ Then, the so-called king takes one jump and crosses the stream. He pauses a while unnoticed and watches a chess game in the desert. Soon, he becomes bored with this chess game; for all is moving too slow. ‘Pour out the fuel around the perimeter,’ he orders! And, the gnomes pour fuel all the way around the perimeter of the desert. ‘Stand guard, ‘ he barks! Then, flying saucers appear and stand guard around the perimeter of the desert. ‘A star is born,’ he says. ‘A star is born! A star is born!’

The self-proclaimed king is wise as the owl, cunning as the fox and slick as the snake. ‘Get in the rotunda now! It will happen! I will make it happen,’ he growls. Immediately, a person in black, who looks like Darth Vader of Star Wars, takes a sword of light and strikes it across a large, standing army. Quickly, the soldiers begin to fall until only one-third remains. Then, the wannabe King goes after the Red Horse, who carries the red flag with the star and the half moon. He orders the Darth Vader look-alike to throw a ball of white fire into the midst of the Red Horse; and it causes a great burning of flesh. ‘Nuke them into nothingness,’ the King commands. And, those of the Red Horse are nuked. They are the Chinese!"

"Child, you tire, but this is not all. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 4th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk


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