From the Mountain, Book III



"Precious Child, you know the sound of my voice and the presence of My Spirit. I am Master Jesus, yea Lord of Earth. You have come with great seeking, yea great longing to establish My Spirit, My Word, and My Power many fold within you. Look around; for, you are suspended in My Spirit upon My Mountain. And, yea, the door to My Inner Sanctum is opened to you.

Look far below to the various levels, and see others, as they come to sit in My chair. They come to achieve new spiritual heights, or to stumble and fall to lower levels on My Mountain. Child, this is a serious role, and few are dedicated enough to pursue it day after day, week after week, year after year. This journey involves a serious relationship between Me and the one called; and, it cannot be attained because of the support of others. No amount of human support can hold one upon this Mountain, … only a great inner desire to do My work. Precious Child, you have been weighted down since our last meeting here."

"My Lord, it is the weight of The Star of David, and the fear that I am not worthy, or that I have something unsettled from long ago, which I have not dealt with."

"Child, you have been made to see that when the priesthood was taken from you (as Aaron), you perished on Mount Hor. In your death, you knew great sorrow. You did not die happy; and this weight has been upon you."

"My Lord, please, please heal me of this, that I can go forward."

"Child, you have seen who awaits you."

"Yes, My Lord, I see that this is Moses."

"Child, pay attention to Moses; for, he has more prayers and blessings for you."

"Yes, My Lord. Moses, I beg your forgiveness in ways I failed you and in ways I lost face before others. Most of all, I beg forgiveness from Our Lord, that this gap from long ago be closed, that it be healed. I am on bended knees before you, Moses, to beg forgiveness for any debt to you."

"Little One, we failed one another and we failed God. Our great travails over many years did not bring us to our destination; for, as leaders, we failed The House of Israel. But, behold the gap; it is closed, sealed off with the radiant Light of God; and it is no more. In our weaknesses, in our humanness, we faltered; but we have been forgiven. Now, I have blessings and prayers for you."

Moses moved closer to me and placed one hand upon my forehead and placed the other hand upon the top of my head. "Sit up that I can pray," he said. I sat upright on my knees, and amidst the ticking of his watch, these are the words I heard him pray.

"Little One, we stand before God, Almighty, in the presence of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and I utter these words:I pour out these blessings upon you, that in your time of need you be strengthened by my words; that you be empowered by the Holy Spirit; that through adversity you lose not, but gain in the strength through Our Lord; that you gain over time a greater helping, a greater share, of the Power of God; and that the power of the prophets and the wisdom on the same be with you always.

"In the name of Our Lord, Jesus, The Christ, I bless you with the power, which was given to me in my day. I bless you with the power of my rod, that it shall flow through your hands, through your voice, through your spirit and body. I bless you with miracles abundant and the ability to bring a lost people together through these writings, to put them on The Path of God and to keep them there. I bless these writings and the hands, which write them, the eyes, which see the visions, the ears, which hear what is spoken and given. I bless your heart with pure compassion and powerful love as given by The Spirit of Our Lord. I bless you to attain perfect health, a powerful, strong body, a clear, alert mind and emotion, to have a sure foot upon this Mountain and upon the Earth as you walk it. I bless you, that where you go, you bring the Holy Spirit with each step; that the world shall be strengthened through your walk. I bless you with empowerment as you walk through darkness, that no evil thing or energy shall lay hold on you, as long as you walk the Earth. When it is your time, may the power of the Holy Spirit enfold you and bring you total peace and joy; for you will have worked hard and brought spiritual truths to great numbers, without which they would have been sorely lost. I bless you to bring millions to Jesus Christ through the power of this word and the truth of this word.

I bless those, who read these writings, to know and accept the power, which comes through them, that evil, which grips them, shall fall away; and that the truth of the spoken word shall lay hold of them and cause a great change for good within their souls. I touch them through these writings; and I, Moses, bless them with the power of the Holy Spirit to know that Jesus is Christ. I touch their souls, and their entire beings through this prayer, to command them to begin anew to live the commandments of God, that they be found worthy to have the Holy Spirit indwell them. I challenge each and every one, who reads this prayer to fall to the floor, to beg forgiveness from Jesus for wrong doings, that each one may be found worthy to have the Holy Spirit as a great, wondrous companion and friend. I challenge all to acknowledge Jesus, the Christ, as Lord of this world, yea the only one, who can save their soul from an ultimate death. I challenge all to bow before Jesus Christ and to walk in righteousness; for it is a time of the sorting. ‘Come back Little Sheep, to the fold. For, the wolf drips blood from his teeth, and he is about to pounce.’

I challenge all to walk upright minute by minute, day by day, week by week, and year by year. I challenge you to stand strong in the face of evil; for, one, who is righteous, is no coward. The righteous person does not back down from evil, but calls upon the power of God for guidance. In this way, one deals with evil; and in this way one will be guided to make the right decision.

You think about patience and long-suffering, Little One. Yea, this is expected of all. But, never does one compromise one bit of righteousness for one bit of evil. For, in this kind of compromise, the evil one gets a toehold, then a foothold, then a leghold in one’s life. Nay, stand strong in the face of evil; and you shall grow in the power of God.

Other prophets and I are with you, Little One, in your walk. Do not forget this; for, we have been ordained in this by Our Lord, Jesus. You are not alone, as you believe often; for a long line of us waits to help you. On this Mountain, within this inner chamber of Our Lord, you shall see us from time to time. For, Our Lord, Jesus will have brought us here.

Little One, I bless you with power, power, power of The Holy One, Our Lord Jesus; and I bless you with the power and wisdom of the prophets. This is my promise, my gift to you, that you be found not lacking in your time of need; but that you be strengthened to deal with the assaults of the adversary as he and his come to attack. Yea, you shall have all you need over them until it is time; then you submit your life.

You have more questions about the Star of David because you do not realize the full impact of this. In time, you shall do a work with Israel. You will sit among rabbis and you will pray, yet, not of your own choosing. See the powerful angel above you; see the fire of God; this will take you there. This blessing to you is like none other; for you and I go back a long way, even before the foundations."

"Moses, I am floored! I do not know what to say except thank you from the depths of my heart. I thank you for your prayers and blessings and for the gift of the Star, even if it is very heavy."

"But, not for long; for in short time, it will be very radiant and will carry you many places with The Word."

"’My Beloved Moses, how precious you are!’ And, I stood and hugged Moses as he wept and I wept. His tears fell upon my shoulder and my burning tears bathed my cheeks. In a moment, he was gone, and I found myself in The Upper Room alone. ‘My Lord, I feel deep sorrow that he is gone; I have just beheld a great friend."

"Child, ‘tis so; but, Moses left a set of papers behind."

"My Lord, I see them at my feet. What are they?"

"We shall discuss them in future trips to this Mountain. For now, make Book Two ready for publication. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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