From the Mountain, Book III




"Precious Child, your great prayers have brought you to the heights of My Mountain, even to My upper-most crest. Yea, you stand on the top of My Mountain, most pure and radiant. Child, take this radiant ball of white light; immerse yourself in it, and be renewed in me."

"My Lord, as I take this ball of white light in my hands, it expands and envelops my body. Immediately, I feel a higher energy level, more power, and total peace and calm. How I cherish this space!"

"Child, enter my Upper Room; for this door is open to you."

"My Lord, someone greets me with radiant, blue eyes, which shine with pure a white light. He wears a long, white beard and is dressed in a white robe with a hood; yet, the hood is pulled back and exposes his head of glistening, white hair. He stands before me, his feet clad in sandals. My Lord, I believe this is Moses, the great prophet."

"Child, this is so; for you know Moses well; you have spoken to him many times in this life."

"Seeing my old friend and brother stirs up knowledge of his past anger toward me; for I failed him; I was foolish."

"Yea, Child, but let go of these memories and receive your relative now. For, you are connected from long, long ago, and bear a love, which spans time."

"My Lord, he wears a radiant watch and is pointing to the time. The brilliance, which comes from the watch, is nearly blinding; but I can discern that it is a few minutes shy of 12:00."

"Little One," Moses says, "Do you remember how I came to you first in 1991. You begged for a teacher and came daily praying at 4:00 AM, rain or shine. I came to you then and I come to you now, to reaffirm your work, to cause you to take big steps, to jump over islands and oceans. For, there is much to be done, and so few, who are worthy."

I fall to the floor before Moses and begin to weep. "But, Moses, of all I am perhaps the least worthy in so many ways."

"Yea, the least shall be the greatest, and the last shall be first."

"Why are you here, Moses?"

"To bring you this."

"It is a Star of David, attached to a ribbon."

"Little One, this is no ordinary Star of David, and this ribbon is no ordinary ribbon."

"I look at this, which you have placed around my neck; and I feel a Star of David. It glows with a white fire and sticks to my chest. When I touch The Star, it sticks to my fingers like a cube of frozen ice. Indeed, it is cold to the touch. The ribbon of green, red and white has melted into my shoulders and neck and has disappeared. This Star of David sticks to me and will not come off my chest. It is strange that it feels cold yet radiates such light; but as my fingers rest on it, it gets warmer and warmer, until it is hot to my hands. Steam begins to rise. What is going on? I fear that I shall be burned."

"I am on bended knees before Moses when he puts his hands on my head. His right hand is on my forehead and his left hand is on the top of my head. The sounds of the ticking watch fill my ears as Moses begins to speak. Some unknown language pours from his lips, but the Holy Spirit translates immediately: "Hurt nurtured over time must be cured, it must be healed, let go of. Be free of past hurts from our day that you can be more empowered in this present day. Old wounds last a long time; but, at the hands of Jesus, a heart can be made whole."

"Moses, I am not consciously aware of old hurts; I have only read of them. But, if I have them, I beg Jesus to dissolve them and set me free, that I can have these dark spots filled with His power and light. I wish to carry no ill feelings toward anyone."

"Then, Little One, let it be so, that old weights be lifted, dissolved in entirety. For, I come to help, to show you the way in these latter days. Yea, all prophets called in these latter days need to be able to call on the expertise of those gone on. For, it is this collective wisdom, this collective knowledge, which can be accessed. For, you are guaranteed this wisdom of the prophets."

"Then, I beg of you, and I beg of My Lord, Jesus, that I may be found worthy to carry the wisdom of the prophets, to exercise this wisdom, this power, for the highest good, to carry out the will of our, Lord, Jesus. Might I be found worthy.’

"Little One, this is a must: a fast, even a fresh juice fast devoted to Our Lord two to three days a week, a great prayer and fast day each Sunday, a specific request repeated to Our Lord for these powers, this wisdom. And, prepare yourself to receive this power. Expect it, and you will see and do what I did, yea, even to the parting of waters. Yet, you must seek this and to you it shall be given. This is my promise to you. I am Moses, and I come under the stewardship of Our Lord, and Savior, Jesus, The Christ. All latter day prophets have this same access. Many will not do the work to get it, and many will not hear us or see us. This does not change this promise. This is part of the seal of The Holy Spirit of Promise. This is part of the promise that you know the height, the width, and depth of The Spirit. There are many ready, willing and participating in the work of Our Lord behind the scenes, of which you know nothing; and all do a powerful work. I will go for now. But, carry this blessing."

"Moses, what is the nature of The Star of David?"

"Little One, this shall come to you in time; and, you shall have a full understanding of this. For now, just be advised that you have been blessed with the power of The Star of David. Wherever you go, you carry The Star of David. You have been given this and no other prophet has it at this time. You will see much unfold, which involves This Star, and you will be amazed. Mark this. You will throw open your mouth, and cover it mouth with your hand. Then, you will say, ‘I am amazed!’ And, you will remember this conversation."

"My Lord, Moses is gone, and I am deeply humbled his appearance. I start to stand up with This Star around my neck and feel very heavy, like I can hardly walk. I feel like I am made of lead."

"Yea, Child, but in time this shall cause you to feel buoyant. It will carry you places, where you have never been before, in your sleep and in your wake. But, for now, this will make you feel heavy. Remember to do as told, as you will have this added dimension of The Promise."

"My Lord, I shall."

"Let us stop for today. I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 9th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

These fasts have been the hardest thing to do, but this day, July 17, 1998, I make a new commitment to our Lord and to Moses to be more dedicated to fasting.


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