From the Mountain, Book III




"Precious Child, your deep prayers, your deep searching, and desires to serve me have brought you once again to this Upper Room upon My Mountain. Your prayers have been recorded and they include many questions about others. Yea, because of your prayers, I have opened you up to greater power in your walk and dissolved wounds of long ago. Those involved will begin to see with different eyes, hear with different ears, and speak with different voices.

Those, who live in the past, can have no present or future; for, their lives are stagnant. They need prayer, not condemnation. You, too, will see through different eyes, hear through different ears, and speak with a different voice about those, who have hurt you."

"Yes, My Lord, I can only feel love for those, who have hurt me, because I see how lost they are. But, I do not fail to recognize their games of manipulation. I watch as these manipulative games move into all their affairs, groping to ensnare others. These snares look like fiberglass hooks, which flow forth from the manipulators, and threaten to sting. My Lord, I abhor these tools. They cause such heartache. I am sorrowful for those, who use manipulation to control and to lie; my Lord, have mercy. Be forgiving. Keep us free in You, Jesus. There will always be those, who love the world, but let the worldly learn their lessons sooner rather than later that their souls do not get caught up in darkness and lost in the Pits or wander in these sphere lost and cut off from You and our Precious Father. Precious Jesus, You are our Life!"

"Child, you are the wiser for seeing these tools. You have pointed out these tools to those, who use them; but they just do more to use them in the face of your words. These two shall enwrap themselves in these tools and they shall sting themselves as if they were caught in a school of jellyfish. They shall sting and itch as if they stood in a bed of fire ants. You ask if this punishment is of Me. Child, this is of them and is the end result of manipulative games. Manipulators are users and abusers of others; they play emotional and mental games to get their way. They want control at all costs; but they lose much more than the ones they rip off. Each time they manipulate others, they take a scoop and dig a deeper hole. This hole is called ‘self-doubt and isolation.’ What they throw out with the scoop is called ‘self-esteem and love’; for they lose favor with themselves in their own eyes; and this is the most damning. In time these holes become so deep that the manipulator is in one, great, dark hole and their souls become dark to the core. And, you guessed it: When they die, their spirits, their souls, go to dark places; and I have not even mentioned the hurt these have caused others by their using and manipulating.

This hurt inflicted on others will come back on them when they expect it least. It will inflict wounds on them like bee stings and they will be in a constant source of pain. They reap what they have caused others. Child, you say, ’Well, most of us never get to see how others reap what they sow.’ At times, you do; at other times, you do not. But, remember, Child: "The weight of one’s actions is like The Sword of Damocles. It stands ready to deal one fatal blow."

"You mean, such weight can bring a swift death?"
"It can bring a swift mental death, a swift physical death, a swift emotional death, and especially a swift spiritual death. The first to go is the spiritual; and it is fast in coming."

"My Lord, explain the spiritual death."

"Child, the one with the spiritual death is the one with a dark soul. This one knows neither Me nor Our Father, breaks most if not all spiritual laws; and has no spiritual life. The Holy Spirit will not indwell such a person, and this one cannot reach me as long as he continues in manipulation.

I respond to the sincere of heart. Most often, these (who are spiritually dead) come to God when they wish to manipulate God; but God will not be manipulated. These (who are spiritually dead) spin a dark web, which carries them into The Pits of Hell, where they will play their games of manipulation, as long as they work. Child, pray the perfect prayer for them: that the will of God be done in their lives. This is My will and is a perfect will.

Now, Little One, I have taken you back to The Book of Revelation, and you have seen the appearance of The Second Beast. As many times as you have read The Book of Revelation, you have failed to see this part about the second beast. Yet, I have told you of the two powerful ones, who continue with The Beast System, … Germany and Syria. It is the same system, only more tyrannized under the second leader, as this is Lucifer, himself, embodied. You have asked about the ten heads and the seven crowns. You have seen the ten heads under Germany. You ask of the seven crowns. My Child, have you been given crowns of honor?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"This system of the red dragon will wear seven. They are not crowns of honor but crowns of darkness. They are: 1.malicious persecution; 2.death; 3.betrayal; 4.disease; 5.the conquering spirit; 6.malingering in all forms, and 7.diabolical (Luciferian) power."

"Explain ‘malingering in all forms?’"

"These are evil works, which include any and all attempts to harm. These works include the love of a lie and what a lie can do. Those, who love Me and My causes, love the truth. They live the truth and they maintain their lives based upon truth. It is better to be poor, even homeless, and love the truth rather than a lie. Those, who embrace truth, know Me and the principles of Our Father; but, those, who love a lie, love Satan.

This path of truth is a difficult path; for lies come often in pretty packages. Lies are the tools of convenience, and it is often impossible to know the truth from a lie unless you have My Holy Spirit. To know the difference between the truth and a lie is the basis of the gift of discernment; but you shall not have this gift to begin with if you love a lie, or engage in lying; for, My Spirit will not indwell you. This is the nature of the difficult path.

Child, you think about the so-called psychics, the sensitives, who pick up on subtle vibrations from others’ voices, emotions or body language. Often, they operate through their own wiles with the help of familiar spirits and demons. Your world is replete with those, who seek help from any source but Me. I am The Way, The Truth, The Light and The Life. Those, who depend on psychics for guidance as a way of life, will find themselves with less money and more confusion over time; for they will be told many lies. Yet, subtle truth mixed with lies will keep the lost coming back; for they seek a remedy for their hurting souls. The bad news, Child, is that the more a person relies on another person for spiritual direction, the more dependent this one becomes on others, who are also lost to varying degrees. In this, the one, who is searching, moves further and further away from Me, your source of truth and light. I am truly The Life, The Way, The Truth and The Light. Those, who move closer to Me over time, know this to be true without fail.

Child, I will cover more later about the simple way: My way. I will bring simple words, simple tools, to show the lost how they must build their lives, step by step in Me and My word. This is a simple path; yet few find it or stay on it; for to grow in Me and My light means putting Me first. The glitz of the world carries away the masses; and just when the promise is greatest for the faithful, Lucifer speeds up his desire to take more souls. Truly, this is a time like none other. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of November, 1997,
Linda Newkirk


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