From the Mountain, Book IV


"1999 & 33+33+33"

"My Precious Child, I am Master Jesus. Yea, you have prayed long and hard this day to be able to receive. For, you have been burdened with much lately and still you are concerned for the downfall of others. Yea, I have brought you once more to My Holy Mountain and you stand high upon this ledge. Take My key, enter through the door, and follow The River."

"Yes, My Lord. I have the key in hand, which reads, ‘Jesus is the key,’ and I open this door. Immediately, I am caught up in a crystal clear, aquamarine river, which is so very warm and soothing. I feel its healing waters through and through and its radiance bathes me, washing away my sorrows. But, I see something behind me. What is this?"

"Child, this is the remnant of your sorrow."

"Please heal this, My Lord."

"Child, surface and sit on the white rock."

"My Lord, I clear the water and go to the white rock which is called, ‘Jesus is the Rock.’ Steam begins to form around me and I see a great light before me as bright as the sun. Within this light is You, My Lord, bathed in pure glory and dressed in a white robe with a gold sash. I hear you, My Lord, as you say, ‘Come hither, My Child.’ But, I am so very afraid, as you are afire with the radiance of God. I feel so imperfect and small, as a dot in the scheme of things; and I feel so unworthy to behold your radiance as I am so puny."

"Yea Child, you are puny, but I have chosen you and your Father has chosen you. Your work is hard and the oppression is great; but I love you, My Child, more than you will ever know. And, your Father is jealous for you, as a Mother Hen is toward her chicks. He watches over you with keen vision and awareness: and He knows how hard times have been. Come, My Child, and stand up."

"My Lord, this light is blinding."

"Yes, My Child, but come to Me."

My Heart quivers as I break out running and the power and light of The Lord envelops me like a warm glove. The peace of Our Lord is all consuming as I beg, "Please take my sadness, My Lord and give me joy."

"See it leave, Child. See it gone."

"Yes, My Lord, it is suddenly gone and I feel complete joy, caught up in such beauty and freedom. As the sadness goes, I hear a tinkling, like that of wind chimes."

"My Little One, what do you see?"

"My Lord, I see a most beautiful waterfall of pure, glistening water and I hear a rumbling as that of a earthquake."

"Child, you are beholding the River of Life. Jump into it."

"So, I shall, My Lord."

"Then, go to Door # 7."

"My Lord, I jump into The River at the waterfall, and the current is very swift. Quickly, I am carried down, down, down in its aquamarine radiance to a door, which reads, # 7. This door opens quickly and closes readily behind me. Suddenly, The River is gone and I find myself in a room, which is bathed in radiant pink light. But, this light does not stay long, for it is immediately displaced by a wave of light blue light. The blue soon gives way to green, then to radiant golden- white. Then, the colors come in quick successive waves, one after the other. While this is beautiful beyond words, I do not understand why."

"Nay, Child, you will not understand now; but take what the angel has on the tray."

"My Lord, these are large numbers and they read, ‘1999.’"

"Yes, My Child, go and stand in the shallow pool and drop the numbers in the pool. Write what you see."

"My Lord, the numbers drop at my feet and as they splatter in the water, they create a blast of fire. Quickly, the fire settles and I see German soldiers marching under the direction of Hitler. Near Hitler is a banner, which reads, ‘Germany on the rise, 1999. 33+33+33. These are the numbers.’ Before Hitler on a large desk is the book, Mein Kampf. He turns the pages in the book until he comes to a page called Dusseldorf area. Then, he smacks his lips and says, ‘Give me a smoke, Bill.’ (Note: This is from Webster’s Dictionary: "Mein Kampf is a book written by Adolf Hitler while in prison in 1924, telling his political beliefs, theories, etc. and outlining a plan for the domination of Europe.")

Bill Clinton stands up with a lighter in his hand, but he is very thin. In fact, when he turns sideways, he is paper-thin. Clinton lights the cigar, which says, ‘Germany is the big cigar.’ Suddenly, the cigar unfolds to show the flag of the USA, which is in flames. It appears that at least one third of the flag is burning.

"Then, My Lord, I see several flutists and a sole drummer. The rear ends of the flutists are smoking and their huge feet say, ‘Russia on the prowl.’ The sole drummer looks like a toy soldier with a red face and the drum is written, ‘China’ on one side, and ‘Hates the USA’ on the other."

"Suddenly, the vision is gone, My Lord, and I am still in this pool of water, which is now steaming. At my feet is a dead duck, and on the back of the duck are the words, ‘Clinton is the dead duck.’ A door in the back of the duck opens and I see Clinton lying in a pool of blood. Over him is a fat man, who is smoking a cigar. This fat man wears a shirt made of the stars and stripes; his head is bald and he wears a headband which says, ‘Europe first.’ This man wears thong sandals and his big toes are very large. The left toe says, ‘Germany is’ and the right toe says, ‘The Big Toe.’ The man called Europe lights a cigar which says, ‘USA going down!’ and he begins to dance a jig as he sings:

‘I am first,
A man,
A man,

I am first,
I can,
I can.

See me blow
A cloud of smoke.

A hill,
A bean.
Ha Ha!’

"My Lord, I don’t understand this."

"No, Child, but you shall. 1999 shall put an end of the USA world dominance. This, you can be sure of. It is no longer possibly or maybe, but certainly. You have been warned and the wise will listen. Be free of debts and get prepared in Me. Get strong spiritually; and get on the straight and narrow and stay there. You cannot believe your senses this year. Truth and freedom rest in Me. This year, the economic house in the USA will tumble down, down, down. Child, this year brings the end of an era. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth.


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of January, 1999,
Linda Newkirk

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