From the Mountain, Book IV

August 18th Prophecy Explained


"Precious Child, because of your mighty praying and seeking for greater truths in Me, I have brought you once more to My Holy Mountain. You sit in the midst of My musical Tree of Life and you are fed. I make you strong and deliver you from illness. Heavenly radiance bathes you, soothes you, renews you, and restores you; and it brings you new purpose and direction. Now, Child, you have questions about yesterday’s message."

"Yes, My Lord, what does the shiny pan represent?"

"Child, look on the bottom of the pan and see the radiant spoon attached to it."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Lift the spoon from the pan."

"I have it, My Lord."

"Look at the writing beneath the handle and read it."

"My Lord it says: ‘Your Father Jehovah loves you very much as He has given you great trials. You have been tried and tested and found to be true."

"My Lord, the trials have been great; but my love for you and my Father surpasses all circumstances. My reason for being is to serve Our Father’s purposes through You."

"Child, this is so. Now, you wonder about the radiant brick in the pan."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Pick it up and read what is written on it."

"My Lord, it is very hot and burns my hands. I am able to hold it, but it is creating a lot of steam in my hands. On it is written, ‘My Prophetic Words in Books I, II and III.’ Then, My Lord, Moses takes it and disappears into the fog."

"Child, this is steam created by the prophecies, as they are hot and you are holding them."

"Why does Moses disappear into the fog?"

"Child, the prophecies must be sent to Israel and then the fog will disappear. Moses is telling you to take the steps in sending the books to Israel. Do this and the fog will disappear. Get your husband to make these copies and do not procrastinate this. Tell him that I command him to do this today. Do you understand, Child?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, My Lord, I make it through the fog and onto the bridge, but what is the bridge?"

"Child, I am the bridge. I am the bridge to Moses."

"And, the pirate?"

"Child, the pirate if Lucifer and he wishes to steal from these works through procrastination, depression and defeat."

"So, when I stab him with the Sword of Righteousness, he disappears into the black puddle?"

"Exactly. He is seen for what he is and cannot endure in the presence of the sword."

"Why does Pope John Paul II then appear in the black circle?"

"Does he not exist among a black circle, the circle of darkness, which rules the world?"

"Yes, My Lord, but why did he appear suddenly?"

"Child, you know the truth about the Pope, but few know. Neither will they accept that one they worship is so evil. Lucifer will use the minds of others to beat down these prophecies, but in the end those, who survive will be made to see the pope in his dark circle."

"My Lord, tell me about the ‘bound’ books."

"Child, you see the books here as one. They are bound, but soon your Father shall take his hand and release them around the world with the speed of light. Suddenly, millions shall be reading them, but not now; for so many are caught up in illusion. Within three months you will see this begin. Focus on Me, Child, and know that our Father is in control of the universe. Trust in Him; serve Him and step out in faith. The whole world shall pass away, but His words shall never fail."

"So, My Lord, since I have asked our Father for more works and He has agreed for this and even to extend our lives, He shall give me three more books."

"Child, as you see at this time."

"I understand, My Lord. Tell me about the words, ‘round and round’"

"Child, this means that these books shall go ‘round and ‘round the world many times. They shall be sought and read the world over. This is My promise to you, as you have persevered amidst great hardships."

"And, the king’s door is Your door?"

"Yes, Child; and the words in these books begin with Me. They go out and do not come back void, but make a great impact on the lives of many people. These words will defeat Lucifer many times at his own games."

"My Lord, have I heard your words correctly about a certain prophet?"

"Child, I shall give him a chance to repent, but if he does not I shall withdraw from him and he shall go elsewhere. I require much and I give much. One does not drift along and grow in Me, and spirituality cannot be gotten from another. Therefore, unless he digs in spiritually, I shall set him free to go elsewhere and he shall be deceived."

"My Lord, does ‘knock three times" represent You, Our Father and the Holy Spirit?"

"Yes, Child."

"My Lord, give me guidance this day."

"Child, get the two master copies of Books II and III ready. Get past this fog and know that I am the bridge. Moses interceded for you, and this work shall be taken seriously in Israel. I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of August, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

As Our Lord commanded, we made the copies of the books and mailed them as He directed. I contacted the Prime Minister’s office in Israel and advised them of the books and offered to send them copies, but they did not respond. Instead, the Israeli Mossad contacted the Luciferian CIA, who began to stalk us, and continue to do so.

The One Worlders have taken these prophecies seriously enough to want to eradicate Saddam Hussein;
but they will not succeed, as they believe; for Our Lord has shown how Lucifer empowers Hussein for a spell.

As Our Lord indicated, Our Father Jehovah set the first three books free in the month of November 1998, which would have been the third month from the time Our Lord indicated above.

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