From the Mountain, Book IV


Back to Room Five

"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus; and once more I have brought you back to My Holy Mountain and into Room Five of the Sacred Hallway far under the River of Life."

"Yes, My Lord, I am here sitting in the chair and all around me are the pristine white surroundings. The air is fresh and pure and I am enveloped in complete peace and calm. Yet, My Lord, as I look in the direction of the desk with has the screen with the knob, I hear rumblings emanating from it. In fact, this small screen, which sets of the pedestal, is beginning to shake violently and steam is spewing forth from it. The spewing steam has caused the screen to tilt toward me and I see a black train coming to a screeching halt. The conductor of the train says, "All aboard now!" I see Nancy Sinatra enter the train; and she is dressed as an early US settler, wearing peasant clothes and a bonnet. Smiling, she gives the conductor a quarter and she goes a little ways down the isle and takes a seat on the right behind the conductor. But, suddenly, My Lord, her whole attire changes to that of a witch and her countenance is angry. She wears a black top hat, a black dress and even black shoes with a buckle. He teeth drip blood and she hisses as she speaks. Nancy gets up and goes back to the conductor, ‘The dime is mine,’ she says.

And, the conductor opens his white gloves to show her that he has no dime in his hand, but a swimming pool with very clear water. Nancy jumps into the pool, leaving the witch’s costume behind; and the conductor closes him palm, putting Nancy and the pool into his pocket. But, immediately the conductor has a heart attack and falls over dead. The train, which never left the track, has many ghoulish people, and a number of them are dressed as witches and goblins. On the outside of the train are the words, ‘Hell bent!’

Nancy’s witch clothes lie in a pile beside the dead conductor and his feet are partly out the doors of the train. Suddenly, a fight erupts among some of the passengers and they are clawing and spitting at one another. In the very back of the train, one is drinking and smoking dope and he howls like a dog. This is Jack Nicholson. Standing before him is Marilyn Monroe; and he reaches over and pinches Marilyn Monroe on the rear end. She is scantily clad in only a corset and fishnet stockings; and she giggles as he pinches her. ‘Oh, Jack you are so cute!’ However, before Marilyn’s very eyes, Jack Nicholson turns into a werewolf and he attacks and kills Marilyn, biting into her over and over with his very sharp teeth.

Then, in his madness the wolf runs the length of the train, panting, growling and howling. One reaches down to pick up Marilyn’s shoe and I see that the person is Carol Burnett. ‘Poor Marilyn,’ she says. ‘She never had a chance!’ Elsewhere on the train are many people dressed in black. Some are busy doing arts and crafts and others are fast asleep. I see several well-known actors, a well-known chef, an admitted sex addict and some other Hollywood types from times past. One, who stands out, is Janice Joplin.

Outside the train, I see Art Linkletter and he is whistling happily. ‘Where is Mary,’ he questions? ‘I am looking for Mary.’ Trailing behind him is Bill Cosby and he, too, is whistling happily. Suddenly aware of the train, Bill stops and says, ‘Funny place for a train to stop. Nothing here but a graveyard.’ And, as Bill says the word ‘graveyard,’ I see it to his left and the entranceway bears a huge arch with the words, ‘Has-beens.’

A fairy with a wand comes up behind Bill Cosby and says, ‘A penny for your thoughts.’ ‘Oh, I better not do that,’ says Bill. ‘My thoughts must not be bought, lest it be known that I am the man with the plan, well, for the DNA Plot.’ The fairy stands there a while and continues to talk with Bill Cosby but Bill waves his hand as to indicate ‘no’. And, as he does so, the ground suddenly begins to sink beneath Bill’s feet, and he quickly finds himself at the bottom of a very deep hole. Art turns around and calls out, ‘Bill?’ And, straightaway, he sees the perfectly round hole carved out of the ground with Bill Cosby at the bottom of it. Bill sits there smoking a cigar and typing on an old manual typewriter. ‘What are you typing, Bill,’ says Art. ‘I am typing my obituary,’ says Bill. ‘Why?’ questions Art. ‘You have plenty of time.’ ‘No,’ says Bill, ‘I am afraid that my time is running out and I don’t want to wind up in that cemetery of Has-beens or on that train, which is bent for hell. I’ve got some thinking to do to unmuddle the puddle. Let me see here. I have denied and lied and made it seem that I’m no father, but let me see if there is not a better way to stay involved and make wrong a right. I don’t want to fight with what is mine. I love peace and people and joy. My time is almost up and I must do what is right to get out of this hole.’

Then, a thick fog, a rolling mist, falls upon Bill in the hole. It covers Art; and the train can no longer be seen. The cemetery disappears, for all is caught up in the dense fog. But, from within the deep clouds of white mist, I hear the train as it begins to start up. Its engine belches fire and smoke; and the smoke begins to cause black whirls within the dense, heavy fog. Slowly, the long black train moves down the tracks, the sounds of metal grinding against metal. Erie screeches and grinding scrapes, painful groans and chugs fill the thick air. From the sounds of the train whistle, I know that that the hell-bent train is moving slowly but surely on its path to its final destination, straight into the howling pits of hell.

"My Lord, I do not know why you gave me this vision, but I suspect that it is both a statement of fact and a warning to others to repent and to come back to you."

"Child, you have seen it."

"My Lord, we know that the crafts of Hollywood are but fantasy and so many are lost in this illusion. It pains me to know that many cry ‘Lord, Lord,’ but are lost in the material world. I pray that all will take heed of this black train; for any, who love the world and dismiss You and what you have to offer, will surely get caught up on this train on it journey into the dark abyss."

"My Lord, I pray for Bill Cosby, that you strengthen him and help him through his great trials, as I know that He has suffered so. I know that he has a good heart and has helped many. Bless him, My Lord; strengthen him to make the right choices about his life, for as he shall soon pass, so shall many of us. My Lord, we all need your precious love and guidance in our lives more than ever and may it be so."

"I pray for all the souls on this train and others we do not see or know about. You know that I have been on this train and by your grace you delivered me. I pray for Nancy Sinatra, My Lord, that you bring a spiritual miracle into her life. And, I thank you, My Beloved Lord, that great miracles come about in the hearts of many on this dark train, that you deliver them even at the 12th hour. In your holy name, Precious Jesus, I pray these things."

"Now, My Lord, as you have shown this train, I pray that all take it to heart and begin anew to live for you, that each of us know your grace, your love, your peace, hope, joy and beauty. Help us all, My Lord; and deliver our families from this evil, lest they get caught up in this graveyard of has-beens or on this train into hell. My Lord, so many of us worry so about our families and I beg you on behalf of so many that you bring deliverance into our families. Please, My Lord, help us. For, the ones, who love you so, weep for the lost in their families. Let your will be ours and give us the strength to carry it out. In Your Precious Name, My Lord, let it all be done."

"Worry not, My Little One, for so much is out of your hands. Be steadfast and pray always for the lost. For, you never know who will receive My Light and be a light for many others. So despair not, my Little One, but continue on in faith, knowing that many of you shall see many miracles according to your faith; and many of your family members you suppose to be lost forever shall come around."

"My Lord, we cling to this hope. I know we must continue on with the prophecy of December 02,1998 and the pirate’s booklet. Please explain the phrase, which says, ‘Blocked Colon and Blocked Artery.’"

"As you seek to know this, My Child, go to the door, which is marked, ‘No way in and no way out;’ and knock three times. Then, enter."

"My Lord, I knock three times on this very old, thick door and it is so hard that it hurts my knuckles. I believe that it is made of black marble."

"’Tis so, Child.’

"The door swings open slowly to reveal a room, which has been closed off for a long time. A musty smell pervades; and dust flies up as I take a step into the room. Something is hanging from the ceiling. On closer inspection, I see that it is the remnant of a dead chicken, which is mostly bones with a few feathers and dried skin stuck to the bones. There is little light, but I see that the walls are made of jagged stone. Surely, I am within a cave; and before me is a very narrow pathway, which leads toward the back of the cave. What shall I do?"

"Continue on."

"A cool draft sweeps past me, and I have a spooky feeling, but I know that Your Spirit is my constant friend and companion, and I know that I am safe. So, I continue on the narrow path and around some boulders until I come to a second room. Even though the lighting is very dim, I can see clearly a very large casket before me, which is placed well off the floor on a pedestal. Atop this casket is a stone statue of Lenin. My Lord, I cannot be sure, but I believe I hear a heartbeat coming from the stone statue."

"Oh, you hear it, alright."

"You mean, Lenin may look like a cold, dead statue without life, but his heart beats still."

"He has never been dead."

"Tell me more."

"His spirit roams."

"Should he not be in hell?’

"Child, Lenin was possessed by demons of great measure."

"You mean, like Hitler?’


"So, it’s the same old demons haunting the same old places."

"Unless they are remanded back to hell; and most don’t get sent back."


"There are two reasons: 1. No one with authority in the Earth has done so; and 2. Your Father has allowed them to stay."

"I see."

"So, Lenin’s demons are just waiting to take over again?"

"They have and you know it not."

"You mean, people think that Lenin is asleep, but this is a lie."

"Exactly. People believe that Lenin is a thing of the past, dead, and out ‘yonder.’ But, he is alive."

"Well, My Lord, what does ‘No Way in and No Way out mean?’"

"Child, it means that you have been tricked if you believe that you have caused a fall of communism in Russia. You have no way in and no way out in this. Understand?"

"No, My Lord."

"Democracy has no way in and no way out."

"I’m still lost."

"Child, freedom has no way in and no way out of communism. It cannot get in and it cannot get out. See?"

"Yes, My Lord, now that you say, ‘freedom.’"

"Child, communism is forced slavery. It is Luciferian at the core. The truth does not get in and it does not get out."

"But, My Lord, I know that Bibles have gone into Russia and that some people have been able to come out out of Russia."

"Yes, my Child, this is so; but truth, My truth has not reached the minds of the communist leaders. They will not change; for they are communists, who are owned by Lucifer, and controlled by demons of great statue. These people will not change, so you must see that there is no way in and no way out."

"But, My Lord, I pray for miracles."

"Child, you will see Russia go back full red; and when they can no longer drain you, they will become once more your arch enemies. They have played your games to use you. You have not made inroads into the minds of the communist leaders. They have played you for fools and they have told you what you have wanted to know."

"So, My Lord, no way out means that these evil people will not change, no matter what."

"They will not. Many, many will die of starvation, disease and natural calamities; and when I come I will set those free, who are worthy and the rest will take the train straight into hell. All demons will be commanded into hell by Me and they will stay for the thousand years of the Millenium. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord. But, until then, certain of your servants have the authority to send them there right now?" "Yes, My Child, so long as this is also your Father’s will; and all should seek His will in such."

"So, we have seen the stone statue of Lenin with his heart still beating, but tell me about the blocked artery."

"See, My Child, there is no way into the heart, the center of communism, as the artery is blocked. And, the colon is blocked meaning there is no way out. The died-in-the-wool communists will not change. There is no way out for them as they are dark and evil and you sill not get through to them, ever. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, let us resume at another time. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of December 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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