From the Mountain, Book IV


North Korea Barks War

"My Precious Child, as you have prayed mightily this morning, I have brought you once again to the heights of My Holy Mountain. Yea, the ledge is barrow and the air is crisp, as you are bathed in the pureness of My Spirit."

"Yes, My Lord, I am enwrapped in the splendor of Your Spirit and am at peace with the world."

"Yes, My Little One, but there is no time to tarry; for I have much to show you today. Enter the door, Child; and take the River down to Door Five; for we are not yet finished with this door."

I enter through the door, catching the current of the River of Life and following its pure radiance down, down, down until I come to the fifth door. I pass through the door and into the area, which has the glistening, white hills and valleys, and all is bathed in pure, radiant white. Before me is the chair in which I have sat before. "My Lord, I feel that I am in Heaven, itself."

"My Child, this is as you have seen. For, the River of Life runs the length of Heaven. Now, My Little One, let us go back to any questions you have from previous days."

"My Lord, is Bill Clinton totally possessed by Lucifer?"

"Child, he is possessed by many Luciferian demons and he is controlled totally by Lucifer, especially the German."

"My Lord, Lucifer turns into the "R" man in the last prophecy and he speaks in little understood phrases. Will you explain what these phrases mean?"

"My Child, what does gimme a dime mean to you?"

"Perhaps, that Clinton must pay this man a percentage."

"That your government must pay him a dime, Child. It is like a tithe, but not 10%."

"So, what can anyone say?"

"Child, it matters not what anyone says. This has been going on for decades; and it has drained your coffers."

"Tell me about, ‘Curdle your blood, I’m a big stud.’"

"Child, these refer to two separate things. Curdle my blood refers to his blood kin, other Luciferians. And, to curdle one’s blood is not a good thing."

"No, My Lord; as when it curdles one could have a heart attack."

"Or a stroke."

"And, they’ve gotta have the blood flowing."

"Exactly. The Luciferian blood."

"And, the big stud thing?"

"Oh, he believes himself to be a big stud, alright."

"How so?"

"My Child, part of the Luciferian allure is sex and infatuation with the physical, but only the stupid get caught. Sex is one of the tools of making slaves of others; but only fools become slaves to sex."

"So, My Lord, the ‘Has-been and Kingpin phrases refer to Bill Clinton?"

"They do."

"So, Bill made a hill out of the "R" man?"

"He has and he will."


"By dancing with the Queen."

"Oh, I see. This is the division we have seen forming among the 3Rs."


"And, the evil "R" man is out for revenge?"

"Child, more that you will ever know. He is inciting your enemies to make war with the USA. He plans to own every one of you."
"My Lord, this is what we have seen all along."

"Yes, My Child."

"My Lord, we have seen the meaning of the ‘thick’ side of the neck; but tell me about the ‘thin’ side."

"Child, by thin, we are looking at internal reforms."

"So, My Lord, you mean that we are looking at actual inner changes within the Soviet Union/Russia?"

"Exactly, Child. They have given appearances of change so as to fool you and extort more money for arms; but not only have they NOT CHANGED, they have become more desperate."

"Even as you look at North Korea’s threats against the USA, Child, to not think that North Korea is threatening to blow up the USA alone. It has the backing of China, Russia and other countries; and they have been planning this trap for a long time. Step into this trap and it is curtains for the USA."

"My Lord, will we step into this trap?"

"My Child, Clinton stands with his foot in the trap. See?"

"Yes, My Lord, but it has not clamped down as he does not have his full weight on it. This is a large bear trap, and on the trap are the words, "Russian Bear."

"If Clinton attacks North Korea militarily now, you can expect war in the USA before years end."

"Before year’s end?"

"Yes, My Child."

"But, did we not get a reprieve from this war?"

"Yes, Child, from the one, which would have come about through Iraq, and others; but do you see how they hop from hither to yon, using first this one and then that one as pawns to start a war with you? If you have your troops scattered all over the world, you cannot defend yourselves if attacked. Do you see the strategy?"

"Yes, My Lord, it is like someone crying wolf. A na´ve one hears the cry and goes to check, but does not see the band of thieves lurking in the bushes. As this one rushes in without thinking, the thieves pounce and devour. We are na´ve to think we can win in this and the thieves are ready to pounce, taking us unawares."

"My Child, it is not a time to be na´ve or to rush headlong into anything. You will all be sorry."

"So, My Lord, I need to warn others to fast and pray mightily."

"Yes, My Little One, for times are very perilous.
"My Lord, please help us. Please Beloved Father Jehovah, have mercy on us. My Father, we as a nation go as a ship without a rudder as we have been overtaken by pirates, who are pushing us to destruction upon the rocks of worldwide communism. My Father in Heaven, raise up mighty men and women of God, who are will take a stand against this evil and will be as lightening rods for your power and truth. Precious Father, I am begging you for this here in the USA and around the world; that we find one another, so that our voices can be as one in mighty service and worship of You, Our Father, Our God! Have mercy, mercy, mercy upon us, as we are powerless without You."

"Child, your prayers are heard. Now, let us resume with their plans. As you know, Little One, their plans have been for some time to hit you during your Christmas season; and their plans have not changed. They have only changed their plan of attack."

"My Lord, I thought surely we would have a Christmas without threat of war."

"Child, remember that every day of peace is a gift from Your Father. The Book of Life of the Gentiles, as seen by Dumutri Duduman is full. This is one reason he came to you. He knows it is full. Many believe what he was shown, Child, but few believe what you have been shown. Many pick apart these prophecies and take what suits them, throwing away the rest. Most disregard these prophecies because of the idea of reincarnation, but the very idea was brought to your mind by Me, Child, that you might seek understanding through Me. Remember that your Father is pouring out a rain of His Spirit, which will bring great truths for those, who seek. But, most are comfortable and will not change until they are faced with great adversity."

"My Lord, I can hear some of the people complaining right now, ’first, you see war, then no war, then war, then no war. What is the deal?’"

"Child, the deal is that you are on borrowed time. Every day of peace is a gift from your Father. Some have continued to fast and pray, but most have seen that the threat of war has diminished and they have gone back to sleep."

"My Lord, I see this."

"Understand Child, that each day of peace is a gift from your Father and just because you are given one does not mean that you are guaranteed another. Don’t take things for granted. This war situation will not go away. It will keep coming up, and you will be invaded. It is only a matter of time. "How long?" Once again, this depends on your Father’s mercy; but, I can tell you, Child, that he is very angry with the fence sitters. He is angry with the passive, the pornographers, the atheists, the pushy homosexuals and other sexual deviants, and all, who love darkness. You, as a nation, are asleep and 99.9% in the USA do not know about North Korea’s threat to blow up the USA. Your foreign-owned and Jewish press will not let you know the truth." (This finally came out in the papers in the USA, but it was several days before I saw it in the news here.)

"You said, ‘Jewish.’"

"Oh, I said it, Child. Within certain segments of the Jewish community, there is a strong hate for all Christians. They would like to see all of you fall of the face of the Earth."

"Some will say that this message is anti-Semitic."

"They will say as they will, Child; but in your press there is a great move to stifle all truth, to cause any and all to see black as white and white as black. Many Jews with great wealth, and driven by intense greed to own an control all of you, have worked over time in your press to paint themselves in a good light, and to hide their control of you. My Children, it is time to wake up to the fact that certain Jews wish to control the world; as they control a lot of its wealth. This is a secret only to those of you, who are asleep. Many of them want to control the USA and many do, while the people sleep.

Child, do you see the sadness of what has happened to you as a nation? You were created as a nation under God, with a government by and for the people, but it has become a government to oppress and control the people and to run out God. To this end, more and more powerful money mongers vie for their agenda in controlling you.

You must not forget about this rogue Jewish population, which is Luciferian to the core. The same kind hung me from the cross. Why? To suppress the truth, and to control the masses through religiosity, which was and is big business. These rogue Jews have worked very hard to garner the support of the American people for their causes. Mind My word, Child, I am not referring to the masses of the Jewish people; they are caught up in religiosity and do not know anything more. But, these same factions, who control you, want to make it a crime for Christians to try to convert Jews. Why? Because they hate you. Hear me, Child, the power-hungry, greedy Jews hate those, who love Me."

"My Lord, what a mess!"

"Yes, My Child, and you are becoming prisoners more and more every day. But, listen to Me, Child, if you step into this bear trap in North Korea, you will have war in the USA before year’s end. Stay out of this trap! Know it is a trap and stay out!!!!!     I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 9th day of December 1998,
Linda Newkirk

Praises to our Precious Lord, we stayed out of the North Korean war trap in 1998, but as 1999 rolls through, the situation in North Korea is more severe than ever. It is a powder keg, which is ready to go off any day.
--- Linda

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