From the Mountain, Book IV


Behind Door Five for More

"Precious Child, the world groans beneath the weight of Lucifer. The letter you received yesterday from one, who has been programmed and implanted by the Luciferians troubles you. For, where there is one, there are many. Never let a day go by, Child, that you do not pray for the freedom of all, who are held captive in this way. In time, your prayers shall cause the chains to be broken on many and they shall be free. Engage the help of others over My Website and make this a global call for prayer. For, there are hundreds of thousands, who are held captive in such Luciferian chains."

"My Lord, when I picked up the letter from this person, I felt such discordant energies that I had to put it down and begin to pray."

"Child, you feel the rays directed at this troubled soul."

"Why, My Lord?"

"To confuse him, lest he remember some of the hideous tests and experiments he went through. So often they have carried precious souls to the underworld tombs of torture to mock and push and make fun of them. They hold many secrets in mind control, which have been shared freely with various governments around the world. But, all is coming to and end for many in your underground desert base; for I shall cause an explosion to rip asunder the human experimentation and mind control area beneath Salt Lake City. Yes, indeed, My Child, the works of Lucifer go deep into the Mormon Church; and many leaders of this church have been beaten down and oppressed by demonic spirits. Few there are at high levels of this church, who are not used and controlled by the secret Luciferian organizations. And so it is with the Catholics, as I have shown you already."

"At subconscious levels, many have given permission for Luciferian control through curiosity, straying from God, and love of money and gold. They have deserted Me and your Father. Yet, My Child, many innocents have been also taken and made captive; and this is an abomination. Their cries ring into the heavens as their souls howl from torture."

"Child, your Father’s works are holy. Some make fun of you because you say that the prayer cloths are anointed by Me and Your Father, and are holy. But, Child, you are right in this. Few order them because they do not believe; but, Child, they should not have them if they do not plan to treat them with respect. They are a gift from God"

"My Lord, how long will they continue to imprison these poor souls beneath the earth in their hell holes?"

"Most will be imprisoned in Utah until they are destroyed in underground explosions."


"See April 1999?"

"I hope I see this date correctly. Please bring this back to me later."

"And other underground facilities shall be destroyed by war?"

"My Lord, you mean this war, which is at our door?"

"Yes, My Child; and any, which are left behind I will destroy."

"But, My Lord, what of the poor innocent ones, who do not ever have any chance?"

"I shall make way for some to escape and the rest will come home bathed in your Father’s love. Continue to pray and fast to this end."

"My Lord, will you break the yokes on their minds an bodies and destroy the implants?"

"As you have been told before Child, I will give you authority through prayer and fasting to destroy them with the fire of God. Some will remember all they went through and will live to tell about it. Many at top levels of your government are under mind control. These are constantly meeting in secret to determine more ways to enslave all of you."

"Who are they?"

"In time, Child, I will make you see."

"My Lord, can the Luciferian holds on these in government be broken through prayer?"

"Most will not be, Child, as these were evil people to begin with. Their works were dark and they loved darkness. That they have been overtaken by Luciferian control should not surprise anyone."

"I definitely see Ted Kennedy."

"And, he’s not the only Kennedy."

"Child, there is a curse upon the whole Kennedy Clan."

"What do you mean?"

"The curse has been laid upon them through the mouth of a prophet, spoken by the voice of your Father Jehovah."

"So, the Kennedy Lineage is accursed."

"It is."

"What other kinds of manifestations can we expect to see from this curse?"

"Death, more killing, more scandals and plagues."


"Yes, Child."

"Like what?"

"Aids and undiagnosed diseases will take out three within the next three years. When this comes to pass, My Child, know that it is a curse from God. For, they have murdered and they have robbed and pillaged. They have blasphemed and cursed God, and they have lied and stolen. They have worked together to plan the demise of many."

"Yet, My Lord, we hear some of the Kennedy's talk about praying and see them attending various religious services."

"Yes, My Child, they are consummate actors and their God is Lucifer. Enough said on this."

"Now, My Little One, you may not have noticed; but I have brought you back through Door Five and you sit in the chair."

"Yes, My Lord, I am back in the midst of the radiant white surroundings and in the chair, where I sit to write."

"Child, do you have more questions about previous prophecies?"

"Yes, My Lord, I have more questions about the Pirate’s Booklet. Would you explain the phrase, ‘Crooked Ways Seem Right?’"

"Child, remember that we are speaking of the Russian Pirate. Don’t crooked ways seem right to a pirate?"

"Well, My Lord, as the Russians have broken every treaty ever signed with the USA, I would say, ‘yes.’"

"Yet, My Child, this is much more than just a treaty we are speaking of. This has to do with reckless greed, authoritative control, bizarre outbursts of anger, mass homicides, boastful pride and arrogance and disdain toward God. Yet, these descriptions do not include all; as to adequately describe their crooked ways could not be contained in several pages. But, you get the picture, Child, that all these destructive ways seem right to them, as so many have been cut off from principles of righteousness for so long. Do you see?"

"Yes, My Lord. They are as children, who have no teaching of right and wrong."

"No, Child, they have not had this teaching; but soon many of them shall be wanting to find out."

"What do you mean, My Lord?"

"Child, see the great explosion in Russia?"

"I do; and it is huge. Great billowing clouds of smoke and debris are flying high into the atmosphere. I am witnessing a nuclear explosion and the effects of it extend for miles. Fires are everywhere and many, many people are dead and dying. My Lord, tell me about this explosion."

"It is a nuclear explosion."

"What happened?"

"Carelessness of their weapons."

"What do you mean?"

"Someone broke their code and blew up a cache of their weapons. My Child, this is international terrorism."

"Who would do such a thing?"

"Others, who know they these weapons will be used on them."


"Can you not see?"

"You mean, USA, England, etc."

"And, this is not all."

"But, why would they do this?"

"To get them before they get you."

"Will this not be known?"

"It will not be known as a lot of money makes things happen. And, money is flowing."

"Is this great explosion a certainty?"

"It will happen sooner rather than later."

"You mean, this year?"

"You will see it come to pass, sooner rather than later; but all will believe that it is an accident."

"But, My Lord, this could contaminate the whole world."

"It will do a lot of damage."

"This is frightening."

"My Child, step up to the desk, turn the knob and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, great balls of fire and huge clouds of billowing smoke shoot upward and out through the glass. The heat is overcoming me and I am forced away from the desk by the heat of the fire and the suffocating smoke. The fire is still racing over me as I lie face down. I am frightened."

"Fear not, My Child, it will not burn you. I just want to make you see that this explosion is real and that it shall come to pass. Look at the date."

"My Lord, it lies next to me on the floor; and as I pick it up I am aware that it says, ‘June 1999.’ Suddenly, a dark door opens to my right and I feel a very cold draft. It blows fiercely and is freezing me. I look past the open door into the cold, night air and suddenly find myself sucked through the door into the bleak cold of the night. Stationed now on a balcony overlooking the darkness below, I am aware that a vision begins to unfold far below. I see a very angry Boris Yeltsin, who is pacing back and forth with a ball and chain on his right leg; and he is swilling vodka. Before him is an open window with a red rooster on the window sill, and the rooster is crowing up a storm."

"A storm is right, Child."

"Yeltsin is saying, ‘Nuke the bastards!’ But, who, My Lord?"

"Child, what is before him?"

"A map of the USA."

"Please explain."

"Child, he believes that right is wrong and wrong is right."

"Tell me more."

"An eye for an eye."

"But, if he does not know of any foreign influence about the explosion, why would he say this?"

"Child, they do not know, but they suspect sabotage from the USA. They always suspect you and are always looking for reasons to attack you."

"So, this is June 1999?"

"It is."

"And, this is the great threat of war for the USA?"

"Child, every day is a threat of war for you, as the Luciferians have overtaken your country; and sooner rather than later they will get you caught up in a great war."

"I always thought they would invade us for no apparent reason."

"They do not need a reason, but they will have one. And, this reason is US Imperialist Aggression. As I have told you to get ready for this war, all had best listen up. Your days of freedom are waning. The concentration camps are set up and your Luciferian government is all in place. There is a One World Government, Child, and it is red to the core."

"My Lord, many of your Sheep will die soon, but I know that many of these evil workers of darkness will go straight down into the Pits. But, as those of us, who love you shall die, My Lord, let us die in truth and freedom. Let us not fear death, but await our victory in You. And, while we can, let us be valiant, ever bold My Lord, that our voices be not diminished but strengthened more every day by Your power. We look to the future about this war with Russia, but what about North Korea’ threats to bomb us now?""

"Child, this is a threat and could easily become a reality. Realize that all is not fixed as some believe, but can be changed through free will. And, the destiny of mankind can be changed through prayer and fasting. Understand? Your job, My Child, is to warn."

"Yes, My Lord, I understand. And, I also understand how crooked ways seem right."

"Not only do crooked ways seem right to the Russians, they seem right to all Luciferians, including those, who run your government."

"My Lord, I beg you to break up this evil ring, which runs the USA and the world: and I beg you to raise up righteous leaders in this land. Please, My Lord, hear my cry."

"Child, this prayer cannot be answered right away. For, you have allowed these evil people to take over your country. However, by degrees, I shall restore this land. As you have been told, Child, a curse of God rests upon the USA; and as a nation, you have some very hard times ahead. Your military is polluted and your government is overrun with darkness. The masses sleep and the darkness in your midst grows. Child, times are perilous and many shall soon welcome death. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10th day of December 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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