From the Mountain, Book IV


Clinton and the Cave

"Precious Child, I am Master Jesus. You have sought Me long in prayer and obedience; and because of this, I have brought you once more to the heights of My Holy Mountain. Yea, the wind of My Spirit bathes you and My River cleanses you. Even the fruit of My tree heals and renews you. Child, in a moment you are in My Inner Sanctum and before you is a tent. You clearly see Bill Clinton in a small military tent, where he is speaking with Hillary and Chelsea. He picks up a small aluminum frying pan and begins to tap himself and the two of them on the head repeatedly. Child, write as seen and given."

"My Lord, Clinton lays the pan aside and picks up a pipe called the ‘Peace Pipe’, which he smokes and then gives to Hillary and Chelsea. Within the smoke, I can see the words, ‘Saddam next.’" (At the time of the typing of this prophecy in January of ’99, both of these situations have come to pass, with Clinton trying to reconcile with Hillary and Chelsea and also Saddam. However, it seems none of the three have been successful; as we hear from the media that Hillary plans to move to New York and run for senator; and we have read of Chelsea’s on-going emotional turmoil as regards her father. The peace pipe, which Clinton smoked with Hussein in November of this year, was broken in December when he carried out the "sneak attack" on Iraq.)

The smoke curls upward revealing Clinton’s knocking on an old door built into a mountain. The doorposts are made of old railroad ties and are worn and faded by the ravages of time. As I look closer at the doorposts, I see that there is writing on them. On the left are the words: "Give me some gum," and on the right is written "sneak attack," while overhead I see "I’ve gotta spit." (Watch for the meaning of all three of these within the body of this prophecy.)

Clinton knocks one, two, three times on the door and calls out, "Mr. Fellowship, Mr. Fellowship." Then, a person opens the door, wearing a black top hat. His expression is stern and his face is adorned with a moustache like that of Adolf Hitler. He wears a black and white clown coat and black knee pants; but his feet beg most for attention as they house huge, black clown shoes. The Hitler clown smokes a pipe, which bears the words: "I love nectarines." Suddenly, he stops smoking the pipe and puts it in his back pocket; however, the pipe changes into a stream of grapes; and they cascade from his back pocket.

The enigmatic man/clown allows Clinton to enter through the door into the large cave. The floor of the cave is made of black and white marble squares; and high above in the ceiling of the cave is a large bat with a photoelectric eye. As the clown walks over the floor, the taps of his shoes make music like that of discordant harpsichords and a breeze begins to stir around his feet. Within the wind can be heard the words "Drop Dead Hitler! Drop Dead Hitler!"

Clinton follows the clown to a solid gold door; and as he trails the clown, he notices words on the tails of the clown’s jacket…"Geneva Bank is Restored." The clown knocks three times on the gold door and his brass knuckles glisten in the light, revealing the words: ‘Hot to Trot!’

"My Lord, who is this clown?"

"Child, look atop his hat."

"I see the words, ‘Kissinger am I.’"

"Child, proceed."

"The door is open, My Lord, and I see a room with solid gold walls, a golden floor and desk of pure crystal. Music of mystique fills the air, like that of murder mysteries. Behind the desk is the Dracula-look-alike Rothschild man and across his head are the words: "I AM GREED!" Clinton gets on his knees before the man of greed and says, "Sir, I’ve got a hangover. Would you make my spine straight?" The "R" man looks at Clinton on his knees before him and says, "Sonny Boy, let me give you an adjustment." Then, the Man of Greed takes a key from his right, top, desk drawer named "Fox Key.’ Reaching over to Bill Clinton, he says, "Smell this Boy. It will wind you up."

Bill Clinton smells the key; and then the Man of Greed takes it and puts it into the lock in Bill Clinton’s back, winding and winding until it stops. Suddenly, Clinton stands up and his spine is very straight; but his movements are very jerky, like those of a toy soldier. Bill Clinton walks around the room of gold, his head moving from side to side; repeating rhythmically, "I’ve gotta go now, I’ve gotta go now!" Bill’s knees and elbows are hinged and his neck is hinged to his head, but his spine is very, very straight. Up and down Bill’s spine are many doors; and the door at the top right of his spine suddenly bursts open. Behind this door, I see Hillary and Chelsea crying and waving goodbye to Bill Clinton. Chelsea says, "We shall never see him again;" but Hillary just smiles and says, "Oh, he’ll be back. He’s the comeback kid." This door closes; and many doors begin to open up and down his spine with birds hopping out of them door, singing, "Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo! Bill Clinton is cuckoo for bombing the embassies." At the end of his spine is a large, black gator, which swishes in a pool of dark water. On the back of the black gator are the words, "Bill Clinton has a death wish." As the gator moves about in the dark pool, the dark water bubbles and it says: "Double, double, toil and trouble. When you start to deceive, you weave a dark weave."

With the many doors on his spine closing and the birds singing, the gator swishing and the waters speaking, Bill Clinton turns to walk out of the office of the Man of Greed. His spine is straight and his head is held high; but his walk is that of a toy soldier. Suddenly, Bill Clinton slips on a banana peal, as the rigidity of his spine keeps him from watching his feet. "That smarts," Bill says; and he looks above to see a group of laughing heinas on the balcony around the ceiling. They all laugh and whisper among themselves saying, "Clinton’s going down! He’s going down. His fly’s missing cause he’s been a kissing Monica; and fornication is Bill’s first name. He’s a pervert, a whore, a slut. He’s a cheap shot!’ And, the heinas laugh and whisper, and laugh and whisper. Then, in unison, they all turn to walk away, dressed as businessmen in black suits and on their backsides can be seen the following phrases: ‘Sour Land Deals; Raw Bank Deals; and Clinton Cover-ups.’

From below, Bill Clinton watches every one of them leave; and he tries to get up, but he is stuck to the floor with thick gum, bearing the words: "Scandal and more scandal;" and Bill struggles to free himself, but he cannot. Suddenly, from high in the top of the cave a trap door opens and many bricks and rocks come tumbling down on Bill’s head. Some of the bricks form a pattern of words as they fall; and these are what I see: "You coulda, shoulda, woulda lived if you’d stayed away from Afghanistan and Iran. Iraq hates you. Boo-hoo!" The bricks and rocks continue to fall until they nearly cover Bill Clinton; and yellow police tape, bearing the words "Clinton is a Reject", suddenly appears around Bill and the bricks, marking his crime scene off from the rest of the cave.

As I look at these words on the police tape, the gold door slams shut; and monkeys, hanging by their tails, appear around the top of the cave. On their tails are the words, "I’ve got you, I’ve got you!" And each monkey chews a banana and spits mouthfuls of chewed banana upon the pile of rocks surrounding Clinton. Each chewed up glob reads, "Been there, done that." Suddenly each monkey holds out a sign, which says "Clinton ousted from the inner circle, … Nov. 1998."

Smoke begins to fill the cave and more monkeys appear, called "Sea of Debt;" and they howl at Bill Clinton. They shriek at him from within the thick smoke saying things like, "Bastard, see what you did! See what you did!"

In the darkness, Clinton reaches for a hand, any hand, to help him out from under the weight of the bricks; and suddenly the cold, iron glove of the clown clasps Clinton’s searching hand. However, just as readily, the opposite hand of the clown pops Bill Clinton in the teeth, knocking out two of his upper teeth and two of his lower teeth. Through the darkness emerge these words on the missing teeth: "The Shopping Cart News;" and the Shopping Cart News Teeth fall to the floor among the bricks and rocks, where they start a fire.

Though the thick smoke, Bill Clinton is able to make out words on the pants of the clown; "I doubt you, Phony." Suddenly, the clown grasps Clinton by the nape of the neck, pulls him from among the rocks and bricks, and tosses him out of the cave. Down, down the side of the mountain goes Bill Clinton, rolling, rolling, and rolling.

Who would believe that one could fall from such heights and still land on his feet? Well, Bill Clinton did, but he is now face to face with an Arabian soldier with a large machete. The soldier beneath the bandana is none other that Saddam Hussein; and Hussein quickly takes his machete and divides Clinton into two parts. One part goes to the right and one goes to the left. "Let’s get him," the masked Hussein says, "He is divided."

And, as Bill Clinton fights a fire in the Mideast and a fire at home a great, black storm begins to form over the USA. On the huge, billowy clouds are the words, "Sneak attack by Russia, China, Germany, The Vatican, NATO, and the UN. Suddenly, the USA is ablaze with many fires in the darkness as great nuclear clouds light up the night sky over San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth and many other large cities.

From within the night, a black vulture appears with a flag hanging from its mouth. The flag says, "Surrender Now, or More Will Die!’ The death toll numbers many, many millions and before me is a large casket, which is open. Lying in it is a very young child of perhaps three years old. She has an envelope in her hand, which I take and open. On the paper are these words "75 Million." Great cries and wails punctuate the night air as the sun begins to rise, revealing thick smoke filled with debris.

"My Lord, San Francisco is gone and little is left of Los Angeles."

"Yea, Child, ‘tis true. We shall get back to this later. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of August, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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