From the Mountain, Book IV


Back to Door Five

"Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus, and I am full of love for you, My Little One. Daily, you struggle with the weight of the world and with great anticipation for what comes. My Child, you can do little about the wheel, which is set in motion. Even now, you see your government dealing with the Palestinians and with the evil hoards in the Mid-East. Child, double-dealing and backstabbing policies have reached new heights under Bill Clinton as he continues to prostitute himself before Lucifer for a few crumbs. Child, he shall never be taken for anything more than a pawn by those of the Old World power scene. He is a whipping boy, whose days of power, will soon be over."

"My Child, others of great light have prayed for your spiritual welfare and their prayers shall be answered. You shall be healed soon. You are thinking of the Nazarene document; but know that it is only partially true. The task for all concerned is to tell what is true and what is a lie. Yet, many will jump on it and determine that all is true. This shall lead many astray. Understand, My Child?"

"Oh, yes, my Lord, I understand how Lucifer manipulates and how inept people are. Help us, my Precious Lord, that we do not get lost in the darkness."

"Child, print as I have just said on this week’s message."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Now, My Little One, I have brought you once more to the top of My Mountain."

"Yes, my Lord, and it looks as if I am surrounded by a glass structure."

"Oh, this is not glass, My Child, but My great hedge."

"But, I have never seen this before."

"Nay, but Child, you need this now more than ever; and it is My gift of protection to you."

"My Lord, please, will you give it to my husband and place it around our dwelling and property."

"Child, I am before you in this; and it is around all your possessions."

"My Lord, our families need this also…"

"Then, Child, they must make themselves worthy to have it by living in obedience to your Father."

"My Lord, I know this and feel so powerless about the choices of so many."

"My Child, look before you. What do you see?"

"My Lord, I see rocks flying and buildings shaking and dust flying. Trees are toppling and cars are smashing into one another as they fall down hills. Surely, this is an earthquake."

"It is so, My Child."


"New Madrid." (This is a large fault line, in the northeast Arkansas, Missouri area, but many fingers extend from this fault line, permeating much of the southeast, even moving considerably, northward, eastward and westward. Not long ago, I read an article about the numerous earthquakes generated from this fault daily. Those of us in this area feel these small tremors frequently. And, just recently, a friend told me of a relative, who lives in northeast Arkansas, who can smell sulfur-bearing gases coming up through her house. People, this fault is going to blow and sooner, rather than later.

How many people are watching the New Madrid fault with a serious eye and how many people are being warned of what is about to come to pass? The wrath of God is being poured out on Arkansas, but his anger shall rip and tear through this whole country. For, the people have loved a lie and what it can do for them; and they shall suffer greatly for their choices. Wake up and serve Our Father in truth and honesty. Your journey will not be easy, but there is no other way.)
"In Arkansas?"

"And Missouri?"

"Yes, Missouri. Child, even Kansas and when it blows it shall hit many states."

"My Lord, you mean when it hits in May and June of 1999?"


"But, why are you showing me this now?"

"To remind you that this is not far off."

"Yes, My Lord, this is at our door."

"This is so, My Child; but I am your Shepherd and I can protect Mine from the impossible."

"My Lord, I was so aware of this when a string or tornadoes hit this state back in 1997. Over and over the media told of homes, which were totally devastated and all carried away, save one or two people hiding in a closet and praying. Even my own son told of hiding beneath a house and seeing a tornado bearing down on them. He said that he looked up to see two angels standing over them; and in the very last moment the tornado split into two tornadoes and went along either side of the house, never touching them or the house they were hiding beneath."

"This is what I mean, Child."

"Fear not, but go in faith."

"My Lord, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the looks of the seemingly impossible."

"Child, this is known; but I am with you, so fear not. Now, let us continue with the vision of the pirate. Enter through the door called, ‘Jesus is the Way;’ and take the humility key. Then, go down the hall to Door Five."

"My Lord, I enter the door and once again I am swept along by the River of Life. Down, down, down, I go into this pure river until I get to Door Five. Words cannot adequately describe the pristine beauty of this living water, how it mesmerizes with its glistening aquamarine perfection, and fills me with life."

"Child, this is known. Now, enter through Door Five and sit in the chair."

"My Lord, I enter through the door once again and come to and area of totally white hills and trees. Before me is a small path, which leads to an area of brilliant, white light. This light coming from behind hills in the distance and leads into the area from which Duduman came. My Lord, I am not altogether sure that I understood his message."

"Child, listen again, as you did not get it all."

"My Lord, suddenly he is back, standing before me; and he is so full of love and kindness. He kisses my hand as he kneels beside me. Comstock, my friend, you are dear to me. Where you are, I have traveled; and I fear for your well being. You have made enemies, who would like to see your demise, as they wanted mine. Walk in faith; and fear not. Yes, my dear one, I love and miss my family; and they do need to stock up because of very hard times ahead; but they shall make it okay as God is with them. Soon I shall see several of them. But, so often you walk alone with little or no support from your family in spiritual things. Dear one, I had my family and this can make a difference."

"Please intercede for me."

"I have."

"Thank you. I have needed this as I have had to deal with great sickness and few people have any idea."

"I am your friend."

"My Lord, he suddenly disappears and I feel so sad and depressed as if I have just lost a very dear and wonderful friend."

"Child, you have lost none, but gained one."

"Thank You, My Jesus, for allowing me to see him."

"Now, Little One, let us go back to the pirate."

"Yes, My Lord, we finished with ‘Danger is as Danger does;’ and this was referring the Russia’s mind reading and mind control."

"Yes, My Little One."

"The second page says, ‘I have a crick in my neck.’ So, tell me, My Lord, what does this mean?"

"Child, see the old pirate with his head held to one side, as it is too painful for him to straighten it out?"

"Yes, My Lord, but I do not understand why."

"Child, see how the muscles have become thick on one side and how they have become wasted on the other. Go up to his neck and look through the door on the thick side."

"My Lord, you are right about the thick muscles. I stand on the stool and can just barely reach the little door on his neck, but it pulls open easily. Out comes foul, billowing clouds of smoke, which is filled with many caustic gases! Whew! I must step down for a moment to let some of this pass, as it is suffocating! I am gasping for air and am having a terrible time breathing."

"My Child, all this is so, but look again."

"As you say, My Lord. I step on the stool once more and peer into the open the door within the neck. The caustic smoke has settled and straightaway I see Bill Clinton sitting around the fire eating peanuts. Yeltsin hands him a piece of old-fashioned candy, which looks like a ‘Mary Jane’, as the wrapping bears a picture of a little girl. I notice that Yeltsin’s pockets are full of this candy; and as Clinton finishes with the mouthful of peanuts, he devours the candy. ‘Give me a few more pieces of that candy,’ Clinton says, ‘brings back old memories."

"My Lord, I know there is more…"

"Yes, indeed, Child; look on the back of each piece of candy."

"My Lord, on the back are the words, ‘horse manure.’ But, what about the peanuts?"


"Oh, My Lord, I am looking into Clinton’s mouth, which is full of these partially chewed peanuts and before my eyes they are turning into worms. I am looking at an unchewed peanut, which bears the words, ‘full of scum.’ What is going on?"

"Look closely."

"My Lord, I see different words on the worms; and these are some words and phrases I see: 1.Difficult and messy; 2. Devoured, but red; 3. Don Juan Wannabee; 4. One leg up; and 5. Riddled with Riddles. My Lord, this is most disgusting, as the worms are crawling around in his mouth like maggots! Can you believe this?"

"Oh, I can believe it, My Child."

"My Lord, how long must I look at this revolting mess of crawling maggots? This is disgusting!"

"Yes, My Child; but I have not shown you all. Climb into his mouth."

"Into his mouth? Must I? Oh, My Lord, I have a dread about this in the pit of my stomach! I shall need extra strength from You to do this, as I am beginning to feel very ill. But, as you have commanded it, here I go. I step into this dark and foul-smelling cavern and move past the bottom lips along the rim of the jaw and into the side of the mouth. It is hard to step without walking onto the maggots, which now seem more like great snakes, wriggling and seemingly intent on devouring the dead and dying in his mouth. Caustic fumes fly up from the back of his throat and smell like a combination of sulfur dioxide (rotten eggs) and ammonia. My Lord, how long shall I have to endure this? And, why must I go on?"

"Continue on."

"I continue one, My Lord, aware that your love and protection is guiding me, but nonetheless am disgusted by the filth in here. I am coming around the rim of the jaw and back to the very last lower molar. What shall I do, now that I am here? Suddenly, a large box shoots up from the last tooth, which reminds me somewhat of a jack-in-the-box. And, on the box are the words, ‘Bill’s Treasure Chest.’ Shall I open it?"

"You have the key."

"My Lord, I have the key in my hand and on it are the words, ‘Jesus is the Key;’ and I insert they key into the lock of Bill’s treasure chest. As I insert the key, I feel a wind blow in behind me; and the door to the chest flies open. Inside the chest is a lamb with a goat’s feet, a goat’s face, and goat’s horns. This goat/lamb is rocking Bill to sleep in a large cradle. My Lord, this is no goat/lamb; but none other than Lucifer, the Red Dragon. And, it hisses and spits and snarls as it swings its red tail back and forth.

"I shall devour you," the Dragon hisses at me! Bill is mine and I guard him jealously!"

"You are a liar, Lucifer! And, I curse your evil works in the name of Jesus Christ. For, soon Our Lord Jesus shall come and send you and your evil hoards into the Pits!" Then, the evil dragon pulls back on its red neck and spits fire at me. I watch the fire as it just rolls off the hedge and it falls around the crib containing Bill Clinton, its flames bathing him. Smoke is curling upward, over and around the crib, but Bill is fast asleep, a spell cast upon him by his evil master.

Suddenly, the floor drops out of the treasure chest and Bill wakes up as he is suddenly going down. But, it is too late; for he is headed down, down, down into the fiery lake. The sheep goat then turns into the evil "R" man, who dusts off his hands and says:

"Gimme a dime,
The dime is mine!
What can you say?
Hey, Hey!
Hey, Hey!

Curdle my blood!
I’m a big stud!
Only a Has-been,
Not a king-pen!

Never more will Bill
Make a hill
Outa me!
Hee, hee!

"Then, the vision is gone, My Lord. Bill’s wormy mouth is gone. The Yeltsin scene is gone. Everything is gone; and I am suddenly aware that I am in a chair behind Door Five in the area, which is glistening with white."

"Yes, My Child, you think that all is gone, but it is very much present."

"My Lord, I need some help in understanding this."

"Very well, Child, what do you not understand?"

"Most of it. For instance, tell me about Yeltsin and the candy."

"Child, what is written on the back of each piece of candy?"

"Horse manure."

"Then, know, My Child, that this is what he feeds Clinton; and has been feeding him for some time."

"But, My Lord, Clinton cannot see this."

"Child, how can he see it when he is sleeping and controlled by Lucifer?"

"My Lord, this is so; and we also see that the pirate’s neck is thick on one side and useless on the other. But, why?"

"Child, what is written on the thick side?"

"My Lord, it says, ‘US money for arms. So, the pirate’s neck…"

"Which holds up his head."

"My Lord, you mean its leadership?"

"Yes, My Child."

"So, money from the USA holds up the leadership in Russia so that it can do its crooked works?"


"And, right in the middle of this neck is Bill Clinton."

"You have seen it."

"So, Clinton’s mouth is full of scum, but what kind of scum?"

"My Child, go inside the peanut and see."

"My Lord, I see Clinton in the room with many women and they are engaged in sex romps, sucking up cocaine. And, he is having these women kiss his shoes?"

"You see it."

"So, my Lord, this means that he treats women like dirt?"

"Child, he treats them like whores; and has no use for them, save to use them. Bill Clinton is what you would call a cocaine head."

"My Lord, this is both disgusting and scary!"

"Yes, My Child, as he never inhaled."

"I guess most people will never forget that stupid remark; but the greatest numbers continue to follow him, in spite of all his lies! My Lord, I have more questions about the vision regarding the worms. Please explain, ‘Difficult and messy.’"

"Child, see Monica Lewinsky in prison, hoping that Bill Clinton will come by and give her some attention. She has that puppy dog smile and come-on look."

"Yes, My Lord."

"But, My Child, you don’t see her with the knife, which she digs into his rear end."

"No, My Lord, I do not."

"Well, the knife opens the prison door for her, but she is not free."

"My Lord, I see this."

"Child, Monica will come up dead under mysterious circumstances."

"She will?"

"This is their plan."

"What should she do to avoid this?"

"They plan to drown her and make it look like an accident. She is not free, Child; but is in more of a prison than before."

"My Lord, I see this killing, but will it come to pass?"

"Child, it will unless she comes to me earnestly. You will see. And, all will know that Bill is behind it, but nothing will ever be done, not by any government. But, worry not, Child, through your Father’s laws, he will pay. Already, he has the blood of many of his hands."

"So, difficult and messy refers to his situation with Monica?"

"It does."

"But, what about ‘Devoured, but Red?’"

"Child, look near Yeltsin’s knee."

"My Lord, I see him pull up his right pants leg, and a flask of red booze is attached to his leg. Yeltsin drops each piece of the candy into the flask of red booze, washes it in the red liquid and re-packages it. But, why?"

"So, Clinton will not know that the horse manure is red to the core."

"But, My Lord, why should it matter to Clinton, as he is red?"

"Yes, Child, but in his mind Clinton must continue to convince himself that the Russians are true-blue friends."

"What a crock!"

"Oh, it is a crock, Child; as he has devoured the whole red scheme."

"And, I suppose that the ‘Don Juan Wannabee’ is all about Clinton."

"As you have seen. Clinton wants to be God’s gift to women, to all women. And, he wants the praises and adulation of each and every one."

"Yes, My Lord, as if he were God."

"Exactly, Child."

"What does ‘One leg up’ mean?"

"Child, Yeltsin has one leg up on Clinton. See what I have shown you about this leg?"

"Yes, My Lord, fully. It is about deceptions. Now, tell me about ‘Riddled with Riddles.’"

"Child, Clinton is riddled with riddles. His life is full of unsolved puzzles and riddles. And, the whole truth of Bill Clinton shall not be known until My return. But, I can assure you, My Child, that it is much worse than any of you can ever imagine."

"So, My Lord, Bill’s Treasure Chest tells us that he loves Lucifer."

"Child, he loves him and serves him as one of his ring leaders. But, soon Clinton’s days well be over. One more soul to hell."

"Go this day in peace, My Child. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of December, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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