From the Mountain, Book IV


Great is the Love of Our Lord!

"My Precious Child, I am Master Jesus. Blessed are you among women, for you have been tried and tested and found worthy. Yea, your Father is full of love and mercy toward His creations; but His love and mercy are poured out freely on the righteous. Yea, My Child, He bears the cries of the righteous and they are most worthy unto the Most High. Now, Little One, I have anointed you anew and brought you back to this new spot, high upon My Holy Mountain. Child, the wind of My Spirit warms you, but the air is cool and brisk. Take the key of humility, My Child, and enter through the door, which leads to a corridor with many doors. Walk to the third door and take the key form your waist, which beckons to you. On it are the words, ‘Desires of One’s Heart;’ and place it in the lock and open the door. Then, write as seen and given."

"My Lord, the key fits and I hear a click as the lock opens. But, the door is divided into two parts. The top half swings open, but the lower half does not move. How shall I enter?"

"Child, see the words on the top half, ‘My Way;’ and on the lower part are the words, ‘Distractions of the World.’ Child, just raise your leg and step over the distractions and continue on through the door of ‘My Way;’ for, this is My will.’

"Very well, My Lord, I do as told; and suddenly the door called distractions disappears and I step through the door with no problems. My Lord, I am in this beautiful terrain, where all is white, and it seems a bit cool. But, even as I say the word, ‘cool,’ the temperature changes and it becomes as a balmy spring day. Here and there are pools of crystal clear water, but as I look at each pool, I realize that these pools are as dark aquamarine and are very deep.

"Suddenly, an older man appears before me, and I believe that he is my son, John, the prophet, from another life. My Lord, I know that he is my son, John, from so very long ago."

"’Tis so."

"I reach out to touch him and my mind is flooded with memories of deep sorrow, yet joy. These memories of sorrow and despair overflow me and I suddenly feel so hopeless."

"Child, slow the memories."

"My Lord, I command them to move past very slowly; and they become now as picture frames, moving past in slow motion. Now, My Lord, he is before me on a camel; and I ask, ‘Son, where are you going?’

"I am going to Ethiopia,’ he says, ‘where I shall visit the lost.’

"To Ethiopia?" I ask.

"Yes, My Dearest Mother; for the Lord calls me there."

"Then in an instant, he is gone. I look down to see that I am wearing black clothing, with a long black skirt and an apron. My head is covered with a scarf and I feel such sorrow that he is leaving; for I do not believe that I shall see him again. I look at my surroundings to see that I am high up on a mountain; and a most beautiful dove comes and brings me an envelope. I open the envelope and take out a piece of paper, which says, ‘Your son has been murdered!’ I fall upon the rocks and weep uncontrollably; for he is beloved and precious to my heart. Then, I behold a man coming; and he says, "Madam, why do you weep?" And, I say that I weep for the loss of my son. And, as I look closer, I know that I am speaking with Peter; and he is standing upon the Mountain of the Lord. In an instant, Peter is gone and I am climbing over rocks with my bare hands, which are bleeding; and my knees are bleeding."

"My Lord," I cry, "I feel that you have deserted me. For, You have taken one, who is so precious to me." Then, I hear our Beloved Jesus speak from within the clouds; and he says, "My Child, I have taken nothing, save that, which belonged not to you; but to your Father in Heaven. He has been on loan to you, only."

"Then, why must I endure such pain from his loss?"

"My Child, you have lost nothing, but have gained much."

"Then, My Lord, why do I suffer like this?"

"My Child, to suffer is the human way; but to suffer in love, and to accept God’s will is the Divine Way. Get up, My Child; and praise your Father, that where your son is you shall be; and what your son has done you shall do!"

I raise up and just as quickly as I do so, the scene is gone; and I am on the Holy Mountain of the Lord, back in the previous terrain with many aquamarine pools. But, my heart is still full of sorrow. I cannot seem to stop weeping; and my hands and knees are bloody from climbing over many rocks. "My Lord, I do not know why you have given me this vision; for I have seen my son, John of so long ago, but he vanished so quickly."

"Yes, Child, in this past life, you had sons, who were full of love for me and for your Father. But, in this life, you have one, who loves me not and does not know your Father. Child, he is already in the throes of darkness, and does not even know this. He loves the material world and the lusts thereof."

"My Lord, I am so full of sorrow about his choices and I feel so wounded as I cannot reach him."

"Yea, Child, for your son in this life, you should cry great tears; and not for your son of ages past."

"My Lord, you are so right about this; and through the years you know that I have shed many tears. Even now, I am heartbroken that he is lost in rebellion. My Lord, you know how I pray for his soul and for all in his household. Yes, I am heartbroken; as I love him no less than one from so long ago. And, in some ways, I love him even more, as he is so lost and my heart cries out in love for him. He does not hear, My Lord; but I know that you are a Lord of miracles; and I do not give up, but continue on in prayer and faith that you will effect great changes in his heart. However, I must ask you, My Lord, what is the reason that you have brought back such memories from so long ago?"

"For love, My child. For love. Love your son, regardless of his behavior. Even as you have loved your son, John, from so long ago and still love him. Child, he was easy to love; but you must love those, who abuse you; for they are worthy of love by nature of being your Father’s children. Have compassion, Child, and encourage them in your Father’s works. For, your son and his wife are lost. And, their children do not know Me or your Father."

As our Lord bears these words, I sit upon a white stone by one of the beautiful pools of water and I weep deep tears; for I feel so powerless.

"Yea, Child, you are powerless; but your Father is all powerful and He can work miracles in your son’s life."

"Then, I beg of You, My Beloved Father to please work miracles in their lives. Convict their hearts and give them a deep yearning to serve you and to walk with you in your precious will."

"I have heard you, My Child," says our Beloved Father. "Dip your face in the pool and be refreshed; for this is my heavenly water; and it will turn your tears to joy."

"My Precious Father Jehovah, I have done as you have commanded, dipping my face in this pure water; and as you have said, I suddenly feel renewed. But, suddenly, I am out on the side of a Mountain somewhere, but I do not know where I am."

"My Child, it is called ‘Self Will; and it is a large mountain. Let go of all self-will as regards your son and serve him, Child. Be his servant in love and truth and he will love you back. Forgive him for all; and forgive all, who have hurt you in any way. For, forgiveness is free to all and is completely healing."

"My Father, I shall do as you say. Please help me and make miracles in their hearts and lives."

As soon as I say these words, I find myself back on the ledge of our Lord’s Holy Mountain; and in my arms are two gift boxes. "My Father," I ask. "What are these?"

"Child, these are my gifts to you, a new home and a family filled with peace. Take these gifts and absorb them; for they are at hand."

Suddenly, the two boxes disappear into my robe and make me feel very heavy. However, just as I begin to focus on this heaviness, it disappears; and great radiance, peace and love move in. Once more, I am back among the white rocks and aquamarine pools, where there are many, many golden jonquils. They are blooming far and wide and the aroma is so soothing."

"Pick one, My Child," our Father says.

"My Father," I have it.

"Eat it."

So, I put it in my mouth and begin to chew; but it is very bitter. I struggle with this bitter taste, and the longer I chew, the worse it gets. It is a horrible taste, which makes my mouth water profusely and it seems that the very lining of my mouth will be eroded with this bitterness. But, I keep chewing and swallowing until it is gone. "My Father why would you have me eat something so bitter; and what does this mean?"

"Child, it is the date of Dec.12, 1998."

"I do not understand."

"I caused you to eat and to swallow the bitter flower; and it made you sick. But, I am merciful and delivered you and many others from this illness."

"I do not understand."

"Child, I have seen you suffering because of this bitter meal; and I am merciful to those, who love me."

"But, My Lord, war on this date was set to come about!"

"It was; and I was waiting on the prayers and the fasts of the righteous. My Child, this war has been planned by your enemy for many years. This date of Dec. 12th 1998 is not and was not a hoax, but represents real plans of your enemy. For this reason, I intervened in the Iraqi war. (This was in Nov 1998; but as you know we are now at war with Iraq and this has begun WWIII.)"

"Oh, Merciful Father, I can never thank you enough. Please continue to be merciful toward your lost and hurting children. So many are trying to do what is right, but are so oppressed day and night, weighted down by the evil one and great trials of this world."

"Child, I see and I know all. Now, go this day with my full love."

"My Precious Father, did our Beloved John go into Ethiopia, or did Ethiopia represent a land of inner struggles?"

"My Child, it represented both and both pertained to him. Be blessed this day, Child’ and get ready to finish Book IV, my gift to all. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of November, 1998,
Linda Newkirk


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