From the Mountain, Book IV


Iran Conflict, and more…

"Precious child, I am Master Jesus. You have disciplined yourself this day to honor my requests to sit and write; and you shall not go unrewarded. You are on the heights of My Holy Mountain as I have brought you here on the wings of My Spirit."

"Yes, My Lord, I am here, flying freely on Your Spirit, and suspended in air; but suddenly it seems that something like pudding is hitting me all over my body, and I feel as if I am in some kind of storm."

"Yea, Child, you think that this is a storm, or that it is pudding, but it is a gift from your Father, … pure power, which sinks into your soul and strengthens you."

"My Lord, I realize that this is happening as I can see that I am aglow with this substance and it creates a pure, radiant light. Suddenly, I notice a satchel near me; which beckons me to unzip it; and as I begin to do so, a radiant umbrella pops out. I reach for the umbrella, but it disappears; and I am drifting ever upward in this glorious light. I must have missed Your Upper Room."

"Child, you have not noticed it, but you are in My Upper Room."

"What was the purpose of the umbrella?"

"To make you realize that you are moving upward in Me and I provide the Way. Grab hold of the umbrella and read what is written on it."

"It says, ‘I am here for you. Jesus, Your Master.’"

"My Lord, I know this through and through; and I love you with all my heart."

"I carry you upward when you expect it least. Now, My Little One, look before you and see a radiant door."

"Yes, My Lord, I see it."

"Child, ride upon the wings of My Spirit and enter."

"My Precious Lord, what pure beauty enfolds me as I am bathed in the light of your love and peace. Your wondrous Spirit carries me as a peaceful wind through this door and now spellbound I drift over a most beautiful, glass floor. Below me, all is illuminated with waves of flashing lights in many pastel colors."

"Stand on the floor, My Child, and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, upon standing upon this glass floor, I behold a very clear vision of Bill Clinton dining with Queen Elizabeth; and they are eating steak and lobster with red wine. On Clinton’s lobster are the words, ‘I’ve got you Babe.’ The Queen, on the other hand, has eaten all of her lobster except for one remaining piece. And, as she talks to Bill, she does not notice that a tiny mouse called the ‘Iran’ conflict runs out of the last bite of lobster. This mouse scampers into her lap, down her dress, and back up under her skirt. She begins to feel the movement of the mouse and begins to squirm, but she continues to eat her meal as if nothing has happened. On her steak are the words, ‘Joggle this and joggle that.’ The steak looks slimy and is moldy; in fact it is rotten and stinky, but she does not notice that the food is putrid; and she continues to take small bites."

"Every time the Queen takes a bite of the rotten meat, a gnome with pointed ears rides into the Queen’s mouth atop the meat. Each gnome lands on its feet with flashlight in hand and begins banging around on the Queen’s teeth with a crowbar and a hammer. One of the gnomes whispers, ‘She doesn’t suspect anything yet. Let’s get busy.’ So, they take drills and begin to make tiny holes at the base of her molars. Then, they put tiny amounts of dynamite into each drilled hole. When the first tooth blows, called Ireland, it smarts and the Queen grabs her throat, just as an ugly pirate comes up behind her. ‘This is for the Princess of Wales,’ he says; and he cuts off the end of the Queen’s nose. She is bleeding and in a state of shock, but Clinton just keeps trying to cut a piece from his tough lobster.

"Meantime, the gnomes keep working, drilling, stuffing and blowing until steam begins to come from the Queen’s eyes and ears. One gnome stands amidst the smoke playing a tape loudly in the Queen’s right ear, which says:

‘Clinton is a liar, a sneak and a thief;
And you made him your friend.
He is a traitor, like YouHoo.
What shall you do?

For, all is seen,
You Queen of Mean.’

"As Bill Clinton is occupied with eating his tough meat, he does not notice that blood is dripping from the Queen’s nose; and on each drop of the Queen’s blood are the words: ‘The Queen of Mean Killed Diana.’ Underneath the Queen’s chair, the pirate has placed a jack and it pushes the Queen up and makes her tall. On this jack are the words, ‘opium and dope trade.’ With this jack, the pirate keeps elevating the Queen higher and higher until she is looking far down at Clinton. But, still Bill Clinton does not notice the plight of the Queen; he just kept on picking at his tough meal."

"‘You Sorry Scandal,’ the Queen blurts out to Bill Clinton. ‘You are rotten to the core! You have lied about the embassy bombings and you have lied about who did it! You did it, you farce; and you have made me a fool! I shall destroy you! You idiot! You are scary!’"

"Still, a gnome sits on the Queen’s shoulder, and has replaced the first tape with a second. It blasts into the Queen’s ear:

‘Scary, scary,
Fe Fi Fo Fum!

Who will carry
The sales pitch home?’

"‘The sales pitch,’ the Queen ponders. "Hmmm, I will carry the sales pitch. After all, I am the Queen of the House of Windsor. The whole world shall bow down to me. This is the sales pitch:

I’m no witch, but a Queen of Grace.
See my face.
A smile or two for You Hoo

Will make you see me
As your Queen
Of Everlasting Kindness!’"

"But, the gnomes do not like her words, so they dig out bigger holes in her front teeth called ‘London’ and ‘Paris Underground,’ and they plant hollow bullets in the teeth with timers attached to them. ‘When she stands up,’ one of the gnomes says, ‘we will blast out her front teeth. She will have a knee-jerk-reaction and cover her knees named Kensington and Buckingham, but we will send more gnomes to sweep and rake them.

And, more gnomes come called ‘Rothschild to the Core’ and they sweep and rake her knees. Then, they climb her head and go after Prince Charles. ‘He’s a wacko,’ the gnomes say. ‘Let him have it in the head! When he beds Camilla for a thriller, we will steal his meal deal.’"

"So, as Charles lies in bed with Camilla, they bombard him with energy waves; and on each wave are the words, ‘microwave hit.’ ‘We shall not miss,’ the gnomes say, ‘hitting him in bed with his story book friend. For, we shall put an end to his notion of being a king, …to the end, My Friends.’"

"Poor Charles is befuddled. He is confused and settles for being second best, but king no less if only in reverence, no title or crown. For, Charles fell on and broke his good leg. ‘Diana’s the victor; she wins over Charles. In life as in death, the Queen of Mean loses. She loses. She loses,’ say the gnomes.

"My Lord, this looks very bad for the Queen and it looks like the Rothschilds are scheming at how they will take over the Monarchy."

"More than you will ever know."

"But, the Queen and Prince Charles do not see this and neither does Clinton."

"Child, is Clinton not blinded by his own ego?"

"Yes, My Lord, he is blinded by it and asleep to it."

"So, My Child, the gnomes are busy."

"Creating unrest for the Queen in the underground."


"So, they shall go after the palaces?"

"They already have."

"My Lord, what does ‘sweep’ and ‘rake’ mean?"

"They have entered the palaces and swept for listening devices and raked them up. And they have implanted their own, as you were told long ago."

"So, once again we hear of the Queen’s killing Diana and Dodi."

"Child, she is responsible for the killing of Diana and Dodi, but they shall be victorious over the Queen." "And, Clinton and the embassy horrors?"

"Child, to cover his sins, to start one evil thing to cover up another."

"My Lord, will the people ever know the truth about the bombing of these embassies?’

"It will come out, and is known even now by others around the world. This act of aggression opens the door for the destruction of the USA, as you will see."

"My Lord, let us go back to the vision of August 20, 1998. Tell me about the door Clinton knocks on. It has writing on three doorposts. Please explain this."

"Child, on the left doorpost are the words, ‘give me some gum.’ Clinton is walking into a sticky situation when he enters through this door. ‘I’ve gotta spit’ means that he will wish to get rid of this sticky gum, but he will not be able to do so."

"So, Mr. Fellowship is the "R" man?"

"He has been a great source of his fellowship and commands."

"What about the clown?"

"Who is the clown, Child?"

"Henry Kissinger."

"And, Kissinger also represents Germany."

"My Lord, what do the nectarines represent?"

"The gravy, Child, the nectar of power."

"And, the grapes?"

"Child, walk into one of them."

"My Lord, I walk into one of the grapes and I see Queen Elizabeth eating a piece of celery; and on it are the words ‘never’ on one side and ‘will Clinton win’ on the other."

"So, the Queen is actually behind Germany to get rid of Clinton?"

"This will be seen."

"So, she is two-faced to the core?"

"She’s a user, an abuser, a drug trafficker and a killer. Do you trust this?"

"No, My Lord, not in the least; and I suppose that the black bat in the ceiling of the cave is surveillance?"

"Child, it is more than surveillance."

"How so?"

"It is a death trap. See the guillotines killing my sheep. It sees all it wishes to see."

"My Lord, I abhor this evil and it saddens me deeply. As we move along with this vision, My Lord, please explain the musical shoes and the words made on the wind around the clown’s feet."

"Child, the walk of the clown creates disharmony and dread; and the cries of the dead and dying will utter the words, ‘Drop dead, Hitler!’ For, Hitler is at it again. The same spirits, which controlled him are back in control of Germany."

"My Lord, I am so saddened for so many of us, who will be subjected to this evil."

"Yes, Child, but remember: I am the victor!"

"And, the clown restores the Geneva Bank?"

"Remember who manipulates world money?"

"Yes, My Lord; and I suppose that the mystery murder music is for Bill Clinton."

"Child, this is a mystery and Bill Clinton will be the last to find out."

"Well, what is meant by the hangover?"

"Clinton is looking for a cure for his excesses and is begging off. He needs help to straighten things out." "What about the adjustment and the fox key?"

"Oh, he will make Bill Clinton’s spine straight with his foxy ways; and he will put him on his toes. He will make Clinton’s walk tall, but his walk will not be smooth. Clinton is rigid and his walk will be most difficult." "What did he do for Clinton?"

"He gave him a few months."

"A few months for what?"

"To live and reign as president."

"But, My Lord, Bill Clinton does not know what awaits?"

"He does not."

"So, Bill Clinton says ‘I’ve gotta go,’ because he thinks he has gotten what he wants from the ‘R’ man?’

"Child, he thinks this. He has received money manipulation in the US economy, but only for a short while."

"What is the conversation between Chelsea and Clinton?"

"Child, it is about Bill Clinton, who is lost in the Monica situation. Hillary has seen him bounce back so many times and is not worried, but she does not see the cuckoo birds and she does not know that your secret and dark service bombed your own embassies. Child, the black gator at the end of his spine is the end result of what he has done. He has been given a death wish. This death wish is to kill and to be killed. The weave of deception is darkness and death."

"My Lord, tell me about the banana peals."

"Read what is written on them."

"I am having trouble reading as there are mirrors on them. I curse this evil to nothingness, in your name, My Lord; and suddenly I see the words: ‘Clinton’s ruination.’ Does this mean that the bombing of the embassies will be his ruination?"

"Both his and that of the USA. The people will find out the truth in time."

"So, if Bill Clinton had been impeached straightaway for the Lewinsky situation, some of this would have been avoided?"

"Child, Bill Clinton has a free will, but his will is for power and control."

"My Lord, who are the heinas?"

"Child, see: ‘the Swiss banks, global moneychangers and new worlders;’ read what is before you."

"The bricks are the weight of his wrongs. But, Iran is in the picture?"

"Oh, yes, Child, remember the prophecy of June 17, 1997 in which I foretold the summit in the fall of ‘97 involving Iraq, Russia, China and France against the USA. At that time, I told you that there would be five countries, but you did not know who the fifth country was. It is Iran."

"That’s right, My Lord, you said that Russia would take a stand against the USA and that there would be five countries involved. These countries were Russia, China, France, Iraq and now you reveal the fifth as Iran. And, Russia did take this stand in the fall of ’97 and continues to do so. But at this time, there are many more countries supporting Russia and China against the USA."

"My Lord, please explain what is meant by ‘sea of debt.’"

"The USA is in a sea of debt, Child; and what you see as the economic picture is a lie."

"And, the clown, who pops Bill Clinton is Germany?"

"This and more."

"My Lord, what do you mean by ‘this and more?’"

"Clinton and the Raquel Welch scandal."

"Raquel Welch?"

"Yes, indeed."

"You mean figuratively?"

"I mean truthfully."

"So, he has had an affair with Raquel?"

"He has bedded Hollywood."

"So, My Lord, there is a Hollywood scandal?"

"To the core."

"You mean like ‘wag the dog?’"

"I mean, ‘bed the dog.’"

"My Lord, when Bill Clinton is popped in the mouth by the clown, what do the teeth represent?"

"Status and prestige."

"So, this is the same as ‘shopping cart news?’"

"Child, what is ‘shopping cart news?’"

"I do not know."

"Look at the shopping cart."

"I see it, My Lord; and it is empty."

"Child, this is the news. Great famine is coming upon the USA."

"And, the great famine starts a fire?"

"It starts a roaring fire."

"And Hollywood and Germany ultimately say openly to Bill Clinton, ‘I doubt you, phony!’"

"Every word."

"And, Clinton is thrown out of the "R" cave?"

"Yes, indeed!"

"And, we see Hussein meet Clinton at the bottom of the hill… Is this Capitol Hill?"

"It is."

"My Lord, how does Hussein divide Bill Clinton?"

"Through war, disease, famine, illness and death, he divides Clinton’s home."

"How does Hussein fight a fire in the midst of a fire?"

"He fights his own fires at home and on your soil."

"So, the USA will be devastated through war and it will surrender?"

"This is their plan."

"But, will it be so?"

"This is one thing you will decide. If you want freedom, you will fight for freedom with every ounce of your strength and you will come back to Me. But, even so, Child, what you have or can have under this world government system is very limited. You have become decadent and lazy and most stopped fighting long ago. Most of you only fight one another. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed dictated and recorded this 3rd of September 1998,
Linda Newkirk


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