From the Mountain, Book IV


Lighten the Load

"Precious Child, I am Master Jesus. You come to The Mountain today weighted down with stress, not knowing how you shall survive; but I know. Have faith in me; for I make a way and I provide. Receive of the fruit of My Tree and know a freedom you have not known for days. Child, devote every minute of each day to Me and keep this your number one priority. There is no reason to live, save to do My work and your Father’s work. Remember this and do not worry about finances; for money is here today and gone tomorrow. Look to me; I provide. Now, Child, step through My door and into My Inner Sanctum; and be blessed."

"My Lord, I see Timothy and others."

"Yea, Child, they are of The Twelve."

"I kneel on my knees, with my face on the floor in love and honor for You, My Lord; as my heart is so heavy and your Beloved Servants before me are so full of love and goodness." Timothy comes to me and bids me look as he is speaking. He points to my ring finger on my left hand and I see a radiant ring. Timothy says, "You are married to Jesus Christ. Take this walk seriously at all times; and do not despair when it seems that all is going very poorly. For, the dark cloud has a silver lining; look for this. You two will have what you need and more. As for others, do not allow them to take away from your purposes unto God. This day, I bless you with a clear alert mind, great diligence and oneness of purpose unto our Father’s work. Now, My Beloved Sister, eat this."

And, I eat a small radiant box. Then, he offers me another and I eat it as well. Then another and so on until I have eaten ten, small boxes in all. But, with each box, my abdomen grows, expanding to painful dimensions until it becomes very large; and I cannot stand.

"See, My Beloved Sister, the load is heavy; and only the power of our Father can lighten it; so ask for this."

"My Father, the load is heavy. Please lighten this load."

I had barely finished saying these words when the load begin to lift, at first slowly, then quickly, until the swollen abdomen was gone entirely; and all the weight disappeared.

"See," says Timothy, "there is only one Way; so seek after none other."

I begin to weep and clasp Timothy’s feet; and I feel so overcome with love and emotion that I cannot stop weeping. Deep sobs engulf me, as I am so full of gratitude toward this beloved soul; for I have known such great sadness about the world conditions.

"Look in this mirror," says Timothy.

So, I look into the mirror and I see that my face is full of tears and my eyes are red and all is dark around me. Shades are pulled on the windows to my rear and light shines around the edges of them."

"Reach behind you and open the shades," says Timothy.

I do as Timothy says and I see one standing there in white raiment, as many people wear in the desert; and across his right shoulder is a striped blanket. "Who are you?" I question.

"I am Moses from days past," he says. "See the way I looked and how dusty my feet were, how plain and old I seemed. But, our Father made me new; He gave me a new, clean robe and great radiance. Child, he will do the same for you and all, who love Him above all. Nothing in the world can compare to the love of your Father. Money can never compare to His rewards; for monetary systems will soon fall. Child, do not be concerned about finances; be concerned about your Father’s work and be concerned about warning Israel about the disasters, which will soon be upon them."

"I am doing as you say to warn them, but I fear that the masses shall not receive what I am sending. They shall not know of the Great War in time."

"Yes, My Little One," says Jesus, "many will reject the words of My messengers. But, they shall not reject the truth of their predicament; and many will perish for want of the truth."

"My Lord, I know that this is true; but many will not understand these messages and they shall reject them outright."

"This is true, My Child; each of you must never, never, never assume anything about My Word; for, you may be wrong. Ask Me for understanding; and I will provide this. Do you understand?"

"Yes, My Lord; how I know!"

"Child, be at peace this day; and move forward in Me. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of September 1998
Linda Newkirk

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