From the Mountain, Book IV


     This morning, I awoke with an old spiritual tune on my lips. It rang from my heart and sang from my soul … "Victory in Jesus."
     So many months, I have cried over the fates of millions regarding a war on December 12th of this year. When others were sleeping, I was up at 2:00 or 3:00 AM, praying, weeping and anguishing over the fates of millions of lost souls. Many nights, I have cried myself to sleep, only Our Lord Jesus knowing of my despair. So many times, our merciful Jesus has taken this unbearable load.
     Last week, as I was weeping, broken before our Beloved Lord, He spoke to me and said, "Read the 91st Psalm." When I read these precious words, they were like a soothing ointment to my aching soul. Find this in your Bible and read it. Memorize it; and in your periods of despair lean upon these divine words. They will heal your aching soul.
     As we were poised to begin a war with Iraq last week, all of us witnessed a miracle from Our Father Jehovah. At the last minute, His Powerful Hand dipped down and said, "No," to this war. Again, He stayed this war with Iraq, our memories still fresh with how He dipped His hand into Kosovo and said, "Let there be peace!"
     Most people have absolutely no idea that if this war had ensued we would now be revving up for WWW III. This war with Iraq is ever so closely tied to the War on December 12, 1998. By avoiding this war, we have avoided an imminent invasion of this country, but only for now. Every day you live in peace is a day given to you by your Father in Heaven. Every day past December 12th that this country is not invaded by Russia and her allies is one day borrowed from God. (See the words of our Lord Jesus, which follow.)



"Precious Child, I am Master Jesus. Blessed are you, My Little One, for you persevere in your Father’s work amidst great trials. See that I have brought you back to new heights upon My Holy Mountain. Yea, this ledge is narrow with room for only one to stand at a time, yet it is a space coveted by all disciples. For My vision in you is keen and my hearing in you is sharp. Yea, my mind and voice in you bring you to greater spiritual levels, heretofore unknown by you.

Yea, My Child, you worry about your footing on this narrow ledge, but know that if you did not first have the footing you would not be here. Be at peace this day, My Little One, and worry not for the war on the 12th of December. For, as you have been told, this has been averted through mighty prayer on the parts of many. But, do not get lackadaisical, as many shall, when they see that it does not come on this date. For, it shall come! As so many have begged and prayed and sought Our Father’s mercy in this, this war will be forestalled, but you will see this threat return. How long Your Father shall stay His hand in this, even I cannot tell. But, it is only a short while before you shall see a re-run of the same. See the date before you…’January 10,1999’, and it is very clear."

"Yes, My Lord, I see this clearly. It seems that I see all with a new intensity and focus."

"Yes, My Child, this is from a fresh and powerful anointing of My Spirit."

"And, my hands are aglow with this powerful bright fire."

"Yes, Child, this is for healing and for anointing prayer cloths, which you are to send to the needy. Now, Child, I know that you want to get on with Book IV. So, enter the door to your right and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, this door lifts up and makes room for me to enter. All is bathed in pure white and glows with this pure radiance of God. And unlike so many times past, this light does not hurt my eyes. Being on this new level seems to strengthen me in many ways. Suddenly, I see before me a very odd creature, which looks like a monster created of man. Atop this white horse, this monster rides, its thick, white, sticky hair flowing behind, reminiscent of sharp strands of fiberglass. The teeth of this monster are locked in a permanent grin and look like they are made of steel, painted white. Its eyes are wide open with bars and dollar signs filling them. Its ears are huge and shaped like satellite dishes and now and then it blows steam from its mouth.
     In the belly of the horse is a man wearing a green military uniform; and he runs up and down stairs from the head to the feet of this monster. Inside this creature, there is no light, save that, which comes from all the computers. Now and then, the man inside utters, ‘Ready, set, go!" And when he says this, the mouth of the creature opens and a bomb falls out. It does not explode but runs down a hill and into an arsenal and disappears into darkness. On the white horse are the letters, ‘UN’, and on the creatures back are the words ‘UN Machine.’
     Suddenly, Hussein appears and puts a coin in the creature’s mouth and it clinks as it goes down. Quickly, the horse takes off, its feet in motion, but it goes nowhere, much like a toy machine in motion. My Lord, please explain."

"Child, you see the UN Machine, which looks fierce. Yet, inside is a man at the controls, who makes sure that the UN goes nowhere."

"My Lord, who is this man?"

"Child, see the Rothschild buzzard situated atop the control panels. And on the back of the man are the words, ‘Rothschild Whore.’

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, Child, know that this machine, which is funded by US dollars, gives the appearances of doing things, of going places, but this is just for show. Now and then Hussein feeds the machine a token…"

"But, My Lord, what is this token?"

"Child, see … it is a Rothschild token, and on it are the words, ‘Germany in charge.’"

"So, Hussein believes that the USA is a paper tiger?"

"Child, have you not seen that your military is controlled by foreign forces? Have you not seen also how they control your monetary system, how they manipulate your stock market and control your media? Have you not seen how they stifle truth and mold the minds of the masses through fake polls and media mind control?

Child, the great masses believe media lies every day. The Luciferian way is subtle and ever subversive. Only those, who seek truth and wisdom, with all their hearts will receive it; and Lucifer will persecute you for loving and seeking truth. But, My Child, remember: Your Father is in control of all. He hears the cries of the Sincere of Heart; and your cries have caused Him to stop this impending war, just as your cries caused Him to stop the would-be wars against the Serbs and Iraqis.

Many will come back to God because of these prophecies, Child; and this will happen around the world as people open up their eyes and want to live by and serve Truth; for in Truth is freedom. Yet, to live by Truth requires great discipline and vigilance. You may have to fight very hard to get Truth and you will be persecuted for telling it. But, stick together and do not give in to evil forces. Even if it means losing your life to causes of Truth and Righteousness, hold your ground and do not give up."

"Bless all of us, who love Truth, Precious Lord, and give us added strength and determination to love Truth, to live Truth and follow Truth so long as we live, no matter how difficult life may be!"

"This is My blessing to all, Child, who seek after Me and My Truth: ‘I shall bless you with wisdom and I shall bless you with an inner peace and freedom. Even though others may incarcerate you or take your lives, I shall give you the greatest freedom you shall ever know … ETERNAL VICTORY OVER THE EVIL CONTROLS OF LUCIFER. This, My Precious Ones, is worth every bit of your strength and perseverance so long as you live.

Do not hide your light under a basket and do not go in fear; but go with faith in Me and with power and strength from your Father. Visit your neighbors. Love the lost and confounded and pray for all, even your enemies; for you never know when one will come back home, once lost but now saved.

Begin each day with a greater conviction to love your Father and serve His purposes; and love Me, as I deeply love you. For, I am your Shepherd and your key to eternal salvation. Your Father has given me this responsibility and precious honor to serve and bless each of you with peace, love over-flowing, joy, hope, charity and all, which is good and lasting. Fear not, My Precious Little Ones. But, have faith; for, I come for you very, very soon. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As dictated and recorded this 20th day of November 1998.
Linda Newkirk


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