From the Mountain, Book IV


A Message from Mother Teresa, and More

"My Precious Little One, others cannot grasp the fact that your Father has spared you this war on the 12th of December, though it is a stay of hand at the last moment. But, you have not seen all as regards this Dec. 12th date. Open your sleepy eyes, Child, and observe from your stance on My Holy Mountain."

"My Lord, I stand high upon Your Mountain, and rub my eyes, as truly it is early in the morning; but as I look far below I clearly see the old, red dragon. He is snorting smoke and fire from his nostrils; and surely he would destroy all, save for the loving interventions of You and Our Beloved Father. I could not imagine the depth of darkness in this world without the love of God!"

"Child, continue on; and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, the dragon is gone and I see faces emerge from within the darkness below. I see Saddam Hussein and, Yassar Arafat; and behind them is the Egyptian head of state. Around the Egyptian are the Turkish dancers and representatives of Iran. They meet in secret; but I hear the precious Spirit of God say, ‘See others. See Afghanistan. See Jordan and Syria. Even Kuwait has sent representatives. Child, this is a very large meeting of Arab countries, with even Saudi Arabia present; and they are planning communist takeover of the USA. See them backed by Germany, Russia, China, France and others. This consortium is growing daily. Their hate for the USA is also growing; and you do not diminish this by your growing aggression and decadence.’"

"Tell me more of their plan, My Lord."

"Child, their plan is to hit you in the midst of your Christmas season, even on December 12, 1998. But, it shall be foiled by your Father; and it shall not come to pass."

"So, do they have another date set at this time?"

"Child, the date they have set is Dec. 12, 1998."

"My Lord, people have no idea how blessed they are. They just cannot imagine your mercy and love and that of Our Precious Father. They are sleeping and you are listening to the cries of a few, who are awake and pleading before you day and night for mercy. Please, please, please continue to have mercy on our souls."

"Child, feel the fire of the Spirit of God as it descends upon you in greater measure. Stand in this peace, love and joy; and know that you are greatly loved. Then, reach down, Child, and take the key, which says, ‘hope and isolation;’ and open the door before you. As you enter the door, you will find yourself inside My Holy Mountain and in the corridor containing many doors. Continue on to the second door and you will find the key called ‘charity’. Take the ‘charity’ key and place it in the lock. Unlock the door, go in; and write as seen and given."

"I open the door; and straightaway, I see Mother Teresa. She is bathing the head of an Indian child, who is dying. On her heart are the words, ‘My heart is pure;’ and on her feet are the words ‘love for the sick, the hurt and the dying.’ Around her waist is a band with the words, ‘I love the poor, the destitute, and the wretched;’ and across her head are the words, ‘I am a Saint.’"

"Mother Teresa," I say, "You are a harbinger of such love and strength; and I am truly blessed to meet you. How precious you are, My Sister.’

"Take this child’s feet, My Friend; and touch them. They burn hot with the dark fevers of the masses. Feel his breath; it is hot with the disease of aids, for which there is no cure. See his backside which if full of sores. I weep for him, My Friend. Do not let my people go with no one. Pray for the people of India and help them, My Sister. They are in a grave way, lost to sickness and disease, and given to every kind of spiritual demon."

"My Beloved Sister, how I thank you for coming to show me this and to tell me about these hurting souls. I will begin straightaway to pray for India and to do as our Lord Jesus Christ directs me to do about India."

Then, I reach out and hug Mother Teresa; and she is frail and very thin. She hugs me briefly; I feel her deep grief, and I know I must do what I can for India. For, suddenly I feel as if every burden in the world is cast upon me; and the weight is more than I can bear. Deep sadness grips me and I cannot stop crying for all these sick and hurting souls; as they have no person to love them.

Mother Teresa continues to rub the child’s feet; and in a moment she reaches into her pocket and says, ‘Here, My Sister, take this ring and wear it in remembrance of India. I reach out and take the ring, noticing an inscription on the interior rim…’Love for India and its people.’ And, I place the ring on the middle finger of my left hand, as it is too large for me. Then, I fall to me knees and weep, thanking our Lord and Father for this Precious Saint, who did so much for so many. I weep profusely and cannot stop. Then, Mother Teresa comes over and touches me on the left shoulder, ‘Do not weep, My Beloved Sister. Be strong; for your trials have only begun in some ways. Go with charity towards the hurting and the lost and they will bless you through their simple love. Never give up on charity; for charity will never give up on you.’ Then, Mother Teresa vanishes; and I look at the ring, feeling it and wondering what I shall ever do with it. For, I feel so unworthy to wear it. I look up suddenly to see our Precious Jesus standing before me; and I bow down on my face before Him."

"Get up, Child. Rise. For, I have a blessing for you. Take the lay of fresh flowers and wear it around your neck; for, it is a gift sent your way by the saints of the Most High. In it are interwoven many blessings; for you have been through great trials and this is a gift of love. Count your blessings and add one very special blessing this day; for before this day is over you shall receive one; and when it happens, you will know that it comes about through the intervention of saints in your Father’s Kingdom. Your work is often with very few rewards from others, but I am sending one your way. Be humble in this, Child; for one is touched to help you in this work."

"Now, Little One, dust off your robe; and take the gold sash, placing it around your waist."

"How shall I wear it as I have the ring of keys around my waist?"

"Worry not, My Child. Just place it around your waist and tie it with a simple knot."

"Yes, My Lord." I readily tie the knot; and am suddenly swept into the radiant aquamarine waters of the River of Life. I go down, down, down in this clear river; and it occurs to me that I should be concerned about breathing, but amazingly, breathing in this pristine water renews me. As I take in the water, and it expands within me, filling me as tautly. Deeper and deeper, the River carries me, filling me with love, until finally I come to an area of white sand, which is very inviting.

"Child, let go of all your worries, that you may swim freely."

"My Lord, tell me of the worries you see?"

"You worry that you have seen wrong about the Dec. 12th date; and you worry that you may be responsible for anyone’s falling away from God because Dec. 12th did not come to pass as you were made to see."

"Yes, My Lord, I do worry about this and whether I was somehow at fault, even though Our Father gave us a reprieve from this war."

"Child, you have written as you have seen. Now, place the block of worry on the white sand and let it go."

"My Lord, this block suddenly materializes in my hands and I place it on the glistening sand, as you advise." Before me, the block explodes readily into myriad light formations and it is totally gone. Feeling very thin, light and free, I am now swept along in the splendor of this beautiful River, its healing currents pushing me along in complete freedom.

This beautiful and living gift from our Father heals every wound and fills every void with complete peace and joy. This beautiful and perfect river sings a perfect melody, which makes my soul sing praises to our Father, our God Jehovah. How, I love this river; and in great freedom, I dive deeper and deeper, living each moment caressed in the pure love of our Father’s creation. Precious Lord, tell me about this wondrous river."

"Child, it is straight from your Father; and it flows the length of heaven itself. And, as you swim it now, realize that you are on the outer edges of Heaven."

"My Lord, how often shall I be able to swim it?"

"Child, so long as you have the key to charity."

"What do you mean, My Lord?"

"So long as you practice love and forgiveness in the highest form, you will have the key to charity."

"Oh, my Precious Jesus, please, please, please help me to be worthy; for there is no other reason to live, save to do the will of our Father. You know, My Lord, how hard this journey is and how others seem to come from nowhere in deception. But I know that I must forgive them and pray for them, that their souls do not go down into the Pits, and that they find and know you, My Beloved Lord, before it is too late."

"Yes, My Little One, I know that your journey is difficult and that others have tried to hurt you; but forgive them and pray for them every day, lest they surely wind up in the Pits. For, some have come across your path, who love a lie. They are tools of Lucifer. Child, abhor their works of darkness, but love their lost souls, as Mother Teresa has loved them. However, do not allow them to control you or to stop my works through you, Child. And, remember that I am with you in all things. Now, Little One, as you find yourself back on the sands far down in the River, you will see a treasure chest beside you. Open this chest and take out its contents."

"My Lord, I open it and see that the chest is loaded with all manner of jewelry. I see a pearl necklace and other kinds of rings and bracelets. I am not sure why this is here, as you know that I no longer care much for jewelry."

"Yea, Child, but this is not the jewelry that you have on earth."

"Then, what is it, My Lord?"

"Child, this is heavenly jewelry. Eat it."

"Eat it?"

"As I have said, ‘Eat it.’"

"Very well, My Lord, I take this pearl necklace in hand and fill my mouth with it. I bite down on it and hear it crunching beneath my teeth. The pearls have turned into small rocks and they fill my mouth, which seem to have the shape of diamonds. On closer inspection, I see that this is true. As on previous occasions, I ingest them and realize that they are filling me with sparking, white light. I reach for a bracelet and eat it in like manner. Then, I pick up an assortment of jewelry, eating it piece by piece, until I have finally eaten every piece. Many varied explosions erupt within me and I look down to see that words within them spell, ‘Heavenly Knowledge and Wisdom.’ All these explosions have brought great light into me and have brought a pure radiance. The last item in the treasure box is a very small box, which is neatly wrapped. As I begin to unwrap the box, I suddenly realize that the river has cast me out, and I am sitting in a small room. I am in the living room of a small house on a hill. A friendly poodle named Bozo nuzzles my ankle; and I pick him up in my arms as we both look out across the hills and valleys. A misty fog prevails outside and a fire burns in the fireplace. Above the fireplace is the date, April 1999. My Lord, where am I?"

"Your new home."

"Please tell me more."

"This is a gift from your Father. Be at peace, Child, and know that your needs have been provided for. Even now, this provision has been made. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of November, 1998,
Linda Newkirk


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