From the Mountain, Book IV

Page Four Continues

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus; and this day I bathe you in My glory. I take your burdens and make your journey light. Fear not, My Child, how you shall make it, what you shall do, or where you shall go. Remember the birds of the fields. And, let go of your sorrow for the choices of others. What you see is open rebellion against Me. Today rebellion, tomorrow strong drink, prostitution and porno. For, rebellion brings darkness. This, as you know."

"Yes, My Lord; for I lived in the midst of it so many years and am only free by your loving grace."

"My Child, the goats are separated from My Sheep. Remember: My Sheep are humble and teachable."

"Yes, My Lord, but a part of me is very sad about what I see in others."

"Child, you can do nothing save pray. And, you know how to do this."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Now, Child, see yourself atop My Holy Mountain with a holy angel. You shall take a journey today. Write as seen and given."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, enter through the plain tent and then through the open door to My Inner Sanctum. Then, pick up the book on the small table."

"My Lord, I have this book, and it is labeled ‘My Journal’, undersigned by ‘Jesus, Lord of Earth.’"

"Very well, Child, go to Page Four and record what you see."

"My Lord, The Book opens to Page Four and I see Turkish dancers, or some kind of Arabic dancers. I even hear bagpipes playing; and this is a strange combination."

"Yea, Child, to you, but not to me."

"My Lord, I follow the line of dancers to a small tent and in the tent I see Queen Elizabeth, who is conversing with Saddam Hussein. On the table before them is a crystal ball; and the Queen says, ‘What kind of weather shall we have today?" "I don’t’ know," Hussein replies. "Very well," the Queen says, "let us reload past midnight. In the darkness of the new moon, they shall not see. But, we shall see." "Yes," Hussein says, "this is so."

"Then, My Lord, the dancers are gone. Even the tent has vanished; and I see only an aircraft carrier out at sea. It is anchored; and I see soldiers scurrying and unloading boxes labeled ‘guns and ammo.’ Also, I see missiles and several large bombs. ‘This is top secret,’ the Queen says. ‘Not even my advisors know.’ ‘Oh, yes, Hussein says, ‘No one must know.’"

"Then, My Lord, I see a mad-made star; and it is blinking over Syria. Suddenly, a man appears beneath the star and his name is ‘Backstabber and Conman.’ He carries a pistol with a long barrel bearing the words, ‘Dead Man’s Paradise.’ Backstabber wears black knee pants with a white ruffled shirt, his eyes as black as coal; and he taps the heels of his ebony shoes, one, two, three times. Each time they come together, they create a spark; and with each spark rats scamper hither and yon. On the backs of the rats are the words, ‘Saddam’s Men.’"

Backstabber exudes darkness, but he is crafty, wise as the old owl and as dangerous as the most poisonous of serpents. When he opens his mouth, his teeth drip blood and on the blood are the words, ‘Red with the Blood of the Saints.’ ‘I howl at the moon,’ Backstabber says.

‘I break the neck of Cuba,
And destroy the arm of Castro.
I knee the Russian bear in the stomach;
And cause it to vomit blood.
I gouge out the eyes of China;
And I own Israel.
The Jew is me!
Hee hee!
See, see!
I own the whore
That bore the man with the plan
To save the necks of the sheep.
Poo, poo on you
If you believe in things unseen.
Believe in me;
And see firsthand my power.
I am God.

And, he raises his hands and summons a line of clones, their skin as white as pure chalk, a stark contrast to their dark and piercing black eyes.

‘I hide in the shadows,’ says Backstabber;
And when they are complacent,
Slow or unsuspecting,
I pounce.
See poor Israel.
See England.
See France,
Germany and more.
See Greece,Italy, and Bermuda.
Poor Bermuda,
It is all mine!
They think they’re wise,
T he UN –Nited Nations;
But what fools!.
No one can lie
And deceive like me.
I have many ages
Of stealth and deception.
No one can compare to me!
Hee, hee!’

"My Lord, in your holy name, I call down curses upon this evil, to bind it and shut it up!"

"Oh, Child, I shall do more than this. And, even though many shall die; and many saints shall come home, bathe in eternal victory over this evil, others of you shall remain behind to be a great sore in the side of this evil. For, I shall blind them to your presence. They will look at you and not see you, listen to you and not hear you. Yea, I shall confound them. Believe me, Child, you hear the words of a babbling fool. For, he believes that he usurps the power of God, when in fact he does only what your Father allows. I am the victor; and those, who follow Me, who believe in and trust Me, are saved from this evil, whether in life or death. See, Child?"

"Oh, yes, My Lord, I know this to be true. My Lord, about the arms dealings between the Queen and Hussein. Is she going to give him arms?"

"Child, she has sold them covertly already."


"To help whip you."

"But, why My Lord?"

"So, she can rule the world."

"My Lord, this does not make sense; as she now fights in this war."

"My Child, much has been done, which does not make sense. You need to know that when the weapons were sold, she did not anticipate being a part of this war."

"As you say, My Lord, their plans shall not come out as they think; and each shall turn on the other in their quest for world control. Changing the subject somewhat, My Lord, I read recently of the possibility that the Church of England may change their doctrine so that Charles can marry Camilla. He is divorced and as I understand it, this church policy forbids him to be king."

"Yes, Child, you see this; but it will not work. Do you believe that Charles will be king?"

"My Lord, you have shown problems in this."

"Child, a great anger is stirred up in England and Great Britain, even around the world toward the Queen. For, it is known that she orchestrated the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi. Your Father shall raise the ire of the masses against Charles and Camilla; and the Church of England will be closed in a short while. Have you not seen this?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"I ask you again, My Lord, ‘Will there be a war between the USA and Iraq this month?’ I fear that I have seen wrong."

"Your fears are known; and I know that you wish to make no assumptions; but look at the letter before you. Open the tab on the letter and pull out the contents."

"My Lord, I pull out a large paper gun with a white flag attached, bearing the words, ‘Peace Efforts Failed.’ On the other side of the flag are the words, ‘Hussein caught with large cash of arms.’ Does this happen in October?"

"Child, look on the boots of the US soldier before you. What do you see?"

"My Lord, on the boots of the soldier, I see a door, which pops open. Behind the door is a flap, which also opens as it is pushed open by a large spring. Atop the spring is a heavy piece of metal, which radiates a great amount of light. This light blinds me for a moment, but I am able to reach out and touch this piece of metal. On this piece of metal is October 1998. So, the USA will go to war with Hussein in October of ’98?"

"You have seen this date."

"And, we are being pulled into this somehow by the Queen?"

"Have you not seen this?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"But, Child, remember the falling out between the Queen and Clinton. And remember past visions of illegal arms sales?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, remember that much double-dealing and sneaking is going on. They are all cutthroats; they lie and steal, and none of them can be trusted."

"My Lord, You are the Light of my life. Have your will in my life and in all things."

"Child, you are about to undergo great changes in your personal life. But, know that this must be. Trust in me. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of October 1998,
Linda Newkirk


Note: ON the 31st of October 1998, Saddam Hussein was once more defiant in his position towards the UN inspectors. No one knew where this would lead; and we were poised to invade him in November, but at the last minute, Our Father intervened in this war. However, lasting peace was not to continue in this region, with an invasion by the United Stated and English forces coming about only a very few weeks later. This war continues, an undeclared war.

And, if you are keeping up, you see US allies among the Arab States diminishing and more of them calling for a halt to the bombings within the no-fly zone. Iraq no longer recognizes any agreements with the United Nations and is being pumped up by a number of her Arab neighbors, and by Russia, China and others. This is no longer a war concerning the USA, England and Iraq, but has become a hotbed for global war. And, we shall see this war escalate ever further, unless our Father intervenes with a miracle. But, I have doubts as to whether this shall ever come to pass, as the USA is going to be judged for its role in aggression and its support of Clinton’s abominable behavior, which seems to come to light more and more each day.


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