From the Mountain, Book IV


The Pirate and the Chicken

"My Precious Child, Holy is the name of your Father, and mighty is His will. Be reverent to Him at all times, taking many occasions throughout the day to humble yourself in deep prayer and thanksgiving for His mercy and love. For, in and through Him is your safekeeping. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord, I do; and I love you and our Father with all my heart."

"This is known, my Child; and I also bow down to our Father, who is full of love and unending mercy."

"My Lord, I remain concerned about the war with Iraq."

"Child, as you know there is a great valley marked in the sand; and as you stand now with your back slightly to Iraq (after the truce in November), you will receive a blow in your back from elsewhere."

"From whom?"

"From China."

"Please tell me more, My Lord."

"It shall come through fraud and deceit." (As I edit this on April 01, 1999, I am aware of so much that has come to pass about China. When Our Lord gave this, we did not know about the spy case at Los Alamos or of the implications of government wrongdoing reportedly included in the 700 page Cox Report.)


"Child, let us go high upon My Mountain and look."

"My Lord, I am here high upon the ledge of your Mountain, and in my hand is the humility key. I fit the key into the lock of the door before me and it opens easily. As I open it, I am suddenly swept through the door by a mighty rushing current of water. My Lord, the River of Life has caught me up in its current; but I am not afraid. The water glistens all around me like glass, but it does not feel like glass. Rather, it is like being amidst the purest of energies, which wash me through and through. I know that I am many feet under the water, but I feel very calm and soothed. The hallway is beneath me and I am floating down, down, down to Door Five. A key drifts upward toward my hands and on it are the words, ‘Jesus is the key.’ I grasp the key and open Door Five, entering a room, which is bathed in pure, radiant white; and before me is the desk with the knob. Shall I sit?"

"Yes, Child."

"My Lord, I sit and the desk bathed in feelings of calm, peace, love and joy; and I am comforted."

"Child, look at your hands."

"My Lord, I am looking and them and they are shedding skin. The skin falls off and suddenly disintegrates, leaving my hands aglow with a radiant white light. Tell me what is going on."

"Child, what you see is what you get."

"What do You mean?’

"Child, you have received a powerful anointing this day, which has allowed you to reach these depths. Without this anointing, you could not come here."

"So, the skin means away with the old?’

"Yes, indeed. And, remember, Child, that as you progress your Father demands much. Do you understand?"

"Yes, My Lord, I understand; but at times life is so very hard. There are so many trials at times that I do not know how I shall go on, save through your miraculous hand."

"Child, Book IV will require more of you than Book III, which required more of you than Book II and so on. Understand?" (This has been true, as so many things have come to bear, over which I have had little control. Indeed, finishing this book has been really difficult.)

"Yes, My Lord."

"Now, Child, turn the knob once to the right; and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I turn the knob as you direct; and immediately I see Fidel Castro sitting at a table lighting a cigar. As he lights the cigar, I hear a crackling and I see a lot of smoke as the cigar blows up. Then, a flag drops from the remnants of the smoking cigar and hangs there. On the triangular flag are the words, ‘Cuba in trouble, Better red than dead!’ Castro now stands with the smoking cigar/flag talking with a Chinese leader, who is clearly dressed in military attire; and Castro is taking money from him. I understand that the Chinese is giving Castro money for a piece of land bought in Cuba by the Red Chinese. I am sensing that this move is one of retaliation about the Taiwan/USA negotiations."

"Child, this is so."

"And, the space, which the Chinese have bought is for storage of long-range nuclear weapons, which can reach far into Canada and of course all over the USA. There are and shall be all kinds of nerve gases, chemical weapons, and destructive missiles and bombs. Cuba is a stopping point for the Chinese in their plans to invade the USA. My Lord, how long has this been going on?"

"Child, long enough for them to have a secret base in Cuba. And, their subs are still landing there at night and unloading."

"So, our government does not know?"

"They do not know the depth of it; and if they did know they would keep it from the American people. Remember who runs your government."

"Yes, My Lord, the Germans, the Royals, the Rockefellers and other communists. But, My Lord, what fools they are. For, when we the citizens go, they go!"

"Yes, My Child, they will go. One, by one, these, who love evil, will be brought down. The situation may seem hopeless, but your Father is in charge; and these evil ones are able to do only as He permits. And, know Child, that they shall see their plans fall in over and over because of the prayers of the righteous. And, Lucifer knows this and for this reason he will try to get rid of all, who are righteous. But, he shall never be able to do this; for your Father shall blind him and his to many of you; and you shall be spared in great numbers. For, you Father loves you!"

"So, this situation in Iraq has steadily blown up to a near war situation, which has taken so much of our time and energy; and while we are focusing on this, the Chinese are down in Cuba stabbing us in the back. All the while, we are making them rich so that they can invade us."

"Yes, My Child, but this is not all."

"What else?"

"Turn the knob once more and write what you see on the screen."

"My Lord, I turn the knob again and I see a bunch of pirates on a street. The street is muddy; and the buildings look like the Wild West in the 1800s. Many people are mingling on the streets; but I am drawn to a particular pirate, who has a tin cup in one hand, filled with a few coins. And, in his other hand he has a dead chicken with no feathers, which he is holding upside down by his feet. The pirate keeps saying over and over, ‘A penny for your thoughts.’ Now and then, a person walks by and puts a penny into the tin cup and it makes a sound like money put into a soft drink machine."

"Then, the scene changes and I see Bill Clinton at a table talking with a man, who is called ‘Rothschild to the Core." Bill wears his usual smile, joking and laughing; but the countenance of the man bears frowns and derision. He is stiff, rigid and unmovable. Now and then, the Rothschild man gets up and looks out the window; and from the buildings outside, I can see that they are in Washington DC."

"‘I tell you, Bill,’ the man says. ‘Things are getting really bad; and there is a lot of pressure on me. I cannot afford to be seen with you. If they see me here, it is curtains.’ ‘Oh, I understand,’ says Bill. ‘The Cuban Accord is something we will have to live with. But, listen, do you have a smoke?’ ‘Sure,’ says the rigid man; and he gives Bill a cigarette called ‘The Ex-Post Facto Law.’ Bill smokes the cigarette quickly even into the stinky filter."

"‘Don’t you know when to quit boy? That’s your problem!’ ‘What do you mean?’ Bill asks. ‘Well,’ says the Rothschild man, ‘You have bitten the hand, which feeds you.’ ‘How so?’ says Bill? ‘See the ring,’ the Rothschild man says. ‘Sure,’ says Bill."

"’Well,’ says the Rothschild man, ‘Do you know that the ring is made of gold; and it shall not be broken. You should not have bitten the hand. The ring is solid; and you are out, Mister.’ ‘Well, what can I do to get back in?’ Clinton pleads. ‘Oh, this won’t happen,’ reveals the Rothschild man. Never again will you be IN!’ ‘Why,’ pleads Clinton? ‘Well,’ says the man; ‘you are damaged goods; and you have bitten the hand with the ring. ‘But, why is this ring so important that it cannot forgive?" begs Clinton. ‘Oh, this ring never forgives! The Luciferian ring does not forgive!’"

"And, suddenly the Rothschild man turns into a red dragon, which hisses and blows steam from its nostrils. The red dragon then turns sharply, taking its tail and scraping Clinton off the table. Clinton finds himself on the floor holding a rag doll. On the ragdoll are the words, ‘pieces of my life.’ The old doll is worn and tattered with no eyes and little hair. It has holes burned into its torso and the stuffing is coming out of its belly. Clinton grabs the doll as if it is his only friend; and he begins to weep. A great shower begins to fall on Clinton called the ‘Rain of Despair;’ and slowly the scene with Clinton disappears revealing the old pirate with the tin cup and the dead chicken out on the street begging for money."

"My Lord, who is this pirate and what is the significance of the dead chicken?"

"Child, pull up the right pants leg of the pirate and remove the tiny booklet. Read what is written."

"My Lord, I have the booklet and it is very old, filled with dust and old, dead skin from the pirate’s leg. As I open the book I see words on various pages and this is what I see. The first page says, ‘Danger is as Danger does. The second page says, ‘I have a crick in my neck.’ The third page says, ‘Crooked ways seem right.’ The fourth page says, ‘A blocked colon and a blocked artery, but no one knows.’ The fifth page says, "Innuendo and cover-up, these destroyed Bill Clinton.’ The sixth page says, ‘A lie is a lie is a lie.’ The seventh page says, ‘Blusterous blunders shall plague those, who love darkness.’ The eighth page has no words, but I see a spotted dog lapping up milk: and I hear the tune of ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home.’ The ninth page says. ‘Jimmeny Cricket was here;’ and I see the cricket eating newspaper. And, the tenth and last page has no writing, only a swirling, black hole. As the black hole swirls round and round, the pirate scene totally disappears, leaving only blackness. My Lord, I know that there is much as regards this vision."

"Yes, My Child, but we shall stop for today. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of December, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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