From the Mountain, Book IV


The Pirate and the Chicken Continued

"My Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You have prayed long and hard this morning, much of it in tongues; and you have no idea what you have said, but part of it, My Child, is that your Father in Heaven intervene in the government of your country with His will. My Precious Child, this is a much-needed prayer; for your country is slipping into slavery more every day. Your constitution has been sidestepped for some time and your are under United Nations rule, which most of you do not know. Why else would the Germans, who fly low planes over your soil and say that they are not subject to your laws? Child, if the average person knew of the evil, which is being plotted against each of you, they would pick up pans, ball bats, or anything they could find and they would converge on the secret elite. They would storm your congress and take over your government. But, they do not know because the workers of darkness work in secret; and because of this you do not know of their evil plans. Germany is already the undisputed ruler of the world; and they continue quietly buying up the world’s great wealth. It is Germany, who pushes for annihilation of every human in Africa; and it is Germany, who sends fake drugs and lethal poisons into Africa with the intent of furthering the spread of disease and the killing of innocent people. Child, it is Germany, who has inoculated these poor African peasants with any number of diseases, and the Germans are behind the shipments of military equipment into Africa, so that they can kill one another. ‘Why,’ you ask, Child? Because Germany wishes to own Africa, and to be able to add it to their vast material reserves."

"But, Child, all does not go as planned for the Germans. ‘For, I am going to cause a plague of great proportions among some of the German elite,’ says your Father. I am going to ravage them with burning eyes and burning skin; and I am going to shut down their immune systems. The Rothschilds shall not be immune, for I shall hit them one by one,’ says your Father Jehovah. ‘They have put a hand on My Loved Ones with the intent to destroy every one of you. But, I shall not give you over readily to the wolves, so long as a substantial number of you fast and pray. For, My Righteous are My feet. They are My eyes and ears. They are My arms in a world, where darkness could easily win. I am bringing up a few,’ says your Father, who shall not be moved!’"

"Little One, the greedy, who run your country and the world, hope to hit you broadside with this war. They will know when it is coming and will have their dwelling places and assets elsewhere. But, your Father has a few surprises for the proud and haughty; and all shall not go for them as planned."

"Praises to You, My Beloved Father and Precious Jesus. Bring down this evil and raise up the Righteous. Tear down the television networks of the world, which act to suppress the truth and to keep us in darkness. And, be with us, Precious Lord; for this war for the souls of all grows in intensity with each passing day!"

"Yea, Child, but before this month is up, your Father shall cause many to wake up and to look and listen. As regards North Korea, you shall not come out of this problem unscathed. Now, My Little One, you have questions about the prophecies of the 2nd of December?’

"Yes, My Lord, shall we go upon your Holy Mountain?"

"Child, look around you; for you are upon My Mountain. I have brought you back to Room Five. Sit in the chair provided and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I am here behind the door surrounding by radiant white, which radiates with the Light of God. As I sit in the chair, I feel the area beneath me shaking and rumbling as if an earthquake is taking place. A door opens within the white rocks and someone emerges, wearing an old tattered robe of humility. He gets down on his knees and motions for me to place my feet in a small tub of steaming water."

"Allow this, Child."

"He takes off my old, ragged shoes and places my feet in the small tub, where he gently bathes and anoints my feet with an aromatic oil. ‘Frankincense and Myrrh,’ he says. The scent lingers in the air and I feel so refreshed and pure. My Lord, this was an act of love and I am so deeply humbled. His soul is so precious, My Lord."

"Child, I sent him as you have been ill and you need this, My Little One."

"Yes, My Lord, I have been ill and am so grateful for this act of love. I feel the power of the anointing as it moves up my legs and fills me; and I burst into tears, for this work is often so hard and I feel so alone it. I am so deeply humbled, My Lord, by Your abiding love and I cannot stop crying for I am bathed in your love and mercy."

"Yes, My Child, this is known; but be alert to the task at hand. For, there is much to do."

Suddenly, I feel very awake and focused, aware and ready to continue. ‘I am ready, My Lord," aware of many angels all around and so very thankful for their love."

"Child, look who comes."

"My Lord, I do not believe that I have ever seen a picture of this man, but I know that this is Dumutri Duduman. He comes rushing through the white rocks from an area, which is lit up with a great amount of light. He kneels beside me, begging me to tell his wife something and his words sound like comstock. I am not sure I heard this right. ‘Please tell my family that I love them more than ever and intercede for them always.’ My Lord, I know that he wants to say more, but for some reason this is not allowed."

"Child, it is not allowed; for I have much to cover with you and you are still feeling poorly."

"Yes, My Lord, this is so. I do have many questions about the pirate and the vision of Dec. 2nd, 1998. Tell me My Lord, who is the pirate and what is the chicken?"

"Child, look on the pirate’s back."

"My Lord, it says, ‘USSR.’"

"You know, My Lord, that most would say that there is no USSR."

"Yes, My Little One, but it is running strong."

"So, the USSR is the beggar, but what is the chicken?"

"The chicken is the military of the USSR."

"But, it has no feathers and is dead."

"Child, they would have you believe all this; but remember the Red Rooster from a previous prophecy. It is very much alive."

"My Lord, tell me about the Wild West scene."

"Child, this is what Russia looks like today, a country, which is about 100 years behind the USA in many ways. They have always wanted to own the USA; and the Germans have helped build them up to attack you. So have the Rockefellers and the Royals. They have been of one accord."

"But, is this still so?"

"Child, they are battling bitterly among themselves. For, those, who love Lucifer, love a lie. And, none of them can trust the other. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"So, the beggar gets the coin and with it we see that the image changes to show Clinton and the Rothschilds and we find that Clinton is dumped from the "R" inner circle."

"It has been done."

"And, Clinton will not get a UN job?"

"He is a liability to them."

"So, the Red Dragon sweeps him away from the table?"

"It does."

"My Lord, why does the pirate say, ‘A penny for your thoughts?’"

"Child, look on the penny and see what it says."

"My Lord, it says, ‘I steal what I want.’"

"How does this relate to thoughts?"

"They steel thoughts."

"Yes, indeed!"


"Through theft."

"In other words, they can read people’s minds?"

"They have perfected a way."

"Perfected it?"

"Yes, Child; and they have been highly accurate at it."

"How, My Lord."

Through a technology they have been working on for years."

"For real?"

"’Tis so."

"They scheme to make us all slaves; and we shall not survive this without your hands upon us. I beg you, My Lord, to bring this evil to naught, lest they make slaves of every person on this planet. Burn them with the works of their hands and shut the door on this evil!"

"Oh, they shall burn alright; and your Father shall blow up their labs."


"Oh, yes!"

"How does this work?"

"Through study and interpretation of electronic impulses."

"Where are these labs?"

"Slovenia and Leningrad."

"My Lord, this goes far beyond eavesdropping."

"Far beyond. But, they must be able to receive these impulses."

"So, how do they do this?"

"By locking a beam onto you."

"What kind of beam?"

"An electronic beam."

"How can one avoid this beam?"

"Hide behind metal. It will disperse the beam."

"Is this being carried out all over the USA?"

"No. Only against their targets; but they have infiltrated your country and this is going on regularly."

"My Lord, I am still amazed!"

"Child, remember that you live in the very last days before My return; and Lucifer has used the minds of many to create things, which they would have never created on their own."

"So, if they can read thoughts, mind control must be fairly easy for them."

"My Child, the Luciferians have developed the whole business of mind control into quite an art. Many are implanted with mind control implants, even your president and many, many in congress. However, their weapons of mind control do not always work as they forget about the ‘X’ factors."

"What are the ‘X’ factors?"

"Divine intervention and free will."

"My Lord, this is slavery of the most subtle kind; and it is almost too bizarre to grasp."

"Fear not, My Child, but rest on Me and on your Father Jehovah. Your prayers and fasts can destroy all their systems. The prayers of the Righteous can bring about many miracles!"

"My Lord, destroy this evil in your precious name! Cause it to blow up in their faces! It is a curse upon every soul!"

"Yes, My Child, it is a Luciferian curse upon the people. He wishes to destroy every Godly soul; but fear not, My Children. For, the power of God is with you and it shall bring down this evil, bit by bit until all is gone."

"I trust in you, My Lord, for all things. And I beg that the will of God be done as regards their plans to make us all slaves. Be with us, My Lord, and empower those, who love You and serve You. For, our time draws short and we need you now more than ever. Now, My Lord, I know that there is much more regarding the vision of the 2nd of December and I know that we need to proceed. Tell me more about the Chinese build-up in Cuba and about Bill Clinton’s awareness of this?"

"He knows, alright; but will not talk for now as his life is on the line."

"You mean, they would kill him?"

"As they did Kennedy."

"You mean, the Rothschilds would?"

"The whole Luciferian bunch would."

"My Lord, back to the pirate’s booklet, please explain to me the significance of the writing of the pages."

"Proceed, Child."

"Danger is as Danger does."

"Look at the bottom of the page and pull out the small slide. What do you see?"

"I see a Russian with earphones; and he is listening to a conversation between Bill Clinton and a senator. This Senator is the man from Virginia, whom Elizabeth Taylor was married to."

"I don’t have any change in my pocket," Bill says. "I will call you back." And, Bill opens his pockets to show that he really does hot have any money. But, as he gets to the bottom of his back pocket, he finds a wooden coin; and on this coin is the face of Monica Lewinsky. Beneath her face are the words, ‘Monica is a wooden nickel.’ I don’t get it, My Lord."

"No, Child, you do not; but think, ‘Danger is as danger does.’"

"You mean that the danger has to do with Monica."

"Child, the danger has to do with Clinton and mind control and Monica."

"You mean that this thing about Monica and Bill Clinton involves some sort of mind control?"

"It does."

"Like they know that Bill is a sex maniac, so they somehow pushed him to move on his basic nature."

"There has most definitely been a Luciferian push toward Clinton’s area of weakness."

"And, they pounded away at him through these implants?"


"What about Linda Tripp? Was she under mind control?"

"More than you will ever know."

"What a mess!"

"Child, Washington is a hot area for implants and mind control of every kind."

"So, ‘Danger is as Danger does means…"

"Child, look at the yield sign before the White House and see the policeman with white gloves stopping traffic and sending them one way or the other. Well, suppose that the vehicles ignored the policeman with the whistle and just turned this way or that way with no recognition of the policeman or the sign. What would happen?"


"Well, this is what has happened with Bill Clinton. He has ignored the danger signs from the Russians and others. He has ignored as well the signals of his internal policeman, which guide him to make decisions based on right versus wrong. Fed by mind control and mind reading, Bill Clinton has disregarded your laws; Your enemy continues to bombard and control him; and Bill is a prisoner of your enemy with no sense of right and wrong; so, he continues to bow down to them to save his own neck. Now, My Child, we shall stop for today, but shall pick up with the visions of the 2nd of December next time. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of December, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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