From the Mountain, Book IV


Inside the Red Rooster and More

"Precious Child, I am Master Jesus, your friend, counsel, and yea your Savior. For, I come to teach, and to bring freedom and wholeness; but I come also to bring the sword. Many think that the Evil One has an unbridled hand, but remember: he does only what your Father in Heaven allows; for your Father is Supreme."

"When you see evil come up against you, fear not. For, so it has been in all the days of the prophets. But, I shall protect you and yours, Child. Listen to me and do as I say; and I will hide you. They shall search for you; but they shall not find you, even forgetting about you in time; for the evil ones shall suffer many losses as their elaborate plans crumble and become as chaff in the wind."

"Now, Child, see that you are upon the heights of My Mountain. You hold in your hands a sphere with many holes; and through these holes shines great light. Throw the ball of light on Jakarta Indonesia; and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I see the bright, radiant ball of light flying through the air making quite a show until it disappears as a tiny speck. I watch it as it hits Jakarta and a great explosion of light erupts. Then, I see Bill Clinton sitting and communing with an oriental."

"Oh, don’t worry," Bill Clinton says. "It is just another scandal. Give them ten days and they will forget." The oriental man…"

"Child, he is the president of Indonesia."

The President of Indonesia has a map, which he is looking at as he speaks to Clinton. And, he says, "Well, Hong Kong looks strong and Japan is holding its own. But, what will happen to us?

"See the money tree," says Bill Clinton.

"Yes," says the Indonesian President.

"Well, have no fear," Clinton says. "For, I hold the money tree. Leave it to me and I will see that you do not fall like the others. Do you see?"

"I see," says the President of Indonesia. "You’re the man with the plan for the re-arranging of the world economy and if we believe, we cannot be deceived. For, your plan for the reorganization of the world economy will work unless, of course, the Jamaican leaves or the Saudi moves. Then, there’s trouble on the double. Right, Mr. President?"

"Well, we’will not worry about the poor; for this plan makes every man equal. We’re all the same. Right, Mr. Pres.?"

"Oh, this will work, alright, a plan like this. Each like the other, no rich no poor. This will work, of course, of course."

"Then, My Lord, this image disappears."

"Yes, Child, but this is not all. Continue on."

"My Lord, near me is a most beautiful, perfect, radiant angel. This angel touches me on the shoulder and then touches the Star of David on my chest. As the angel touches the star, the star says, "Israel, Israel, Israel, pain and sorrow. Israel, Israel, Israel, hear the rumble." Then, My Lord, I look before me to see a big man in a suit, like a band man; and he is banging on a very large drum, which resonates loudly. Who is this man?"

"Child, look on his rear end; and read what you see."

"My Lord, I see Nikita Khruschev at a table building tin soldiers; but I don’t understand why."

"Child, what part do you not understand?"

"All of it."

"Well, look at his left leg. What do you see?"

"I see Fidel Castro hidden in Khruschev’s sock and Castro has a gun."

"What more do you see?"

"On Khruschev’s same leg I see a cut; and blood is running down his leg’ but the blood does not get on Castro. Please explain this."

"Child, now look at Khruschev; and tell me what you see."

"I see that Khruschev’s face looks exactly like that of Boris Yeltsin, but he is not building toy soldiers. Instead, he is drinking booze from a gallon jug, and he looks very drunk. His eyes are bloodshot and when he opens his mouth, I see frogs in his throat croaking. He is smoking a cigarette. Smoke is coming from his ears; and his eyes are closed tightly, as if they are steel traps. My Lord, tell me more about this."

"Child, do you see the Caspian Sea out the window before him?"

"Yes, My Lord; and on the sea are the words, ‘All is well, sleep on.’ But, I don’t understand.’"

"Child, look to the right on the floor."

"My Lord, I see a red rooster and it is fat and healthy. On its back are the words, "I am communism." The rooster is eating from a large pile of grain, which says, ‘Fed by the USA.’ Every now and then the rooster pecks the right foot of Yeltsin, but he does not seem to notice. Perhaps, his foot is numb from the alcohol; but I also see that it is swollen and infected. Yeltsin is in trouble."

"Yea, Child; look behind him."

"My Lord, I see a bandit on a black horse wearing a black bandana on his face; and on the bandana are the words, ’Arabs ready for war.’ But, My Lord, I still do not understand this."

"Nay, Child, you do not, but look before Yeltsin on the table."

"My Lord, it is a map of the USA and on it are many Xs. Yeltsin is not paying much attention to this map, but suddenly the rooster jumps up and begins to peck at the map. Inside the rooster, I see many men sitting around a table and before them is a plan called the Red Plan. On the Red Plan are the words, ‘UN Takeover.’ And on the bottom of The Plan are some numbered phrases. This is what I see: 1.Sicily is ours; 2. The UN is ours; 3. The USA is dead and is ours; 4. The Carnival King is mean and he is dead; 5. Better red than dead, but few shall see that blue is one too. The Royals are red; 6. China is big and think they’re secure, but china shall fall from within from hunger, famine and disease. China will go. 7. The Trade Winds must stop. No more trade. There is one way, the Red Way. 8. Death and disease will kill the millions, and we’ll starve the billions, and control the masses through lethal injections. 9. Strong is the arm of Russia. It will rule over Galapagos, from Spain to Maine, from the Red Sea to Timbuktu; 10. Russia, Ruler of the world.

Next, I hear the leader of the communists say, "Death to the USA. We have them surrounded. They are confounded by our lies and our smears. Our tactics have worked and they think we’re asleep; but they are the ones, who are asleep. And, in their sleep, they shall die!"

"Well, My Lord, I sense the Communist takeover of Russia at hand. Yeltsin is drunk and blind and his leg is infected, but why is his left leg bleeding?"

"Child, he is wounded."

"By whom?"

"Who is behind him?"

"The Arabs."

"Then, ‘tis so. The Arabs have wounded him."

"And, what is going on with Castro?"

"Castro is hiding out in Yeltsin’s leg."

"My Lord, I see this, but I don’t understand it."

"Child, Castro is on Yeltsin’s side, but you know and I know that he is a survivor. Even though Yeltsin is bleeding, his blood will not touch Castro. However, when the Russian Red Rooster takes over, which has been fed by USA resources, Castro will crow right along beside it."

"My Lord, I have seen the two large Russians submarine fleets, one around AK and the other in the North Atlantic; but, Russian troops are building to the South of the USA."

"Yes, indeed, My Child; you have been looking for them in Russia, but they are building to the South of you and preparing for your invasion. So, be warned."

"My Lord, what of the war with Iraq, which is supposed to begin in October of this year?"

"Child, see the horses out of the barn."

"Yes, My Lord."

"See the writing on their rear ends, which reads ‘Iraq-Bound."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Now, Child, you ask about the Stock Market in the USA. Watch for a downward swing around the 10th of October. Several financial institutions within the USA will fall in the month of October. This will be caused by gambling and poor loans. Watch also for the Market in Tokyo to have more problems. Hong Kong more darkness and Russia more financial devastation. Child, your Father is going to bring about a worldwide crash in financial institutions and you will not escape this. One of the reasons Bill Clinton starts the war is to increase more faith in the government and better finances; but your slight rise shall be short-lived. See the train, which is steaming. Its whistle is blowing; and the conductor says, "All aboard. And Bill Clinton, Hillary and Chelsea get on the train. On their tickets are the words, ‘last ride.’"

"Yes, My Lord, I see all this."

"Then, Child, know that this job is the last political ride for the Clintons. Bill will die first, but Hillary will not be far behind. She, too, has many political enemies. They will not be needed in a government of world communism. They are playing with dangerous enemies and you will see what I have said come to pass. Bill will go first, but not long after the wars begin to tear down the USA. Watch for an indication of what is to come by 7 of ’99. Hillary will not stand a chance after this. You will see. Now, Child, be at peace in Me this day and go under My protection and love. I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of September 1998
Linda Newkirk



Prophecies Fulfilled

A note to remember: We have seen some of these prophecies come to pass already. The financial crisis in Indonesia is still on-going. Indeed, there have been great food shortages and political unrest in this small country because of the crash of their financial markets. Just today on Feb 26th, 1999 as I was typing the above prophecy for Book IV, I read on CNN about the terrible famines in Indonesia. Truly, they can starve the poor people and make all as one and one as all.

An atheistic Jew by the name of Soros admitted his part in crashing the markets in several Asian countries, even playing a role in the manipulation of the market in Russia. Yet, he hides behind his "good" works to keep others from seeing his evil. Woe is to this lying man and to his evil works.

In the week of the 10th of October, the NASDAQ hit its lowest for the year. Thinking that Our Lord was speaking of the Dow when he spoke of the above fall in the market, I questioned this October date. For the Dow fell to its lowest point in August. But, Our Lord made it clear in previous prophecies that he was speaking of the NASDAQ.

During this time, there were several financial institutions, which fell, just as Our Lord indicated. And, they did fall because of gambling away people’s money. We all heard about the infamous financial institutions and the billions the gambled away in "hedge funds." However, the FED and other private banking institutions came to their rescue, dishing out money to keep them afloat.

We also received word about stock market manipulation in the early morning hours at Wall Street by those, believed to be of the FED. They worked overtime to keep the market from going any lower, so as to maintain their own interests. Our Lord has told us that the stock market is manipulated and we got to see this firsthand in the fall of the market in 1998..

The market hit a low and started to rise again, as Our Lord states in the above prophecy. But, it is just a matter of time before the stock market meets with disaster. What we see on Wall Street is just part of the great delusion, part of the world-wide system of illusions set in place to deceive the people, attempting to keep everyone blind until the hammer of world Luciferian communism is put in place. Then, people, who have put all their saving in the market will be hit, just as in 1929, but this time much worse.

As far as Iraq is concerned, on the last day of October 1998, Saddam Hussein defiantly stood in the face of UN inspectors and denied them access to weapons facilities again. This defiance came to a head when the USA and Britain threatened invasion in November. But, because of our Father’s hand, Hussein changed his mind at the last minute in November and war was avoided. However, this agreement did not last very long and by December the USA and British forces had invaded Iraq.

We have seen that prayer and fasting by some of God’s faithful can bring about miracles, but the inevitable will not be delayed very long. Our Lord has made it clear that every day of peace is straight from God.

It is sad, indeed, that even now so many have mocked these few days of granted peace; and have become unbelieving that we have a merciful God. You have seen the miracle of Our Father’s postponing of the war with Kosovo in the fall of ’98; and you have seen Our Father intervene to stop war with Iraq at the last minute, also in the fall of ’98. But, I can assure you that His patience will not continue to be with us here in this country. For, the masses have ceased to become vigilant. The masses have come to love a liar (Bill Clinton) and what he can do for them. The masses are blinded by money and do not care how they get it. They have cashed in their values for love of that, which is expedient, regardless of what it is.

They chase after the wild life, love the lewd and lascivious and make their homes places of dwelling for every foul demon imaginable. They have forsaken the Lord Their God and go the way of the world.


This is for Your Soul

I tell you right now, My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, if the above fits you or any part of your life, wake up to who you are and what you are doing with your precious soul. You are on a spiritual journey and whether you realize this or not does not change the truth of it. Will you go the way of the masses, the broad way, or will you take the effort to fight the current and seek the straight and narrow.

Be assured that the straight and narrow is fraught with great trials. It is difficult and you might find yourself on this path alone. But, in this is the separating of the sheep from the goats. Through the great trials of this path comes the cleansing of your soul and the whitening of your spiritual robe. Your journey on this path will carry you to higher truths, to greater knowledge and wisdom of our Beloved Father and Savior.

You will never grow spiritually unless you make a conscious decision to love your Father with all your being and to put him first. He wants your heart and He wants you to love and honor His Precious Son, whom He has appointed to be Lord of Earth.

If you are tired of going around in circles, going nowhere in your life, you must realize that no one can do anything about this, but you. Only you can get off the Broad Way and get on the Straight and Narrow. It is the only Way, and there is none other. But, it requires a commitment from you to serve our Lord and Savior and to follow the commands of God. This path requires that you dedicate yourself to Our Lord each and every day and that at the end of the day, you give thanks for another day to be able to walk with Him. This walk requires that you persevere in the love and service of Our Lord, no matter how difficult life gets, persevering and seeking more and greater truths to be able to keep on climbing ever upward in Our Fathers truths, yes in His Light.

What kind of person are you? Are you a seeker of eternal truths? Or, are you satisfied to just drift along with the crowd. I tell you now that you do not have much time to decide. For, the gates of hell are swung open and hoards of demons are all about us, ready to push you and goad you until they have pushed you right into the dark pits of hell. This is the end-result of living and loving the world and pushing out the Presence of the Spirit of God. Yes, a life filled with darkness is the end-result of rejecting our Lord and Beloved Father.

The Way back home if fraught with many trials; but there is no other way. Our time is so very short; and sadly millions upon millions are caught up in the dark, rushing river, which is carrying them straight into the abyss, into the dark howling pits, where every creepy thing imaginable lives. Wake up! Wake up and get dedicated to Our Beloved Lord! Your time is limited!

Do not put off until tomorrow what you must do today! This day, get on your knees before Our Lord and Our God and beg forgiveness for forsaking them. Cry out to Our Lord Jesus to guide you in all things and to save you from the darkness, which awaits those, who go the Broad Way. Clean out your home of every porno tape, of every violent movie, of every book of lust! And repent! Be sorrowful deep within your heart for what you have done! Make a pledge to our Lord to stop doing those things, which you know to be wrong!

Did you know that every time you lust after someone, whether on a porno tape, a lewd film, or even at work you are committing adultery? This is right! You are committing adultery! Why? Because you lust in your heart, which has been created as the dwelling place of the Lord. You lust in your body, which is the temple of God. You lust in your soul, which is a gift from God; and you make take these, which Our Lord has given you to keep holy and you feed them to the dogs. You give them over to the demons for manipulation and control. And control they do. For, a demonic obsession is at the root of every porno addiction. Only God can deliver you from this prison.

Those, who commit adultery through porno, do not want to look deeply at their adulterous acts. They want to ignore the fact hat they have defiled their bodies, their souls, their hearts and minds. They do not want to see how they have lied to themselves about the darkness of their lives. This is Lucifer’s way. It is so very subtle.

Listen, My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, if this refers to you, look at what you are doing. Get in touch with your emotions. Get in touch with the dirty feelings and the darkness, which porno has brought into your life. Get in tough with the anger your feel toward yourself for deserting yourself; and get in touch with the guilt for letting yourself down. Then, get down on your knees and take your sorrow to our Precious Jesus. Beg him to forgive you and do not get back into this evil again. It makes the eye of your soul dark and you will lose your way. Please, I beg you. Come out of this darkness and come back to Our Beloved Lord. He is our only hope. Only He can break the obsessions of mind, emotion, body and spirit connected with porno. If you need prayer for this, write me with a sincere heart and I will pray for your deliverance.

Clean your houses of any violent films and stay away from horror films, such as Dracula movies, Stephen King films and so on. These are avenues by which demons can infiltrate your home and set up residence to stalk you and to control you. In the past, I have seen demons fly out of such films and Our Lord cautioned me against ever watching them again.

The Evil One has many, many tricks up his sleeve by which to seduce you; and they are on every corner. You must learn to be on guard against them. If you feel a tug in your heart against doing something, realize that Our Lord is speaking to your through His Holy Spirit or that even one of His angels may be nudging you to avoid some trap of Lucifer. My Precious Ones, Lucifer’s traps are everywhere and they are like the gingerbread house. They are made to look so good and appealing; but their fast and cheap rides leave you exhausted; and you will have to fight the oppression and depression caused by the attacks of many demons when you give into them.

Stay away from the cheap thrills and go the sure Way. This Way is the Way of Jesus Christ and is the only Way, which will afford you any lasting or real peace. Get busy, My Beloved Brethren; clean out your life, dedicate yourself in the service of Our Lord; and He will put you on the road to salvation, providing you with a peace you have not had in years, maybe never in your life.

Forgive that you may be forgiven; and be free in Jesus.

He is our Life,

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