From the Mountain, Book IV


A Return of War

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. See the many angels in white, who stand around you. I have sent them, Child, to be with you each day. Fear not the oppressions of the world; and remember that you are only visiting, that you are sent by your Father for His works in these last days."

"Yea, Child, you are excluded from the circles of latter-day prophets, as these scorn you in private, but lack the courage to do so in public. Child, spend no thought in this, but continue to do what I have singled you out to do. And worry not that women are not recognized as apostles in these same groups; for they will be; as I shall make it so."

"Child, you are greatly loved; for you have been given many trials, one of the greatest being to carry the message that reincarnation is true. Huge numbers have reviled you because of this; and some have stolen some of the prophecies I have given you, and placed their names on them. Child, I shall scorn those, who steal; for thieves and liars shall not have any place in your Father’s Kingdom."

"Now, Little One, your Father has a message for you: ‘My Chosen One, I know of your great trials and sorrows for a world gone awry. I am merciful to the cries of many about the date of December 12, 1998. Yet, others revile you and curse you and withdraw from you, for they do not know and believe my love and mercy. They swear that I do not change my mind and that you are a liar. Child, I am merciful to those, who love me, but my patience runs low for the loud and pushy. I have little tolerance for those, who know it all. Yours, My Little One, has been a particularly difficult role, as my messages through you are flatly rejected by the greatest numbers. This is sadness to Me; for I have sent you, My Child, as a prophet and apostle. And, I am sending you a special blessing for your faithfulness. I know the financial struggles you and your husband have and I am sending you a financial miracle of substantial portions.

You do not realize this, but these prophecies have been read and shared by hundreds of thousands. Even those, who criticize you, read them in secret. These prophecies are hot topics in round table discussions, which are done in secret. But, these same ones fear to come out and blaspheme you; for too many of My words have come to pass already.

Continue on, My Little One; for I am anointing you with greater truths and more spiritual power and freedom. Just know that these gifts are coming. I have chosen you and I shall bless you mightily to continue with these books. Know that this power is coming and with it more and greater revelations. Worry not about what others think or how My truths through you are discarded; for I shall raise you up to do mightier works still. Get ready to travel; for you shall; and you shall go in peace and freedom. And in My Precious Son’s name, you shall perform many miracles."

"My Father, I am so humbled by your precious words; and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your direction. I know that you are aware of our needs long before we ever encounter them. I only wish your will for us; and that we be instruments in your hands. I have only one request; and that is that one day I be allowed to see and speak with our Beloved Gabriel or Archangel Michael. Is this asking too much?"

"My Child, when you expect it least, I shall send Gabriel. He shall visit you three times before you leave the earth sphere; and he shall teach you. I shall prepare you in spirit to receive him and to know that I, the Father, have sent him; and he shall bring my blessings and anointings. Go in peace, My Child and with my love. I am your Father Jehovah."

"Father, might I ask another question?"

"When will the war against the USA be, this invasion we have spoken of so often?"

"Child, on the 12th of December, you shall come very close. (This is when North Korea threatened to invade the USA. It may have seemed like idle chatter, but they were backed by China and Russia; and this scheming is still going on.) But, I shall intervene. Watch the 10th of January and the end of February 1999. (As if the week of March 10, 1999 when I am typing this chapter, we have seen an escalation of the war in Iraq and more talk of war in Kosovo. Most recently, Boris Yeltsin is reported to have said that if the USA does not leave Iraq and Yugoslavia alone, his weapons of mass destruction might accidentally go off against the USA. All the while, China is threatening the USA about building relations with Taiwan and the war pot is boiling hotter and hotter. Never can I remember so many countries wanting to invade the USA and/or to make war with us. We are facing WWW III right here in the USA and very soon.) Later, My Son shall show you their new plans for attack. Child, these new plans shall fall in the spring of 99, but these, too, CAN BE avoided for a short while."

"How long shall we avoid this, My Father?"

"Child, you will not make it through the year of ’99."

"We will not?"

"You will not."

"You mean, no amount of prayer will stop this?"

"This war will not be stopped, but I can lessen it to some degree, depending upon the prayers and steadfastness of My Faithful. I am giving you more time because I am merciful. Be steadfast, My Child, and finish these books. I am with you."

"Thank you, My Beloved Father."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of November, 1998,
Linda Newkirk


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