From the Mountain, Book IV


The Roosevelt Horse

"Precious Child, I am Master Jesus; and after much prayer on your part, I have brought you to the heights of My Holy Mountain once more. Find yourself in My Upper Room, seated before The Page of Time. Know that the hour is late; as you see the word ‘late’ blinking on the page. Child, write as seen and given."

"My Lord, on The Page I see a grave and on it is the name "Yeltsin." It is bitter cold and a heavy state of sorrow seems to be all-pervasive. However, there is so snow on the ground. Suddenly, someone rises from the hill beyond the grave and his head is covered with a green army blanket. Immediately, I know this person to be Saddam Hussein. He says:

‘The plot got thick,
But we burned the wick,
Which caused the chase
To make a face,
Which led to the grave for the one,
Who lay with those to the South.’

‘Goodbye and good riddance
To the man with the plan
For world capitalism.’

‘He was a joke,
A laughing stock was he
To me.
And now, I’ve got the one
Who will lead us to war
With the evil ones down south.’

"Continue, Child."

"Then, My Lord, Saddam Hussein gets on his black horse and turns and spits on Yeltsin’s grave. The spit crackles and pops making a fire and within the fire I see a door with the words: ‘Russian Communist Regime.’"

"Open the door, Child. You have the key."

"My Lord, I find a skeleton key in my hands; and on it are the words: ‘Jesus is the key.’ I place the key in the lock of the door and the door opens revealing the inside of a meat locker. Hanging from a hook is a dead horse with his stomach split open and his insides are hanging out. I am looking for identifying information on the horse, but there is nothing."

"Child, look at the rear hooves."

"My Lord, on both hooves are the word ‘Roosevelt.’

"Very well, Child."

"My Lord, who are these butchers?"

"Read what is written on their coat pockets."

"It says, ‘UN’. So, you mean that the UN butchers the Roosevelt Horse."

"’Tis so, Child, and look what they are taking out of the horse’s belly."

"They have taken out a very large, heavy, dark chest; and are opening it with a large key. I watch them take out a number of papers and on all of them are the words ‘High treason.’ One by one, they take three smaller boxes out of the large box and begin to open them, revealing more papers with writing. These are some of the words and phrases I see: 1.Never again, My Friend; 2.Slut, whore; 3.economic fraud; 4.grand jury tampering; 5.fraud; 6.deceit; 7.cover-ups; 8.great evil and darkness; communism or bust; and 10.No man’s friend."

"Here comes more boxes and great amounts of gold, diamonds and more papers showing control of great oil reserves, radio and telecommunications control and I see the words: ‘Destruction, destruction, destruction.’ These men are standing in blood up to their knees as worms, maggots and black snakes swim and work around their legs. Yet, they seem oblivious to the blood and what swims in it as they are so overtaken by what comes from the horse’s belly."

"On the wall above the men is the big, black buzzard named ‘Rothschild to the Core’; and it looks very pregnant. Why is this, My Lord?"

"Child, the buzzard is about to squawk and when it does watch and listen."

"My Lord, what is this date?"

"Child, look at the blinking lights on the wall."

"My Lord, it says, ‘January through June 1999.’ Suddenly, the buzzard opens its mouth; and as he squawks he vomits a long piece of videotape. This vomit continues to roll forth and forms a large black pile on the top of the blood and gore; however the end of the tape remains connected to the insides of the buzzard. The frames are numbered and I feel that I shall know something about these frames in the future."

"Child, you shall; but for now we shall take a break. I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 13th day of September 1998.
Linda Newkirk

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