From the Mountain, Book IV


"My Secret Door to All"

"Precious Child, I am Master Jesus. As you have sought Me and your Father long in prayer, asking, even begging for greater truths, I have brought you once again to this steep ledge high upon My Holy Mountain. Yea, the air is rarefied and it is cool, a swift breeze blowing. You are bathed in My Spirit, so fear not, My Child. You are here because you have been tried and found worthy. Now, turn and walk through the door named ‘My Secret Door to All,’ and you will find yourself in a long corridor. In this corridor are many doors and around your waist are many keys, a key for each door. Take the first key, Child called ‘Love and Sanctity;’ and open the door before you. Then, write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I feel so old, so worn and tattered as I reach down for the key; for it is so radiant, pure and glistening with the Light of God. I wear this old, tattered robe of humility, which you gave me a number of months ago. These surroundings are so beautiful and I feel so unworthy to be in the midst of such a Holy Place.
     The key fits the lock well; and as it clicks the door swings open readily. Before me is a party with people mingling and a group of musicians. The singer appears to be singing reggae and these are the words I hear him singing:

"I’m so tired and I wanna go home.
Look around me,
There is nothing to see.

I’m so tired and I wanna go home.
Look to the left, look to the right;
But, there is no relief in sight.

I’m so tired and I wanna go home.
Who’s gonna care,
When I’m dead and gone?

I’m so tired and I wanna go home.
Here I am no penny to my name.
Can’t take a boat, a ship, or a plane.

I’m so tired and I wanna go home.
My money’s all gone,
No food to eat.

I’m so tired and I wanna go home,
Help me, Lord,
I’m sinking fast.
I’m so tired and I wanna go home."

"My Lord, this is a sad song."

"Yes, My Child; and it is the song of millions. Yea, even billions, who have lost sight of God’s purposes. For, they are caught up in the illusions of the world and cannot see past another song or festival. They are lost, Child."

"My Lord, I understand it all as I have been there."

"Continue on, Child."

"The musicians and the party disappear, save a distant beat of drums, and I continue now amidst a scene of pure white hills and trees. Snow is all about, and it is very cold; and snow steadily falls, covering my shoulders and the hood of my robe and. My feet are becoming very cold; even my breath makes smoke as I furiously rub my hands together. I must dance a jig to get my circulation going because the cold is beginning to settle in all over me. Just ahead, a single red bird comes to light in the snow-covered tree. Beyond the redbird in another tree is a lone bluebird. But, upon closer inspection, I see that the blue bird is fake, much like those put in floral arrangements. It looks real, but its feet are tied to the branches with twine. Its lifeless body is pushed about furiously by the swift breeze, but it clings to the tree fervently. What a strange contrast between the blue bird and the red bird; and these white surroundings only magnify this contrast.

Looking again at the red bird, I see that it is beginning to create steam. Quickly, it swells with this steam; and before my very eyes, it explodes, leaving a hole of darkness. Suddenly, I am caught up in this darkness and carried forth through this very hole. I find myself out on a ledge looking down at twinkling lights far below in a valley. Within the darkness below, I am able to discern military tents; and here and there are fires, dotting the night terrain. From within the darkness, I hear someone speaking German; and a German officer emerges saying, "She is a whore; and we must bring her down." "Yes," another German says, ‘and it shall come when she expects it least, at the height of her International Peace Conference."

"My Lord, ‘International Peace Conference?’"

"Continue, Child."

"Then, the German takes a paper, which is rolled up and unties the string, which binds it. On the paper are the words, "International Peace Conference, Berlin, June 1999."

"My Lord, have I seen right in the date of June 1999?"

"You have seen this. Continue on."

"Then, the man with the paper disappears and I find myself in a room, where I clearly see Saddam Hussein conversing with a German leader. "We shall take them out before sunrise," the German says. "It shall work, as we have the Russians, and the Chinese; and the Arab Alliance is building. We can count on Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, France, Mexico and Nicaragua. Then, I see the German and Hussein take two shiny swords, both placing his sword in contact with that of the other. A pact has been made on the table, which bears the words, ‘deceit and treachery.’ And, as the swords lie in contact with one another, huge flames shoot skyward, making a roaring fire, which bears the words, ‘Death to the USA.’ As the fire rages, Hussein and the German join arms in a dance, singing the words, "We’re off to see the Wizard…"

"So, My Lord, Hussein worships Lucifer…?"

"Child, he is owned and controlled by him. Continue on."

"As they dance, My Lord, a trap door swings open beneath them; and I see them fall down, down, down, and land in front of the great frog, named ‘Rothschild Man.’ The frog whistles a tune I am not familiar with. It is much like that of a nightingale, very melodic and pleasing to the ear. But, suddenly I hear ominous drumbeats, which remind me of those in the funeral procession of President Kennedy; and suddenly I see the German army, marching back and forth, with red bands on their sleeves. Written on the red bands are the words, ‘Germany will rule the world.’
     Suddenly, the frog takes a whip and begins to beat Saddam Hussein. He beats him until he makes red stripes all over his back; and as he beats Hussein, he mumbles words I do not understand. However, the Spirit of God readily translates them as ‘Ride Nigger!’ Suddenly, Hussein raises up and the red stripes on his back are ablaze with roaring red and yellow flames; and these flames quickly engulf him surrounding him with a great fire.
     Totally unexpectedly, Hussein takes a hula hoop and begins to gyrate with it. There are words written around the rim of the hoop; and these are the words I see:

'I will not be conquered by the USA.
Pray and fast, pray and fast…
God is dead!
Jesus is a liar!
I will not be brought down by the Evil Whore!'

     Suddenly, the hoop breaks and white balls of fire fall out of the whoop. They look somewhat like fiery mothballs; and they begin to make caustic fumes. Hussein grabs his nose and runs for cover, but the fumes burn him. They burn his nose and his eyes and he is stumbling, but does not fall. When I look closely at the balls, I see the words, ‘USA Assassination Plot.’ ‘But, the plot did not work,’ growled Hussein! Steam pours from his eyes, his nose and mouth as Hussein boils with rage. I see a date of March 22, 1999.
     Next, I see Saddam Hussein riding a tricycle, pedaling along in the desert with ease. On the wheels of the tricycle, I see the words, ‘infanticide and murder’ and on the handlebars is the word, ‘stealth.’ As he journeys along in the desert, he comes to a swift creek; and attempts to pass over the rock bed, but as he enters the creek, called ‘Swift justice,’ the tricycle bogs down in quicksand. The creek is called UN Sanctions and the quicksand is named ‘self-deceit.’
     Quickly, the quicksand sucks Hussein down, down, down until he reaches a room far beneath the rock bed. In this room are many computers and a few people milling around, quietly working. Someone from France comes up and gives Hussein money; also someone from Turkey gives him money. Iran, Turkey and Russia give him military supplies. Syria gives him arms and Jordan gives him money. Lebanon gives him arms and the Chinese give him money and arms. Afghanistan gives him terrorists and others give him aid so that he can stand up to the USA. Across the foreheads of all present are the words, ‘USA Haters.’
     Hussein smokes a cigar and passes it to each one. On the cigar are the words, ‘Our Plan to Bring Down the USA.’ The date, May 15, 1999 appears and outside I see huge atomic clouds appear on the horizon as Russia gears up for war against the USA. China also prepares for this war and their other allies stand in line for a ticket called, ‘USA Control.’
     Standing before all of them now, I see the Rothschild Frog, who says, ‘My Pockets are without limits; and I will provide for all, who bring her down.’ Then, all applaud as the vision disappears."

"Yea, Child, there is much to discuss here, but as your time runs short, we shall make this another session. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth.’

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th of November, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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