From the Mountain, Book IV


The Spinning Top

"Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus. Yea, you are precious in My sight and to your Father, as you strive to do My will and that of your Father. Child, your path is no easy path; for you are at odds with the world; but worry not, My Little One, about those, who mock you and deride My purposes in you; for they live in darkness. Even some, who come under the guises of helping, only gossip and spread their versions of help. Steer clear of these, Child. For, the more you stir a boiling pot, the more it boils. Have you not been told by Me that I will take care of those, who come to harm you?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, Child, be at peace and be not concerned in how others behave; for, the hour is late."

"Yes, My Lord, it is very late; and I am beginning to worry so about the upheavals, which are coming."

"Child, where there is worry, there is no faith. Rather than worry, spend your time doing those things I have commanded you to do."

"My Lord, I know I need to be doing so very many things, but it seems that I have so very little energy. Please help me, as I have been so very oppressed."

"Child, this is known; but as I have told you so many times, ‘You shall not want.’ I provide a way for your needs to be met. There is no need to worry so."

"My Lord, I worry as the hour is late, but I worry not for myself. I worry for all of mankind; for most will not see what is ahead and I am deeply saddened for the plights of their souls."

"Child, this is understood, but not one hair can be changed upon the head of another by time spent worrying. Stay in faith, My Little One, for in and through faith are borne many miracles. Indeed, the hour is late, but it is not late for Me. And it will not be late for you if you use your time wisely. So, do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. See?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Now, Child, as you look around you see that you are atop My Holy and Radiant Mountain.

"Yes, My Lord, I see and I suddenly feel so free; for the air is so very pure and clean. It seems that I have no troubles at all when I am here amidst your pure Spirit and in the presence of such beauty. The wind of Your Spirit carries me amidst such pure freedom and I am so relieved to be away from all the clamor and darkness below, if for only a while."

"Child, look before you and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I see Moses and He is holding a Star of David, which is radiant with a bright fire. Moses places this star around my neck and it melts into the one I already have."

"Child," Moses says, "you have sent the prophecies to Israel and they pass them from one to another, dissecting, analyzing and criticizing. Some believe, but most do not. Yet, the prophecies have created a fire among them; for all fear that Germany shall rise again and that the USA shall fall. They fear to believe and they fear not to. Yea, many rabbis have read them."

"My Lord, what is this darkness at my feet?"

"Child, it is your fear."

"My Precious Lord, and Beloved Moses, please heal me of this fear."

"Yea, Child, ‘tis so," Moses says. Then he touches my head and I feel a bolt of energy like lightening; and the darkness flies past. In its place I see a great radiance and hear a rushing sound like that of flowing waters. And around me I see the flickering of fire."

"Be bold, My Little One," says Moses. You have been entrusted with much and you shall be entrusted with more. You are blessed, Child, to persevere amidst great hardships; and your needs shall be met. As I persevered, so shall you; and as I led so shall you. You will be strengthened, Little One, and guided by Your Lord and Father in all things."

Suddenly, I see the three unfinished books in my left arm and I am cradling them against my chest. An image of Hitler flashes before my eyes and I see him marching with a baton, his black boots glistening in the light. Hitler wears the look of a madman, his lips pursed and his face snarled with a grimace of anger. "I am back!" Hitler says. "And, I shall rule with an iron hand."

Then, I see the communist sickle come down on the Star of David and attempt to burn it. But, the star is strong and it repels the hit of the sickle. The sickle falls to the floor and it breaks into myriad pieces. Amidst the pieces of the broken sickle, I see a person wrapped in a green army blanket. It is Hitler and he rises with a crinkled map in his hands. He wipes his eyes and says, "Sleep on;" but I cannot understand the rest of his garbled words. Next, I hear him say, "I have a toy for you!" And Hitler takes a toy top from beneath the blanket and spins it over the crinkled map. The top spins quickly, then slowly as it comes to a halt and falls over Bethlehem. On Bethlehem is a Star of David; and it is burned into the map. "Tomorrow is another day," Hitler says; and he goes back to sleep.

As Hitler sleeps, a very large army forms outside his tent. There are many countries represented in this army and these are the ones I see: Germany, Russia, China, New World Order, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and many others. They form a pass called Gilgal and perform maneuvers called ‘Top Secret.’ "My Lord, I am lost in all this."

"Child, tell me what you do not understand."

"Well, I see myself with the three unfinished books, but why?"

"You are destined to finish them."

"And, Hitler?"

"The German will come after mine."

"But, the sickle breaks into myriad pieces."

"Yea, it breaks; for the evil shall not conquer Me."

"So, the Star represents you?"

"It does."

"Why is Hitler sleeping among the pieces?"

"Child, look at the pieces and read what you see."

"My Lord, I see the words, "Italy, China, Russia, Great Britain, Canada, the USA, Australia, the Baltic, Germany, South America, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan", and other smaller pieces."

"Tell me what this means."

"Child, these are the pieces of the communist puzzle, which shall disintegrate before Me, My Star of David. Yea, the sickle shall come to reap the harvest; but I do the harvesting. None other. The sickle may give the illusion of harvest, but is only an illusion."

"So, Hitler awakens from within the pieces?"

"Yea, from Germany."

"And, he takes over these forces?"

"He does."

"What about the spinning top?"

"The spinning top is history."

"Tell me more."

"What is written on the surface of the top?"

"Tigris and Euphrates."

"’Tis so."

"So, this area is Hitler’s toy; and he uses the Arab countries located here as toys in his game, especially as regards the birthplace of Christ."


"In other words, they are pawns; and they do not see this."

"You are correct."

"But, My Lord, the German loses."

"He will; as his toy flips first this way and then the other. Is this not what a top does? Flip first this way and then the other, until it spins out of control."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, Child, know that this is coming."

"So, we know that Hitler is about to wake up?"

"He is."

"And, we shall see this great wave of communism originating once more in Germany?"

"And, it shall engulf much of the world. Go in Me this day, Child; and be at peace. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd of October, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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