From the Mountain, Book IV


"Summer is Nigh"

"Praises to You, My Precious Jesus and Beloved Father Jehovah. For, Your mercies are great and Your goodness is without bounds. You fill my heart with peace and wholeness; and I walk in the shadow of the Almighty’s love, where I find comfort."

"Yea, My Child, Lucifer trembles; for his days grow short and his fury grows toward the saints. Walk carefully upon the rocks called ‘tribulation,’ and cross the ‘Creek of Despair’ clutching My word. I bathe your feet in My glory and I anoint you with My victory. Blessed is the name of Jehovah, Most High God, our Beloved mighty Father. For, in His righteousness is victory over Lucifer’s plans. One by one, Lucifer’s plans fall around the world because the righteous see and hear; and they cry out. There is freedom, Child, in doing what is right and according to your Father’s commands; but there is prison in rebelling."

"Oh, My Lord, I know this to be so."

"Now, My Child, I have brought you high upon My Holy Mountain; and you stand on this narrow ledge, where the air is cool and crisp, but your Father’s presence warms you. My Child, turn, use your key of humility, and enter through My door. Continue down the hallway to the fourth door, take the wooden key called ‘Summer is Nigh;’ and enter through the door."

"My Lord, I take this key and I enter through this door; but instead of a landscape bathed in white, I see a large tree, much like an old oak; and a monkey hanging from it. The Tree is called ‘New World Order;’ and the monkey is named ‘Saddam Hussein.’ The monkey hangs from his tail, a tin cup in his hands, giving the appearance of a beggar. In the tin can I see a small roll of money; and on the tail of the monkey, I see the words, ‘Blazing Idiot.’ My Lord, he is clearly attached to the New World Order tree."

"Yes, My Little One, and remember that Hussein spins as a top for the New World elite; and he swings first this way and then the other. Remember the hand twirling the top?"

"Yes, My Lord, it is the hand of the evil one, called ‘Rothschild to the Core.’

"So, Hussein is controlled. He is forced to turn first this way and then the other way."

"Child, he does not make these moves alone."

"My Lord, Hussein shall rise in rebellion again soon; as we have not seen his end in Iraq."

"Child, many may wish it were his end, but Hussein is needed as a pawn to help deplete your military and drive your further into bankruptcy. And, make no mistake about it, Child; the USA is on the verge of bankruptcy. All the years of Clinton’s administration, your press has crowed about the great financial shape of the USA; and you as a people have bought this. When your economy goes south again; and see this begin to come to pass in the spring of 1999, you will know that you are in trouble."

"Yes, My Little One, you have bought the lies of The Fed that all is well; and you have bought the lies of Clinton and the congress that all is well financially, when just the opposite is true. But, all of this illusion is part of the great surprise for the USA. And, it will be a surprise for all to go to the banks one day and find them closed. Those in control will say that they are issuing new money, but in fact, they are getting ready for a cashless society. Note some of their plans starting to take shape toward the latter part of March 1999. By then, Child, the Russian machine will be well oiled for its attack against you, as you will have attacked Iraq."

"You mean, My Lord, that by then, we will have made a full attack on Iraq?’

"My Child, this is their plan."

"Will our Father be merciful again, My Lord?"

"Child, I cannot speak for His mercy. It depends upon the fasts and prayers of the righteous. As He has stayed the wars recently, some will get callous and believe that this will always be the case. But, My Child, he hears the cries of the righteous, and you know that they wax and wane."

"So, My Lord, when will this war come to pass with Iraq?"

"Child, sit at the desk and turn the knob three times."

"I have done as you have commanded; and suddenly faces of Hussein and Arafat appear on the top of the desk. As they talk, I see that Arafat is sending troops into Iraq, and Turkey and Saudi Arabia are sending them as well. Iran, Russia and China have sent weapons; and continue to send them via oil barges. Plus, My Lord, their submarines unload them in Iran; and Hussein picks them up there, adding them to his huge arsenal. Afghanistan is also sending in terrorists to aid Hussein; all this is taking place as Hussein gears up for war against the USA."

"Child, what date do you see for this buildup?"

"My Lord, I see this threat building as early as February 15, 1999; and a back door, which was open shuts with a bang. This door is called ‘UN Peace Talks Closed with Iran.’

"My Lord, we know that the UN is divided."

"Oh, it is divided, Child; and the Rothschilds, the Royals and the Rockefellers are at each others throats like tigers. This is the beginning of the fall of the United Nations, as you know it, although it will continue under the rule of the Rothschilds, whose goal has always been world communism."

"So, the door for the UN peace talks with Iran is shut by Feb. 15th, 1999; and war with Iraq will begin when?" (By this date of March 1999, Iran has become very thick with Russia, with Russia beginning to build a nuclear reactor in Iran. Iran is clearly sided with Russia, China and all, who oppose the USA.)

"Child, see the date of Feb 29th?"

"Yes, My Lord, but 1999 does not have a Feb. 29th."

"This is true, My Child, but look ahead."

"My Lord, as I look ahead at this vision coming from this desk, I see the date of Feb. 21st and I see missiles are flying. Then, I see Feb.29th again, My Lord; and a huge, huge explosion, like that of a nuclear explosion, is taking place. Then, I see the date of March 1; but do not understand what I am seeing."

"Child, you write what I show you, even though it might not make sense to you, but in time it will."

"How so, My Lord? I feel foolish in writing what I do not understand. Please help me understand what I see."

"Child, an angel is behind you with fruit from Heaven. Eat the fruit and relax."

"My Lord, I eat the fruit, suddenly feel very sleepy, and find myself floating on a cloud somewhere behind this door. The date of Feb 29th keeps coming into my mind, but I do not know why. Quickly and for no apparent reason, I jump high; and I see that the date is February 29th, 2000. Bombs are exploding in all directions and sirens are going off as people run for cover everywhere. I am looking at New York City; and women and children are running and screaming as explosions take place all over the city. Bombs are pouring into the city and Chinese soldiers are running about wildly."

"Oh, My Precious Lord, the sight of these women and children fleeing among these flames will be with me always. I feel very sick!"

"My Precious Child, this is known, but let us continue on. Remember that you have seen two dates. You have seen February of 99 and you have seen February of 2000. Do you understand?"

"Yes, My Lord; but I fear so that I shall make a mistake."

"Child, sit at the desk and turn the knob."

"Yes, My Lord."

"See that by Feb 15th the UN closes the door on Iran and there will be an attack on Iraq well before February has come and gone. But, it will be only a trial run, as you would say. The Germans are gearing up for something very, very big and they want all their ducks in a row. First, they plan to fold your economic system and get you geared up for the mark. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"But, My Child, the system still has a lot of holes."

"Like what, My Lord?"

"Like people holding onto their money."

"They are trying to force the greatest numbers to gamble and spend, gamble and spend. See?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, you need to get prepared. Do you understand?"

"Yes, My Lord; and the people need to get prepared!"

"And, My Little One, do not forget the passing planet."

"In February of 2000."

"’Tis so, My Child."

"So, they think that this will be the perfect time for war?"

"It will not go as they think, My Child; for the world will be in a mess; and many, who are lost, will come back to God with greater resolve."

"My Lord, our Father was merciful about Dec. of 1998. Will he be merciful about what is coming our way in ’99 and 2000?
"Child, he will not continue to be merciful as the world slips into greater and greater darkness. But, he is warning, warning, warning of things to come, that you get prepared spiritually and physically. Many, many, many shall die; and you will not escape this when the Earth tilts."

"So, the New World Order will not allow Hussein to do much in Feb of ‘99; but by Feb of 2000, we will see him blow?"

"This sums it up; and this is a warning, My Children, that you do not get lackadaisical. For, the night comes quickly. I am Jesus. Yes, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st of December, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

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