From the Mountain, Book IV


The Lord is Our Treasure

Precious Child, behold yourself atop My pure and radiant Mountain. Feel the freshness of the wind of My Spirit upon your face and see your prophet’s robe astir in the gentle breeze. Fill your nostrils with the smell of heavenly aromas and be soothed this day; for, I am at work in your life to clean out any and all darkness.

Woe to those, who spitefully try to harm you or My word. Woe, woe, woe, My Child, to the goats of the world. Woe to those, who are powered by ego and rebellion; for, I shall cut them low. They shall not stand in your face and tempt Me; for I am in you, Child. When they accuse you, they accuse Me; and when they abuse you, they abuse Me. When they lie about you, they lie about Me. Woe, woe, woe to those, who come up against you, seething with spite. For, I shall break their will and pour their wicked ways upon their own heads. They shall reap what they sow in great measure.

My patience runs very low with their ways and mine anger is astir. In secret, a number of people plan how they shall confound you and bring you down; but I confound them. I make them like babbling fools; for they have tempted Me. They have come up against One, they cannot and will not win over.

Time is running out for the spiteful, for they have chosen darkness over Me. They have rebelled against Me and Me in you. They have loved a lie and what a lie can do for them. They are walking on thin ice; and I repeat Child, ‘They are walking on thin ice; and below them is a dark abyss.’ This is the reward for those, who spitefully abuse Me and My word, for those, who tempt Me.

Now, My Precious One, enter the door into My Inner Sanctum and receive from My Tree."

"My Precious Lord, thank you for taking my burdens; for they are great. My heart is very full of sadness. Deliver me, My Lord, and make my journey light."

"Child, have faith in Me and know that I provide. Look up and behold Timothy before you. Child, he has a blessing for you."

"Oh, My Lord, how blessed am I. Glory to Your name and to Your precious ways."

Timothy approaches me; and his hands are radiant with the light of God. He touches my head and I feel such sweetness, such lightness and inner peace. "My Precious Friend," he says. "Blessed are you for your love of Our Precious Lord and Savior. Where you are, I have been in a different place in time. We know your hurts and pains and your sense of aloneness and despair. Be blessed this day with strength from our Lord Jesus and Father Jehovah. Be strengthened where you are weak. Be happy instead of sad; for the days spoken of so long ago have begun. These days are few and intense; and Lucifer shall rise against you from many sources; and he shall speak through many mouths, through family, friend and foe. Be not discouraged, but strengthened in the knowledge that the day of our Lord draws nigh. I bless you with a heart full of love and forgiveness and with a clear, alert mind and with clear vision and hearing. I bless you that no weight has place in your soul; and I bless you with a place of safe refuge and the means to get there and survive."

"Yea, the Earth, itself shall open up and swallow select ones among you; and the evil ones shall not find you. I bless you with great faith and with pureness of heart, mind, body, and soul. Be free, My Precious Friend and friend of God. Be free this day of all sadness and believe in the Lord and God of miracles in all things. Know that your every need is realized and that your Lord sees your obstacles long before you encounter them. Be at peace, Precious One, and fill you heart with forgiveness. For, forgiveness brings freedom and peace."

"Thank you, Timothy. Praises to our Lord and to our Precious Father."

Suddenly, I feel a great vibration within me and around me as Timothy holds his hands upon my head; and I hear a cracking and breaking, like the sounds of ice boulders in a river. Then, I hear sounds like that of great amounts of steam being released, followed by the sounds of many rushing waters. And, suddenly I find myself before a radiant waterfall, which glistens like glass. ‘Jump in,’ says Timothy. And, I jump into the glistening water and dive deeper and deeper. After a short while, I come to a rock far beneath the surface and on the rock are the words, ‘Jesus is the Rock.’ I feel a great release of all sadness and despair and watch the darkness of sadness and despair flow into the radiant river and dissolve.

Now, feeling free and light, I swim back to the surface of the glistening water and I sit on a radiant rock called ‘Jesus is the Rock.’ The glistening water hangs from me like sheets of pure liquid glass and the Spirit of God whistles around me like myriad nightingales.

"Be free, My Child,’ Jesus says. "For, I walk beside you and indwell you, lifting and carrying your burdens. Let go of all burdens; for your burdens are Mine. Child, these are not your obstacles, but Mine. Give all to Me; for I am strong and I am able to carry them."

"My Lord, these burdens have seen so great and insurmountable. They have been so great and I so small."

"Yea, but I am your strength."

"Child, feel the release of all that has troubled you. Let go of every last remnant. Let me have every last vestige. Child, do the simple things you know to do, and I will handle the rest. Feel the burdens of all go, which has worried you?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"And, in their place, Child, I put a treasure box in your heart. I fill this box with hope, love, forgiveness, purpose in me, faith, charity and truth. I give you boldness in Me and courage, and an abundance of My Spirit; and I provide help in all things. I give you peace and comfort and I give you a supply of all things needed to stand strong in Me and forge ahead. I am in you, child, and you in Me. See the last remnants of despair disappear. For, there is no need for despair, but of hope and direction in all things. Swallow this key, Child, which says, ‘Jesus is My Key;’ and in your time of need always remember this key. I am generous with you, Child, in all things. My Treasure Chest runs over within you and spills out through you, going in all directions."

"Forgiveness abounds for the lost and ignorant. As you have been lost and ignorant, forgive others, who are lost and ignorant. Do not get caught up in games of tit for tat and do not play games with anyone under any circumstances. When times are hard withdraw unto Me and My abundance of gifts and treasures within your heart."

"My Precious Lord, forgive me my weaknesses and forgive me for hard feelings against those, who have tried to sabotage me. Please, My Lord, forgive me this day and set me free of any hard feelings toward anyone. Strengthen me, My Lord, that I can forgive all; and deliver me from any and all hurt and anger. I beg You, My Lord, please forgive me of this and set me free in You. Please, please, please, I beg you, My Beloved Lord."

"Child, this day, you are forgiven all."

"My Lord, heal my memories. Please heal every emotion and every thought and heal every fiber of my being. Heal every wound of my spirit. I beg and pray this day for this total and complete healing."

"Child, before this day is over, you shall have this. Now, Little One, look before you."

"My Lord, I sit at this Page of Time and I begin to cry uncontrollably. My heart sheds tears, my soul sheds tears and tears flood from my eyes, seeping out of my skin and covering my robe. I put my head down on the timeline, as I cannot see. Suddenly, I look to see that the tears have accumulated beneath me to form a pure radiant block called ‘Sorrow for Others, Sorrow for the World;’ and I begin to cry anew.

Beautiful, white doves fly around me and whisper ‘love.’ "My Lord, I feel so loved in my sorrow. I feel so very loved, but still weep uncontrollably, not for myself, but for others, who are so lost."

"Child, this is known. Now, look before you on the timeline and record what you see."

"My Lord, my tears have bathed this page and roll down it like a stream. Beneath the stream of my tears, a great light shines and I hear a mighty voice, which says: ‘I am your Father in Heaven. Blessed are you, My Child; for you are persecuted for the sake of righteousness. Be free, My Child, of all walls and prisons of self put there by others. I make your journey light. Receive My peace, My Child; for I love you. You are precious to Me, for you labor beneath such oppression to do My Work. I send mine angels before you to slay 10,000; and I send them behind you to slay 10 million; and around you and above you they do battle. They surround you in your every waking moment; and in your sleep they watch over you."

"Darkness shall flee from you and evil shall have no place in or around you. For, your mission I chose you and anointed you long ago. Now, My Child, rejoice in Me. Rejoice in your mission. Be free of your sadness this day and rejoice in Me and My purposes in you. Blessed are you, Child, and blessed is your every step. Have no fear; for, I give you great faith. I AM God of the Universe and My plans shall not be foiled! Worry not about how you shall proceed. For, these plans are already in action. Trust in Me and in your Lord. Trust none other. For, all shall forsake you in some way at some point. Lean not upon them, but lean upon Me and My Son."

"Thank You, My Precious Father. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Glory to your Holy Name and to your will in all things. I bow down to You and praise You, My Father, My Glorious God! Have your will in my life. Make me flexible and fluid like your Holy, Divine River; and make me filled with this River and with your beautiful and pure Spirit. Precious, precious, precious is Your Holy name and perfect is Your Holy Will. Thank You, thank you, thank you, My Father!

"Child be one with My will. This is My blessing to you this day. I give this to you, my Child. My purposes are your purposes and your purposes are Mine. I cast away all willfulness on your part and bathe you in my will. Be free this day, Child, and go about your day in peace. I am your Father."

"Praises to You, My Father. Praises, praises, praises to you. Glory to You, My Father, the Most High God."

"Now, Little One, as I have spoken, as your Father has spoken and as Timothy has spoken…’Be blessed this day and be free. I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 4th day of October, 1998
Linda Newkirk

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