From the Mountain, Book IV


Timely Advice for All, and
The Last of the Pirate’s Booklet

"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus. Blessed are you, My Little One; for you have persevered against great obstacles to come to the final chapter of this book. Few know or understand the great inner struggles you have faced and the great spiritual battles you have had to fight day after day. Few realize the nature of this great war at hand and the great amount of spiritual discipline you have needed to continue on in these works amidst illness and great changes. My Child, I realize your love for Me and you need to understand that My love for you is without bounds; and so it is for all.

You know, My Child, that I have not cast you into the midst of wolves that they can devour you. My Child, I have sent you My Spirit, which is sealed to you. And, I have sent many angels, who fight for you constantly. Long ago Lucifer would have sifted you as chaff; but, My Child, he has not done so; for I have prodded you through the doors, which I opened for you before the foundations of the world. Yes, My Child, so long ago, this great day was known. And, My Faithful Warriors were known, selected and groomed, even then. My Child, you have known the truth of this time so very long; and when you heard My voice, you recognized it. See? My Sheep hear My voice and they know it. And, so it is, My Child, the world over. I have called Mine from their work, from their play and from their schools. I have called Mine; and they have heard. They hear Me; and they know the seriousness of this time; for it has been inculcated deep within their souls. And, now, My Child as a shepherd blows his horn to gather up his sheep, I am making My final call for Mine to wake up, to listen and to come back. For, the ravenous wolves are roaming in large packs; and there is no safety beyond that, which I provide. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord, I understand this more than ever. And, I have never been more worried about the souls of so many. For, so few care about anything save a good time, another movie, or another night out. And, in no way can they see how lost they are."

"Child, this is the great delusion, and it has fallen upon the minds of the people. They cannot hear and they cannot see; for they love the world, and they do not love Me. My Child, they are blinded by the glamour of the world and they are deafened by its raucous sounds. And, for their love of the world, they are caught up in the rapids of the dark river, which goes into the land of darkness. My Little One, the numbers of these are in the billions."

"My Lord, I am so saddened by this that I can hardly bear it. Some we love have been so cruel and want to steal every last bit of peace in our lives. I am so deeply, deeply saddened for what is about to unfold."

"My Child, this is a warning to all: Keep your eyes on Me. For, Lucifer will use other family members to knock you off center. Then, he will come in and beat you to shreds emotionally. Stay away from those, who are in rebellion. It does not matter if they call themselves family. Remember, I said that My mother and My brother and My sister are those, who do the will of God. The rebellious do not do God’s will. My Little Ones, they will steal your peace. Stay away from the rebellious. Guard your peace and keep love in your home. Set boundaries as to what is allowed and what is not allowed. This "anything goes" attitude has destroyed families. It has destroyed cities and it has destroyed governments and will even destroy the whole world. "Anything goes" is rebellion. Your Father is strict as to what is acceptable behavior and what is not. And, those, who profess love for Me and for your Father, will be tried and tested over and over. Each of you has to prove your love and honor for your Father by your actions and discipline over and over. You have to prove that you will stand for what is right by the choices you make. You will be tried and tested to see if you are true. If you fail the test, you will be given another test, and this one may be harder than the last. And, even, My Child, amidst all the tests, each of you must be able to forgive and let go; for some of the greatest tests will come from those in your immediate family. I say, each of you must forgive and let go of the hurt that you can move on, remembering that you are only visiting the Earth Sphere, so let go of any turmoil as a child lets go of a toy in the ocean. Just let go and move on in Your Father’s work as an obedient child.

At times, when life gets so hard that you do not know if you can go on, get on your knees and pray, pray, pray. Fast and pray. Call on the sincere and dedicated to pray for you. This is what all must do. Stay away from the rebellious and keep them out of your homes. Make your homes holy; make your hearts holy; and do this now, for you are running out of time. The hammer is about to come down on the USA. Understand?

"Yes, My Lord."

"My Lord, we have one part left and we will be finished with the Pirate’s booklet."

"Yes, My Child, and this tenth part is the swirling, black hole. Do you have any idea what this represents?"

"My Lord, I believe that it represents the final destiny for those, who are dark to the very core."


"Like the evil New World Order types, who have served Lucifer for a great while; and will at some point they will be sent into this swirling darkness, where their souls will be sucked apart by the force of this hole."

"Exactly. Some believe that they have an eternity to continue on in rebellion; but this is not so. To each is given a certain amount of time and only your Father knows how much time He will allow. It is very important that each of you understands this; however, few grasp it. Just know, My Child, that the swirling black hole shall be receiving a certain number of souls at some point in time, which is fairly soon."

"And, those going there have no idea…"

"No, My Child, they do not. Few grasp the concept that your Father is a tough taskmaster. My Little One, what is worth having is worth working for. And, all, who live with Me and your Father in the midst of the beauty I have prepared, will work for it. No welfare. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord; but many will say that works do not matter."

"Yes, My Child, the ones, who want a handout, who want the easy way, will say this. But, I tell you that faith without works is death to the soul."

"My Lord, I fear that I have heard wrong about the rebellious. For all of us have them in our families and even because of this rebellion, we still love them."

"Yes, My Child, but we have come to the time of the sorting of the souls. And, if your minds, hearts, and your emotions, even your body and soul are caught up with the worries and confusion of the rebellious, you will not hear My voice. You will be blinded to Me and My purposes because of the confusion at hand. My Child, I am telling you to guard your homes and your lives from those, who love the world, and from those, who are caught up in rebellion. If the rebellious persecute you and call you all manner of names for My namesake, know that you have been warned in advance that this will be. For, Lucifer has hold of the rebellious and his demons are in control of them. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"I guard My Faithful like a mother hen guards her chicks."

"Yes, My Lord; and how grateful I am. I have a question about food storage. In the Scriptures, you tell us that we should be as the birds of the field and not worry about how we shall eat or be clothed."

"Yes, My Child, I have told you this. But, I have told you also that the world has never seen times as horrible as these shall be. Therefore, it is good to prepare. But, be advised that the evil hoards plan to take all your food, your homes and to kill every one of you. None will survive for long without Me and your Father. So, you must put you faith in Me, not in things. And, know that I will provide for each of you until it is time for you to come home."

"But, My Lord, most do not have the spiritual discernment to hear your voice."

"Nay, Child, but I can speak to any and all through dreams. And, I will do this for those, who seek Me with all their hearts. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"But, Child, I have warned all. N o violence! Do not return violence for violence. Stay away from the violent and unrepentant. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Go this day in peace, My Child, knowing that I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of May, 1999,
Linda Newkirk


The Crown of Thorns

"My Precious Child, I am Master Jesus; and I am calling you back to My Holy Mountain on the wings of My Spirit, as I have a few final words for you to place in Book IV about this Holy Mountain. See that you stand high upon My Mountain; and the wind of My Spirit blows gently over your robe. My Child, receive of My power this day; feel it envelop you, and strengthen you and your household. Feel its healing rays and know its total peace and calm. As you have finished Book IV, see Book V before you; and see your new place on My Mountain, which grows as you continue in My work. However, you must understand that as you grow in My works, Luciferian attacks on you will become increasingly severe. My Child, take the key, which says, ‘Jesus is the key;’ and enter through the door to your right. Then, write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I open this door with your key and immediately I am flooded with a brilliant white light. I walk through this door, bathed in Your glory, enveloped in peace, love and such joy. Straight ahead is a small house, which looks something like an igloo, but it is made of radiant glass. I know that I am to enter this house and to sit on the shimmering bench. Before me is Moses, and he takes my sword and gives me a sword of greater light and power. He takes his rod from me and gives me a larger rod with greater power."

"As I lay hold of the sword and the rod, I start to shake and tremble all over. It seems that an earthquake is moving through my body. Steam starts coming from my eyes and ears; and the room fills up with steam. But, just as suddenly as the steam began, it ends; and the fire of God comes roaring through this tiny house, setting it ablaze. Suddenly, I see you, My Lord, as you stand before me in Your glory; and I fall to my face in awe and trembling; for my human frailties rush over me and I feel utterly unworthy. It seems that my every fault is magnified many times; and I cannot stop weeping, for I am surrounded by such love."

"My Lord, I am so troubled for the lost. I am deeply saddened by their choices. And, I weep for you have given greater responsibilities, while I often feel inadequate to carry out the tasks as hand. How shall I carry more? I am the least of the least, brought out of the darkness only because of your mercy and grace."

"This deep sorrow rips me apart and I feel so powerless. My Precious Lord, take this sorrow; for it is so great!" And, even as I say these words, I feel the sorrow lift until it is totally gone.

"Stand up, My Child and receive My Crown of Thorns. Yes, My Child, many may seek this crown, but few receive it; and, most would not want it; for it comes with a heavy price. But, My Little One, think not of a price; for the heavenly reward is greater than any price you would have to pay on this earth. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord. Tell me about this crown."

"It is a gift from me to My Faithful, as I decide to bestow it. My Child, the price paid for it is great suffering; yet I paid the price for it already. The benefits you shall reap are more of My mind in you, more of My Spirit in you, more of My faith, courage, and hope in you and more of My heart in you. These, My Child, I freely give; for you have given freely. But, as you have paid a price to receive, so shall the serious minded pay this price to receive this spiritual blessing. It adds up to spiritual discipline over time."

"Now, My Little One, receive this wreath of flowers from the Saints of the Most High. Absorb it into your body and be healed."

"My Lord, as you say this, I see that the wreath is absorbed into my body. And, suddenly I am back in the living room of our house."

" ‘Tis so, My Child. Now finish typing Book IV today and I shall soon begin dictation of Book V; which you are to send out through the mail as I have warned you; and under the conditions I have set forth."

"Yes, My Lord."

"I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated, and recorded this 6th day of May, 1999,
Linda Newkirk


Because of the flowers, I was healed of a pain, which had bothered me for months.

About the Crown of Thorns … In recent weeks a relative spoke to me of this Crown of Thorns. He told me of certain spiritual blessings associated with this crown and advised me to seek the Lord in this. I prayed about such a crown, as I had never thought of anyone receiving it; but Our Lord had not spoken to me about it before now. I know that He has revealed it here that you know of this crown, that you may have it as your soul is ready.


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