From the Mountain, Book IV


"The Cricket and the Newspaper, and more"

"Precious Child, blessed are you; for you come once more to climb My Holy Mountain and to swim the pure River. Child, yours is a great battle and life is very hard for you; but remember, My Child: I shall never desert you, for I am sealed to you. And, by nature of your being sealed to Me, you are sealed to your Father. Though Lucifer shall mock and stalk the ones, who are sealed, he shall meet with failure in those, who serve Me in truth. For, I shall make his works come to naught."

"My Children, you have been told not to believe your senses; for your senses lie. Your senses want to believe what your media tells you. Lucifer knows that he is guaranteed a time, so you must understand that the Luciferians will get bolder and bolder and more and more oppressive. Fear not, My Children; for through your faith you will overcome. Through your faith, you will take authority over this evil and rid your homes of its dark influences. You have several years of persecution and darkness; but I am the Light of the World. Those, who do not know Me are already lost in the darkness. Those, who cling to Me and serve Me and serve your Father’s purposes, shall have light in the midst of the greatest night. Fear not, My Little Ones; but you must work, work, work; for a great night is falling and many, many millions, yea even billions will soon be exiting the earth sphere. Those, who love and serve Me, will be hunted like animals and killed. If you are found and captured, go readily. Do not meet violence with violence. If it is the will of God, the Father, your life will be spared. Seek His will in all things. I am merciful and your Father is merciful; and through this mercy, many of your will not feel the sting of death. Know, this, believe it and; and ask for this mercy."

"Now, My Child, let us go back to the message of the 2nd of December and finish up with the Pirate’s booklet."

"Yes, My Lord, we have finished with the spotted dog lapping up milk, but I have one question, ‘Who is the spotted dog?’"

"My Child, Bill Clinton is the spotted dog."

"You mean, black and white, which stands for good laced with darkness."

"Exactly. Full or lies."

"Tell me more about the tune, ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home."

"Well, this refers to Clinton, of course, leading the marching band."

"But, My Lord, he won’t be marching in the US marching band much longer."

"Exactly, Child. He will come marching home, but unfortunately for him, his home is one of great darkness, even into the Lake of Fire and torment. My Child, he has fooled many a one; but this spotted dog does not fool Me or your Father."

"This is why we find the spotted dog in the Russian notebook of deceit."

"You see both Bill and Hillary in the notebook. Fools are those, who cast a vote for Hillary. Remember, Child, the two would still be living as husband and wife if he had not gotten caught. All these years, she supported his evil works because they served her well. She knew of them, but remember: She has also lived a life of perverse sexual relationships. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord; and they would never divorce all those years because he could bring down the house of cards on her."


"So, when we go to the 9th Page of the Pirate’s booklet and see that ‘Jimmeny Cricket was here’; and we see the cricket eating newspapers, does this relate to all the shredded Clinton documents?"

"’Yes’ and ‘No’, My Child. It relates to the black truck before you."

"My Lord, I am looking at a very old black truck from maybe the ‘30s."

"’Tis so."

"And, this black truck has a driver, who is wearing a black cap, like those worn by the old taxi drivers. But, the mouth of the driver is taped shut. In the back of the truck are six five-gallon jugs, which bear a clear liquid. This truck is parked along side a curb and the name of the street is Pennsylvania Avenue. I have no idea why I am seeing this."

"No, Child, not yet. But, open the hood of the truck and write as you see."

"My Lord, there is no engine. And, in its place is a wooden tray filled with all many, small paper packets; which are sealed shut. Beside the packets is a long string of white pearls and on the pearls are the words ‘Words of Wisdom.’ I open the packets one by one and am very surprised to see that all contain only shredded paper."

" ‘Tis so, Child; but you have not seen all. There is a secret compartment in the bottom of the tray below the packets and the pearls. Open it."

"My Lord, I remove the packets and place them alongside the pearls outside the truck on the curb; but as I do so, a stiff wind sweeps by and grabs hold of every one, carrying them hither and yon across the street. I continue on as you direct, removing next the wooden floor of the tray. What a cloud of dust and mold! I can hardly get my breath! I step back to watch the moldy dust lifting from the bottom of the tray and swirling, much like a dust devil. This dust is working up a storm, which goes on for two or three minutes. My Lord, there are people underneath this swirling, moldy mess. Clearly, I see Hitler talking with another, whom I believe to be Mussolini. Hitler raises his pants leg to show a knife in a case and Mussolini is muttering words I do not understand. Before them is a bottle of whiskey; and both are drinking from shot glasses. Beneath the table is a huge cricket, which looks like Jimmeny Cricket; and it is busy chewing up newspaper. Beside it is a pile of newspaper, which has been chewed into tiny pieces. My Lord, I do not understand what I am seeing."

"No, My Child, you do not; but remember that you saw the cricket on the 9th page of the Pirate’s booklet."

"Yes, My Lord; but what does the truck represent?"

"Child, this truck is called ‘shame and disgrace.’"

"So, why is the driver’s mouth closed?"

"Because he is the driver of the truck."

"Still, I am lacking on understanding."

"Child, look at the six bottles."

"My Lord, they look like water; but as I look closer I see that they are filled with all manner of body parts."

"’Tis so, Child. They are filled with all manner of body parts."

"Tell me more about this, My Lord."

"Child, this black truck is parked on Pennsylvania Avenue (For those living in other lands, Pa. Ave is the street on which the White House is located.)"

"I see this, My Lord."

"Child, look at the wheels of the truck."

"My Lord, I see that it has no tires, but only rims."

"Exactly, it is not going anywhere."

"But, My Lord, I seem to be missing something."

"Child, you need to know that this truck serves the White House well."


"Through Hitler and Mussolini."

"You mean, through Communism and Fascism."


"But, I do not fully understand the role of the cricket."

"Child, you will never find a record of communism or fascism in the White House; for all has been chewed up and destroyed."

"Why are Hitler and Mussolini drinking whiskey?"

"Their drunkenness rules the USA."

"What do you mean?"

"Child, their drunken uninhibited state has taken over the USA. They are uninhibited and wild in what they are doing to the USA and around the world. Their goal is to conquer all and leave no paper trail."

"I understand this, but why are the body parts in the jug and why are there six jugs?"

"There are six jugs for six strong years of killing for body parts. Many of your youth, who have disappeared, have been killed for body parts. Child, this has become a huge market and will only increase during the next six years. Many in power have received the body parts of innocent youth. The Luciferians desire to kill innocent Christian youth and wear their body parts. And, the government, which is ruling your country, is in on it. These ruthless people are Clinton’s friends; he runs in this circle and he is a spotted dog to the core. This is a deep shame, Child; and it is hushed up."

"But, why am I seeing a truck of the 30’s era?"

"Because, My Child, the ruthless form of government, which took hold all these years past, in Germany and Italy is thriving well in the capitol of the USA. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God.


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of January 1999,
Linda Newkirk


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