From the Mountain, Book IV


The Vision of the US House of Representatives


"My Precious Child, I am Master Jesus, full of love and mercy for My Beloved Sheep. The world mourns beneath the weight of oppression; and wars of rumors of wars rage.

My Little One, you have asked for extra strength and anointing this day so as to be able to work on the next "Message." Find yourself upon My Holy Mountain with My sword in your right hand and the rod of Moses clutched to your chest. Child, take the rod of Moses and hit the top of the US House seven times."

"Yes, My Lord, I have taken the rod and have done as you have asked, hitting the top of this building seven times. And, suddenly, I see a great fire start in the middle of the floor in the House, which is the fire of God; and it travels up and down the aisles and rows quickly. Some don’t seem to notice, but others cower and hide beneath the seats. I hear the voice of Our Father Jehovah, which is loud and resounding like many thunders and He says, "I am a just God, full of mercy and compassion, but with the USA and its immorality, I am angered. I crack my whip over this House and blood shall run down the aisles!"

Immediately, I see blood running down the aisles, entering the rows, building up around the ankles of those sitting there, but they do not seem to notice it. The blood quickly climbs up their legs and bodies until it completely covers them and they sit as if frozen, not making a sound, save a gurgle here and there. Beyond, the blood-covered members of the House is Henry Hyde, standing before them, a mighty statesman; and now and then the sound of the gavel punctuates Mr. Hyde’s speech.

A large, black snake swims around in the blood and hisses now and then. But, all continues to be quiet, save Mr. Hyde, who is speaking. Out of his mouth come Your Words, My Lord Jesus:

"You are a nation of vipers, a sorry people, who have given way to lies over truth. You have failed to be vigilant and evil has taken you over. On your hands is the blood of innocents and you bother not to look or be responsible; instead you applaud liars and give deference to murderers. Woe to America! Woe to the USA! For, you have dropped the babe of peace. Blind, you have led nations to war as you have pushed out God. You have allowed the murders of millions of innocent babes and the blood is upon you. Shall you escape the end-result of your murders? Nay, for when you fall from grace and love killing and what it can do, you fall under the law and the law is an eye for an eye."


"Few in this House know Me, but Henry Hyde pushes for truth. Black is not white and white is not black, but huge numbers have forgotten this. A murderous government and lying and deceiving Congress have taken over the land as you have allowed it. Where are the righteous, who stand for truth and fear not their loss of life for truth? Where are the preachers of The Word, who should be warning the flock of the ravenous wolves? Yea, you have become a nation of vipers, who thrive on violence and love complacency. The blood of the innocents rests not only upon your leaders, but on every one, who has loved a lie over truth. It rests upon everyone, who straddles the fence and loves both sides.

Yea, I spew the lukewarm out of my mouth. I want none of this. Those, who love Me love righteousness, are on fire for truth. They sit not idly by, doing nothing; but are armed with truth, prayer and fasting, they forge ahead. They never give up, but grow in determination, so long as they live and they stand for righteousness at all costs.

What kind of person gives up when the pressure builds? What kind of person says "yea" when I say "nay?" What kind of person backs down because the group goes one way, but I say go another?

Yea, My Children, know that mine are being put through the fire. Your weaknesses are being brought to the surface. Will you sink because of them? Or, will you rise to new and greater heights in Me, as you desire truth, and righteousness?

I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of December, 1999,
Linda Newkirk

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