From the Mountain, Book IV


Innuendo and Cover-up

"Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus; and I honor your prayers, especially as regards the souls, who are lost to the Luciferian ways and held captive in the underground tunnels and labs. Many of them never see the light of day. They are held in total darkness, save the small amount of light, which drifts down the tunnel corridors. They are skin and bones, subject to the worst of concentration camp conditions."

"Why don’t the just kill them? This would be merciful."

"Child, as those in times past, such as Hitler and Stalin; they get strength from the suffering of others."


"Yes, My Child. They suck up the energies given off through suffering, and this energy actually feeds their frenzy, much like what the mass murderers do. They feed on suffering; it is actually food to them. Child, you read of the Russian plan to reinstate the gulags and their statements of making the prisoners work and suffer until they die. Suffering feeds them with energy and fans their evil as oxygen fans a fire."

"My Lord, this is sad; and it makes me feel sick."

"For this same reason, Child, they have reinstated the concentration camps among you, to torture you, to watch you suffer in agony as they watched Me."

"My Lord, what can we do?"

"Child, you can organize and converge on your congress about them; for they should not be among you. Stop their secret works by making them known. But, you must do more than make their works known. You must deluge your congress with mail, phone calls and visits demanding to know about these evil works and demand that these camps be destroyed! Do you understand? Demand that they be bulldozed under. Destroyed. Each of you must stop being passive. Armed with the truth about these camps, demand that they be shut down! Child, all of you vigilant ones must work; for the night is upon you. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"You cannot keep turning your back on the works of these Luciferians. You have a war on your hands, Child; and already you are in the midst of it, while the people are lulled to sleep by the lying, rogue Jews. Child, the story of the lying, rogue Jews is deep, deep, deep; and we shall get into this soon!"

"My Lord, I know that they want to take me out. How long do I have?"

"Child, you may have many years, depending on your desire to live. This constant war wears you down and it is not easy for you. But, I am with you and so are many angels. And, remember that your Father Jehovah never leaves your side. Soon, Child, you shall see His glory. And, so shall your husband."

"My Precious Lord, I beg to see Your glory and that of my Father and I await this in love and obedience, in anticipation, yet patience. For, in all things, the will of God be done."

"Now, My Child, you have questions still about the prophecy of December 02, 1998."

"Yes, my Lord, the Fifth Page of the Pirate’s Book says Innuendo and Cover-up. These killed Bill Clinton."

"Child, you see that Bill Clinton is faced with impeachment, but My Child, this impeachment is scarcely about Monica Lewinsky, or even about his lying under oath. It goes much deeper into things like grand theft, murder for hire, fraud and money laundering. My Child, these things are known but have been craftily covered up and hidden by Bill Clinton and his Luciferian allies. His downfall covers a string of dark deeds, which would make Richard Nixon look like a schoolboy. But, his innocent face and your Jewish rogue press cover for him as he carries their agenda well."

"Which is?"

"To tear down your military and open you up for foreign invasion. Child, when have you seen a president so willing to go into war at the drop of a pin?"


"This is right."

"He is willing to risk your invasion on any given day. But, My Child, you must remember the mind control being used on him; and since he is evil to the core, the mind control works well."

"My Lord, tell me more about how this mind control works."

"My Child, the Luciferians have used mind control through electronic impulses. People, who are unstable emotionally, or who are given to dark impulses, exhibit increased aggression, especially those in the inner city ghettos. But, those, who are righteous, are not as easily affected; and they know this. However, they continue to scheme and in so doing have been able to infiltrate many churches with messages like, ‘everything is just fine.’ And, the federal number for tax-free status has also been used to maintain control over them. After all, a money-oriented church will not bite the Luciferian hand, which gives it tax-free status. For, this reason, many of your churches will not ‘see.’ In addition, with this tax ID number comes a Luciferian covering, which is unseen to those, who accept it."

"My Lord, I have seen this covering over the churches and it is very scary."

"Now, My Child, do you understand the above statements about Clinton?"

"Yes, My Lord, but why is all this about Clinton in the Pirate’s notebook?"

"Child, it is in the notebook because Clinton is part of the pirate’s leg."

"You mean that he is an extension of communism?"

"Yes, My Child, but this walk will backfire on Clinton and he will die an early death because of it."


"Child, he knows too much. He is a weak link and no longer needed."

"My Lord, open the eyes of the members of the congress and make them see the rogues running this country. Make them read every bill and be accountable. Please, My Lord, start a fire among them. I am begging you to help us, please, my Lord. We are in dire need."

"So, I shall, My Little One. Go this day in peace and know that I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of December 1999,
Linda Newkirk

My Precious Brothers, much has come to pass since I was given this prophecy. We have seen the liars in the Senate uphold and love a lie when they voted not guilty for Bill Clinton. This decision marked this country and for this dark deed our Father has poured out a great darkness over the White House. His anger has been severely stirred and this country as a whole is about to be severely judged. This shall come swiftly now and many shall never know what happened as they die in the aftermath of great tragedies.


The Glory of the Lord…

Note: For several weeks, I begged to see the glory of the Lord and one night perhaps a month or so after the above prophecy, I dreamt that I was visiting with an elderly aunt, who died about a year ago. In this dream, she looked much younger and was teaching a class of alcoholics and drug addicts. I meandered to the back of the class and listened for a minute or so and left through the back door of the classroom, finding myself not exiting, but entering a smaller room. I noticed that I was carrying a few objects, which appeared to be plates. I looked around the room and noticed that it was bare save a very long table.

As I looked at a corner just across the room, I could see a light begin to emerge within it. As I beheld the light it began to grow in size and intensity until it became very bright, as bright as the sun. Its radiance began to frighten and overpower me. Within the all-consuming light, I began to see the form of a man, and he radiated with the light of the sun. Trembling and overcome with this power, which filled the whole room, I fell upon my face, knowing that I was beholding the glory of our Lord Jesus, our Beloved Christ.

The powerful force of the light caused the plates to shatter into myriad pieces, as they were forced from my arms. I believe that the plates are the plates upon which the Mormon church is founded and that they shall all be shattered by the light of our Lord. For seven years, I belonged to the Mormon Church, and have often wondered whether The Book of Mormon is based on fact of myth. In this dream, our Lord shows me that He is going to shatter the myth of these plates.

Because I was literally forced on my face, and cowered in fear because of the power of the glory of the Lord, I now understand why every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord. It is woe for those, who do not know or understand His love and power. For, He comes this time not to make peace, but to make war. He comes not as a dove, but as a lion. He comes not with the staff, but with the sword. Woe, woe, woe to those, who reject the truth of our Lord; for they shall wander aimlessly in darkness.

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