From the Mountain, Book IV


"A Lie is a Lie and More…"

"My Precious Child, I am you Master Jesus. Yea, today is the eve of your Christmas Day; but sadly, Child, this day has become a mockery of Me and what I stand for. Child, did I not come to show you a simple and uncomplicated way? Yet, The masses love glamour. They love the illusion of Christmas and get lost in its ‘stuff.’ Child, if you do not give from the heart, it is pointless to give."

"My Lord, I understand and feel a great freedom in being delivered from the desire to give to feed the merchants’ commercial markets. True giving is a release in my soul and it brings in your Spirit."

"’Tis so, Child. For, charity is filled with love and charity blesses the one, who gives and the one, who receives; for it is full of love and compassion. Charity makes the world go ‘round."

"My Lord, I understand."

"Now, My Little One, find yourself high upon My Holy Mountain; and you are standing on a narrow ledge. The wind of My Spirit blows swiftly bringing a coolness, but a warmth to your soul."

"Yes, My Lord, this is so; but today I feel so ragged and old."

"My Child, you are neither ragged nor old. Now, Little One, take the key called ‘Jesus is the key’ from the ring around your waist and go deep into the River to Door Five. You have questions about the sixth item in the Pirate’s notebook and this question is ‘A lie is a lie is a lie.’"

"Yes, My Lord, I have questions about this and more. I take the key as you say and I place it in the door before me and suddenly I am swept into the crystalline Aquamarine River and feel myself radiating with its pure beauty. Down, down, down I swim in this pure River, engulfed in its cleansing waves. I emerge from the river and enter the hallway going to Door Five. The door, seeming to sense my presence, swings open before me and I enter beholding the chair, in which I have sat before. However, it seems that the heavens are opened up and where I would have seen a terrain bathed in white, I am beholding a night sky with many twinkling stars and even a spiral nebula. It seems as if I am on the edge of space looking far into its enigmatic beauty."

"Child, you are on the edge of Heaven, itself."

"On the edge?"

"Indeed, for the River has taken you here. But, for now, sit in the chair and we shall discuss item six of the Pirate’s booklet."

"My Lord, I have gotten a real handle on a lie is a lie is a lie and how it pertains to Bill Clinton."

"Yes, My Child; for he is a steward or Lucifer. He serves the same master as the pirate; and the truth does not reside in Lucifer or in those, who serve him. What you have seen of Bill Clinton as regards lying, you will always see; for he knows no other say. He worships Lucifer and is guided by Lucifer and by others, who also serve him. They do not care about Bill Clinton. It is just that Clinton has served them and Lucifer well and they may not have another, who is as effective next time."

"My Lord, because so many cannot tell the difference between the truth and a lie and love a lie and what it can do for them means that we are in serious trouble as a nation."

"You are and for this very reason you shall fall as a nation. Long ago, you, as a people, gave up on the notion of honesty in government. Now, My Child, at the 12th hour, you will try to reinstate honesty; but you are fighting an up-hill battle. Communists (Luciferians) have taken over the USA from the top and they govern the USA in secret. But, do not give up, My Child. Never give up on truth. Never! Never!"

"My Lord, truth is my life. There is no other reason to live, save to serve truth. My Lord, you are our truth."

"’Tis so, My Child; now let us proceed to item Seven of the Pirate’s Booklet."

"My Lord, it says, "Blusterous blunders shall plague those, who love darkness."

"Yes, My Child, look at Russia and its blusterous blunders. It is in ruins because of its game to manipulate the world. And, the red tide is running Russia, but beneath the red is great blackness. Internal corruption has caused the disintegration of Russia and its satellites; but do not be deceived. They have enough fire power to destroy the whole world."

"My Lord, I beg you to destroy their evil bombs in mass. Cause them to malfunction."

"Child, you shall see this come to pass in. Many of their bombs shall fall on their own cities."

"How so?"

"Through blusterous blunders."

"When, My Lord?"

"Have you not seen this in the spring of ’99?"

"I have."

"Then, you shall see this and more."

"What about the USA?"

"Aren’t you in a mess?"

"Yes, My Lord, with wars and rumors of wars."

"Yes, My Child; but this is not all. Look."

"What am I seeing, My Lord, out in the night sky?"

"Child, you are seeing a Luciferian fleet of space ships about to converge on the Earth."

"About to converge?"

"This is so."

"Many shall see them in open day light cruising your skies. They hold many of you captive and are using you as slaves. They have implanted many of your bodies with chips and blast you with mind control torture."

"How many are captive on these ships?"

"Many thousands."

"Don’t people know that they are missing?"

"They do; but fear that the missing are dead. Many have been lost for years."

"How much worse is this going to get?"

"Much worse."

"When will these craft begin to be visible to the people?"

"In February ’99."


"Over large cities like Paris, Rome and even in the USA in cities like Atlanta, Ga. Many will see them stationed in the skies for hours. Unfortunately, many will believe them to be friendly and will die for it."


"They will be targeted and sucked aboard them, where they will be implanted. Also, My Child, the irradiation given off by these ships is very dangerous. It is cancer causing; and it will destroy the electromagnetic fields around your body and open you up to disease."

"My Lord, we feel so powerless."

"Yes, My Child, but you are not powerless. You have Me and your Father. So, get busy fasting and praying for their demise. Your Father will protect you and so will I as well as many leagues of angels. You are not in this war alone; but you have an endless supply of backups. Fear not, My Child; but be at peace in Me."

"My Lord, You are our only Way, our precious salvation for which I am filled with great humility, love and peace. My Lord, I am not afraid and ask only that the will of our Father be done in all things and to His glory."

"Very well, Child; let us proceed to the Eighth Page of the Pirate’s booklet, which shows a spotted dog lapping up milk to the tune of ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Child, what does the spotted dog represent?"

"My Lord, I do not know."

"Go to his side and open the door. What do you see?"

"I see Bill Clinton in bed with Hillary and he is caressing her shoulder and saying, ‘I love you, Hillary.’" But, suddenly, Hillary turns into a rabid dog with fangs, which are dripping blood. This rabid dog then turns into a demon, which looks like a dragon and leaps out of bed and onto the windowsill of the open window. The dragon/demon/Hillary suddenly jumps through the open window and lands on the White House lawn, where it sits on a white bench. Once again, this demon turns into Hillary and it sits on the bench cracking and eating peanuts. As she flicks the shells out onto the lawn, she repeats, ‘Love you, love you not, love you, love you not.’ However, quickly she stops the chant; and she leaps back through the window and goes to Bill and says, ‘Bill, we’ve gotta go. They’re kicking us out!’ But, Bill will not awaken. ‘We’ve gotta go, dammit Bill, they’re kicking us out!’ But, Bill will not awaken. Instead he is caught up in a dream and sees himself leading a marching band. The band is called US Marching Band and Bill leads it, marching along, blowing his whistle; and the band obediently follows. Now and then, Bill turns and makes them play, ‘Hail to the Chief.’

"Suddenly, Hillary turns into a black puddle and is reduced to the size of a midget of maybe only three feet high. She keeps on calling to Bill, "We’ve gotta go, we’ve gotta go! They’re kicking us out! But, Bill will not awaken. Suddenly, a large bucket of ice water tips over from above and falls right on Bill. He awakens with a startle and sits up in bed. Breathless and frightened, he takes a handkerchief from a maid and dries his face. He looks before him, and he can barely make out what he sees, but he knows that there is writing in the light before him. "It says, Bill Clinton impeached by small margin."

"So, My Lord, he shall be made to leave office."

"Child, go back to the Mop Squad. Remember this."

"Yes, My Lord."

"And, Hussein and others came for Clinton and put him in the trash truck."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Well, you shall see Hillary Clinton push him out of the White House in a wheel chair and you shall see shots ring out around your land. Bill Clinton’s actions shall bring down the USA as your sleeping president has served Lucifer well. Child, we shall stop for today. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of December 1999,
Linda Newkirk

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