From the Mountain, Book IV

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"Child, see the door before you called ‘obedience.’"

"Yes, My Lord Jesus."

"Open it."

I step forward and enter through the door, realizing quickly that I am upon The Holy Mountain of The Lord and in His Upper Room. Within this room, I see Moses and He says, ‘My Little One, see this shiny pan. Take it.’ So, I take the pan, which looks very radiant as if it is made of platinum; and immediately, I hear rumbling as that of many thunders and I am caught up in a terrible shaking.

Soon, the rumbling and shaking subside, and I behold something in the pan, which resembles a small, brick of gold. Puzzled, I gaze at this brick; soon realizing that a fog has appeared around me engulfing Moses. Beyond the fog is a radiant light, which is as brilliant as the sun. And within the fog, I hear Moses saying, ‘Child, step through the fog; come, make the steps. I know that you cannot see where you are going, but put one foot in front of the other, making small steps; and soon you will be through the fog.’

So, I put one foot in front of the next and make very small steps through this dense fog, aware that the ground is rocky. As I move forward, I reach out and touch a large rock called ‘procrastination.’ I pass this rock and find myself readily on a bridge; and beyond the end of the bridge is Moses. "Look down, Child, he says." I see a pirate looking up at me; and he says, "Steal. See, I steal these prophecies and make them my own."

"My Lord, who is this pirate and what does he mean by his remarks?"

"Child, listen to Moses."

"Little One," Moses says, "take your sword and stab the pirate in his heart."

"As you say, Moses." So, I take the sword of righteousness and I push it into the heart of the pirate. Immediately, the pirate dissolves into a black puddle and Pope John Paul II emerges within it. Shaking ‘holy water’ over the area of this dark circle, the Pope moves slowly ‘round and ‘round, moving but never going anywhere.

"Little One," Moses says, "these prophecies have reached the hands of the world leaders. They will try to steal them and make them out to be lies. But, the more they try to do so, the more they will be proven wrong. They will even try to discredit you about a future invasion of the USA, but they will not succeed. What you must do is to get through the fog. You cannot see where you are going, but I can. Your Father can and Our Beloved Master Jesus can. Child, remember that the pirate is killed by the sword of righteousness. Now, look to the right; what do you see?"

"I see an angel with the three completed prophecy books. They are bound as one book, and are called "From the Mountain Series." Then, I see more books on a table, but they are not bound; and they are called "From the Mountain Series, Books Four, Five and Six." An angel appears beside the new books, raises his hand over them, and directs great light into them, which is full of stars and diamonds."

"These books begin to burn with a white fire and I see Book IV, called "Into the Millenium", stand up on the table. Beyond the table, I see Our Lord Jesus on a white horse. Around the neck of the horse is a sign on a platinum chain; and the sign reads, ‘Israel Forever Mine.’ As I watch Our Lord upon his horse, the Fifth Book stands up on the table amidst the burning, white fire; and the whole room begins to vibrate. Books IV and V fall off the table and I see writing on Book VI, which says, ‘The Final Victory.’ These three books come together and explode into a great light, but the first three books remain bound. Suddenly, a great angel…"

"Child, this is Timothy," our Lord Jesus says."

"Then, Timothy comes and takes all six books and loads them into a wheelbarrow; and on its wheels are the words, ‘Round and Round." Timothy pushes the wheelbarrow to a very steep cliff, dumps the books over it; and they tumble down, one by one, until they reach a door, called, ‘The King’s Door.’ The door opens and the books tumble through the door, gliding one by one onto a shelf called, ‘From whence they came.’ Beautiful music, like that of many harpsichords, plays as I behold You, Our Beloved Jesus, in all your glory."

"Child, I shall not forsake you; I am always with you. You have worked hard to finish the first three books, which are bound; but I am setting them all free. See how they fly though the sky in great numbers, filtering down on many and into their hands. Child, there are a few believers, who will come forth to help in these works. I promise this. Do not worry about how this shall be, just know that it will take place. And, do not worry about where you shall go, what you shall do, and how you will be provided for. I provide. (Note: All these things spoken by Our Lord to me have come true, even and especially His words about those, sent by Our Lord to help in these works. This fall, I had a dream about someone knocking on our front door; and when I went to the door, there was Our Lord Jesus with many singing children. They all sang so beautifully and I felt so blessed. Indeed, Our Lord has brought many Singing Children to our door and we are pleased to know all of you. You have helped with Our Lord’s works in searching for and disseminating truths to others; and you have blessed us with your precious spirits. I pray that Our Lord blesses each of you and your families mightily; and that in these coming times of great adversity you shall not want.)

"Yea, Child, you are troubled about the behavior of one called to prophecy. Remember the narrow way and that I will take those from around you, who try to manipulate."

"Yes, My Lord."

"As for others stealing these works, it would be better for them if they had a millstone around their necks and were cast into the ocean. These works will destroy anyone, who tries to destroy them. These works are the handiwork of Me and your Father. Remember this, Child. Respect it and go in deep humility."

"Yes, My Lord, I know this and it frightens me because I know I am so inferior."

"Child, this work is very serious and when one detracts from its purposes they will be removed. I want your attention on Me and Your Father. Woe to those, who try to manipulate and control you. If others knew of the power behind these works, they would fear them. Now, Child, look ahead and write."

"My Lord, I see gold writing on a sign, which says, "Knock three times." A dense fog then engulfs the sign, receding slowly and leaving a white door in its place. The door is closed, but a bright light shines beneath the door. As the door flies open, My Lord, you stand before me. I fall to your feet in humility, for I feel so overcome by your power; Your love, grace are overwhelming; and as I clutch your feet, I feel and see holy fire shoot from them. I can’t stop crying as I am filled with such overpowering love and sadness. "My Lord, my troubles have been so great; and I have missed you so."

"Child, this is known. My love rests within you and my blessings are upon you for greater works in Me. Know that I have more work for you to do. Go forward. I shall not allow these last three books to set bound and stagnant. I am turning them free. This has nothing to do with anything you do, but what I do. Do not worry about this. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of August, 1998,
Linda Newkirk

And, Our Lord set the prophecy books free in His time and in His own way…

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