From the Mountain, Book IV


The Senate Prophecy

"As I prayed this morning, our Lord Jesus said, ‘Take the rod of Moses and hit the Senate chamber seven times.’ So, I took the rod and pounded the Senate seven times. Then, I saw a great fire start in the Senate and heard sounds of breaking, crashing glass. Then, I beheld glass falling in great shards all around the periphery of the Senate. From within the clamor of the breaking glass, I heard our Father God Jehovah say, ‘A portion of mine anger!’ Immediately I saw a huge bucket appear over the Senate; and it began to pour out a liquid fire called ‘Wrath of God.’"

"The wrath of God fire spread throughout the Senate; and it began to escalate in intensity. Amidst the roaring fire, I heard our Father Jehovah say, ‘A double portion for the White House!’ Suddenly I saw two buckets appear over the White House and from the buckets came a double portion of this roaring fire. Clearly, I saw the words, ‘seducing spirits’ among the flames. The fire filled with seducing spirits poured into the White House, quickly overcoming it, rushing out the doors and windows, and heading down Pennsylvania Avenue. It burned a road into the Capitol Building; its red flames shooting upward creating a great cloud of smoke. This cloud of smoke resembled a great mushroom cloud from an atomic explosion; and within the smoke I saw the words: ‘Lucifer’s Delight!’"

"Then, I heard music like that of an Irish tune; with the voice of a man singing: ‘Weep no more my lady!’ Suddenly, the arm holding the torch broke off the Statue of Liberty, and it came crashing down, taking away the light from The Lady. As I looked upon her face, I saw tears streaming abundantly from her eyes; and she muttered, ‘Justice for a penny. Freedom for a dime. For a nickel, a place in any man’s pocket.’ Then, the statue began to cough; and plumes of dark smoke belched from her mouth. Upon the smoke rode words in a stream, much like those pulled behind airplanes in advertising campaigns. These are the words I saw:

‘Liberty is as liberty does,
A rope,
A noose,
A hangman’s noose.

For, hope divine
Is all that’s left
For a giant so blind.

It is blind.
It is blind.’

The statue continued to spew out great plumes of smoke and to shed many more tears; and alas, I heard more words coming from within the smoke and tears:

‘No hope for me,
You see.

No hope for me,
Save what is shed
In the blood,
Of The Perfect Man Divine

With the plan
Of salvation for all.

For, I am dead,
Save for His grace.

Look at my face.
It is black
With the soot
Of unrepentant sin.

Save for His grace,
No one can win.
No one can win!

Then, I looked out across New York City and it was very dark, with muted lights twinkling here and there. Across the city and for miles above the city lay a dark, heavy blanket; and from within the blanket of darkness, I heard the voice of a young child cry out. Suddenly, a beautiful, perfect, blond child emerged from within the darkness; and the child said, "Help me; for I am a Child of God; and, I shall not be consumed of this darkness. Yea, within me is a ray of hope for all humanity. Yea, I am a Child of God and I shall not be lost.’

"Yea, ‘tis so, Child. I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of February, 1999,
Linda Newkirk


After thoughts of the tragedy in the Senate

In this message you see that Our Father has poured out His wrath on the Senate and has given the White House a double portion, filling the White House and the Capitol Building with his wrath and hoards of seducing spirits. We see the fire of God’s anger and see that the US Capitol is Lucifer’s delight. Why? Because so many love lies, and what lies can do for them. When the votes rolled in, time after time lovers of lies stood up and voted not guilty. By making these blasphemous choices before God and all mankind, they have become cohorts in Lucifer’s plan of deception for the American people and the world. They have chosen darkness over light; they have been bought with a penny, a nickel, or a dime.

On the day of this vote, you witnessed firsthand the political whores and prostitutes in control of this country. This is a sad day in this land, and I believe that a great judgment will befall this land very, very soon. Each senator, who voted to cover up for Clinton, to put him above the law, will fall under the Clinton curses in some way. In time, we will see this come to pass in the lives of many, many of them. They will lose in many ways, whether it is through sickness, disease, death, poverty and so on.

In previous prophecies, you may have read of the vision wherein the congress of the USA is shut down; it lights are put out. These elected officials had a choice to follow God’s laws and to follow the laws of the land. They had a choice to do what is right; and they have let us down. They have let God down. They have made our system of government a mockery before the world, placing themselves above the law.

Woe, woe, woe to the political whores, who have been bought for a penny, a nickel, or a dime. Our Father’s wrath has fallen upon them and upon the government of this once great land!

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