From the Mountain, Book VII


Chapter One

"The Mystery Mark"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Blessings to you this day, My Child; and blessings to those, who read My words and receive My words with pure hearts. For, these are My children. Yes, My Child, deep calls to deep; and deep are My words in Book Seven. For many days, I have told you that Book Seven will start soon; and even yesterday I told you that Book Seven will begin today, as on this day I begin dictation, but in actuality it began on June 07, 2001. It began on My day and My number; for great are My words, which are to be revealed in this book. My child, I know that you want to know how this book shall be dispersed; and I say to you that it will be dispersed freely on the Internet. For, those, who want a written copy, they are to send $25.00. This will cover the cost of the book and the postage. Outside of the USA, they must send $20.00 extra for additional postage. To mail the same from the USA to some parts of the world will be more than $20.00; but all will even out.

"Cherished One, I know that you wonder what I could speak of which could be so majestic, so great, so full of My wonders; for this book contains My number, the number Seven, the number of Me, Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, as I said, "Deep calls to deep," and My mysteries shall be revealed herein. Unlike Books Five and Six, which all had to order, this book is free to all; for a great work among My people is at hand; and a great and terrible tragedy the world over is also at hand. For, the Antichrist is about to rise in Europe. You are seeing his handiwork in the many plagues, which are hitting the world on all fronts. But, before he steps forth, I shall pour out My Spirit in great measure and prepare My people spiritually for what is at hand. Yea, a great and terrible judgement, My judgement is upon the world; and Europe will suffer mightily; for Europe is the seat of world Satanism; and what is unfolding will be told by you and others of My prophets and apostles.


"The Mark"

"The 'mark,' My Child … Look at the Mark of the Beast!"

"My Father, I see fabric, and it is a beautiful fabric, which catches the light and shimmers in an iridescent way as if it is made of many colors. This fabric rolls out in front of me on something like a conveyor belt at first. Then, it seems that a wind catches the fabric and it is carried forth into the air, a most beautiful billowy fabric. Now, it seems to glow, a most beautiful, radiant fabric. Around and 'round this fabric swirls in the air as if it is caught up in a whirlwind. And, as I watch this fabric, the whirlwind picks up in speed. Then, suddenly, this fabric flattens out, as if the whirlwind causes it to flatten out; and the fabric seems to be a flattened whirlwind, which is spinning in layers, somewhat like a whirlpool in water, yet flat and with only a very small center, which whirls. Suddenly, the whirlpool, or whatever it is, begins to lose its sheen and darkness begins to set in. It is as if a very dark shadow begins to settles in over the whirlpool and I hear sounds, like sounds of a train, putting on its brakes; and out of this whirlpool I see a pair of black boots emerge. These are obviously attached to a person, but I do not see his face, only his boots.

"It seems suddenly as if the whirlpool is sucked up into the boots, where it dissolves. Now, I see the man, who wears these boots! He is dressed like a prince, with all manner of ornate and decorative attire, similar to that, which I have seen Prince Charles wear. But, he is not Prince Charles. However, I do see him at a table now with Prince Charles and they are sipping a glass of wine together. I see that Prince Charles looks up to this man and that he obeys him. He respects him and even seems to fear him. In the background, I am aware of the train. It is a black train; and back at the table I see once more this "prince" with Prince Charles. He is now puffed up, standing with his chest protruding; and he wears a black baton by his side. My Father, I hear the word, "charisma;" for this man has charisma. He is a powerful persuader of people, yet he is heartless and cruel. His heart is as black as ebony. My Father, surely this man is the antichrist!"

"You have seen it."

"But, My Father, tell me about the mystery of this fabric."

"You mean that it is woven together tightly, and that it is shimmering and beautiful."

"Yes, My Father."

"Oh, these are his works; and to the worldly they are beautiful. They are shimmering; for they offer to the worldly a great freedom, which is the cloth, floating in the wind. But, this freedom is short-lived, indeed! Once the people of the world come to admire this Satanic cloth and latch onto its empty promises of freedom, they shall enter into a Satanic whirlwind. This whirlwind of darkness shall get tighter and tighter upon the people of the world until it becomes a whirlwind of solid steel, which is as black as night. This whirlwind of evil is unyielding and those, who are trapped by its shiny allure will seal their fate, as if in steel. They will not be able to get out. The true author of this evil will emerge, who is the Antichrist, and he will bring forth the dark train of evil and destruction."

"My Father, what is his relationship to Prince Charles?"

"My Child, they are of the same family. But, remember this. The Antichrist has not taken his seat yet; for the height of deception has not arrived; and he is not fully empowered to do so."

"My Father, who empowers this man? You, or the devil?"

"My Child, I empower this man to utterly destroy the corrupt and to force Mine to choose either Me and My Son or the devil and his ways. And, this choice shall be forged through the mark of the devil."

"My Father, what is his mark?"

"Let me say this, My Child, that all, who enter into a covenant with Lucifer are marked by him. All churches, which have agreed to the 501 ( c) 3 have entered into a covenant with Lucifer, Satan, the devil and he has marked them. He has claimed them. This mark takes several forms and has several levels. One is the physical mark, a mark of ownership in the hand and forehead. Another is a spiritual mark, a spiritual covenant or agreement with Satan, Lucifer, the devil, which is binding spiritually. A third is an eternal agreement, which is binding through the eternities."

"And, what might the eternal agreement be?"

"A total renunciation of Me and My Son and a declaration that one is god!"

"My Father, this is what Lucifer, Satan, the devil, did when he started the war against you in Heaven!"

"This is so. He said, "I am God," and he fought Me. One Third of the hosts of Heaven also claimed themselves as gods, and they fought and were expelled. Nowadays, you have in the Earth ignorant souls, who have willfully entered into a covenant with Satan, Lucifer, the devil and they espouse his teachings, calling themselves gods. They have totally rebelled against Me and have sided with Lucifer in his on-going war."

"So, My Father, this war in Heaven just goes on down through the ages and Lucifer is continuing to build up his army with human souls, who say they are gods, and that they are truly parts of his army, making an eternal covenant with Lucifer that they are gods."

"This is so; and you see this in freemasonry and all religions and organizations, which have been founded by freemasonry."

"Oh, My! My Father, I understand that the Mormon Church was founded by freemasons and that even today Satanic sacrifices of humans, especially children, are done in the subterranean levels of these temples."

"This is so."

"And, some of the leaders are reptilian shapeshifters."

"This is so."

"And, My Father, they espouse eternal marriage and until recently, as I understand it, all took blood oaths in these temples."

"This is so."

"And, the Mormons are told that they are gods, gods in the making."

"You have known this to be true and it is yet true."

"But, My Father, you are saying that these people are entering into an eternal covenant with Lucifer."

"They have done it; and they know it not!"

"But, My Father, is the penalty different for one, who enters into such a covenant, knowing that they have entered into a covenant with the devil, than if they do not know?"

"Yes, indeed, but many know! The freemasons take increasingly more severe oaths until they give away all to Lucifer. They do so willingly, knowing what they are doing; and by the time that they reach the 32nd and 33rd degrees, they know exactly what they have done. Those, who enter, are dupes! But, My Child, member the beautiful cloth. They take what is good and of Me, what is Biblical and they mix it with all, which is dark and full of lies, which is of the devil. Mormonism is a huge diabolical cult. The people are in bondage, and they know it not! They believe many lies and willingly allow themselves to be controlled by reptilian hoards. Many of the Mormon children are sacrificed to the devil in the bowels of these temples and many little and precious children are sodomized and raped. Their lives are ruined. Many others are used by Lucifer in his mind control programs all over the USA and around the world. Yes, indeed, the church of Mormon is the devil's church, yet they are all made to believe a lie that this is the only true church. I ask you, My Child, when My Son, Yeshua, was on the Earth, what church did he belong to?"


"My Child, My church is free. It has My Son at the head. Those, who preach and teach at My Church are free; for they espouse no denomination. My gifts of Spirit flow freely in My Church; for it is not bound by shackles of the world. Those, who go in and out of My Church are healed and set free; for My true leaders are free. I am your Father in Heaven and we shall speak more on this."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8th day of June, 2001,
Linda Newkirk

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