From the Mountain, Book VII


Chapter Two

"Great Judgement for Europe!"

"My Beloved Child, hear Me speak this morning and know that I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Little do the masses know that as they sleep, they enemy advances on every front. Loud cries and protests the world over are heard against the UN/Satanic agenda; but look, My Child, the voices are few; and in many cases, the same ones cry out against these gross injustices over and over. I tell you, My Child, that the Antichrist has hit Europe with plagues and he is scheming on every front to waylay and subdue all peoples of the world; but I ask you, My Child, 'Have the people changed, who have been hit by the plagues?' Have they come back to Me in Europe? Have they repented? Nay, they have not! Though, they have been faced with grave hardships and losses, they continue on in their darkness and rebellion.

"Listen to Me, My Child, My whip is going to pop over Europe! It is going to burn the air; for it shall pop loudly and swiftly. Terror is coming down on Europe; but I tell you now that its effects shall be short-lived; for the people, in general, have lost their moral compasses. Tragedy is about to hit Europe in an even greater way and a fervent heat shall soon melt a third part of Europe, but I say to you, 'Do you believe, even then, that the people will repent?'

"No, My Father, I do not believe that the masses will, … that only that a few here and there will repent."

"I tell you, My Child, that you are entering therein the time of the great sorting, the goats on one side and the sheep on the other, the wheat here and the chaff there. This is a time of sorting and it is fixed. The train of destiny is set to start off soon and the harvest is ready for the plucking. Here and there the train of destiny will stop and its ride will mark a turning point for all upon the face of the Earth. You have seen the train of destiny in the first chapter of Book VII and I tell you, My Child, that this train is real and it is charged up and running, ready to head out across Europe. My Little One, in many of the visions, which have been given you by the Spirit of God, you have seen calamity strike Europe. You have seen war hit Europe and you have been told that the Antichrist will rise in Europe; but My Child, hearken unto Me; for you have not seen what is about to hit Europe. Many in Europe are smug; for they believe that the USA will be destroyed by war and that they will go free. Alas, My Child, what utter foolishness! What utter nonsense! Europe, the whole of Europe, is under shackles of the Antichrist. The stench of rebellion in Europe is foul! The stench has hit My nostrils and it is putrid! The rebellion among leaders and lay people alike is worse than that of Jerusalem before it was destroyed! It is worse than that of Babylon and Rome alike! Yea, every evil vice is made to look good; for evil has been give a wide license! Oh, wicked Europe, you believe that you will come out unscathed; for My anger is upon America. But, I tell you, Europe, My mercy is also upon America and though wickedness and rebellion is extant in America, the love of the few carry the nation. The love of My Beloved for all of mankind, but especially their devotion toward Me, keeps this land afloat. This pure love softens My anger; and for a season I have promised an extended time of mercy for the USA. What you see is a mercy run, but this mercy run will not go on forever! Yea, it is for a given time only and only I know what this time is. But, I say to Mine, 'Work, for the night is coming! Work, for the time of great troubles is at hand! Work, for the cornfields and the wheatfields will soon be empty! Work, for the storehouses will soon come up lacking! Work, for there is an appointed time and season for all things and this time of great judgement will soon hit the land! Work, for the harvest is great and the workers are few. Work, for the time of great peril is at hand and the dusk passes into nightfall. Yea, work, for the work is great and the dedicated workers are few!'


A New Song!

"Sing, My Beloved; for I am giving you a new song! Sing, My Beloved, for this song is about freedom! This song is about joy! This song is about breaking the yokes of bondage and persecution. Sing, My Beloved, and make merry; for I, Jehovah, Most High God, give you a new song!

Reaping is at hand!

"Reap, My Beloved, for this song is the song of the reaper! Reap, My Cherished ones, for what is planted is now ready to harvest! Sing songs of praise and joy; for your sickle shall not fall on barren ground! Reap, Mine Anointed, for it is a new day unto Me for My Faithful. Be of good cheer and look heavenward; for I shall pour out blessings upon My Faithful so bounteous that they shall not be able to contain them! Reap, My Cherished Ones, for the time of harvest has come!

"Behold My Hand; for it is stretched out to Mine Anointed for greater things. I have seen the dedication of My Anointed. I have seen their great trials; for I have orchestrated them. I have known their walks through coals of fire; for I have held their hands; but I say to My Cherished and Anointed Ones that these trials have not been for naught. They have not been for no reason at all; but they have been given you to strengthen you spiritually, that you would be ready for the long hours of reaping. They have been given you that you would not faint when the furnace gets hotter. Yea, My Little Ones, many of you have struggled sorely through the thickets of briars. You have shivered in the bitter cold and you have cried out in your loneliness and sorrow; but I say to you, 'Rejoice; for you have been tried and tested in the furnace of adversity for greater works. Now, many of you are ready, while many of you are yet babes with much time in the furnace ahead of you!'

"I say to you, My Precious Child, that I have a greater work for you! How you have wept and cried out because of your sorrows down through the years; but My Child, this has not been for naught. Great and mighty works I have for you; for I have given you a task of calling the people of Arkansas to revival. But, be advised, My Child, that you will not only be calling the people of Arkansas to revival, you will go hither and yon and you will pray for revival in lands both near and far. For, I have given you the revival fire anointing. Yea, great and mighty miracles shall follow you; for I have bathed you and your husband with a covering of the miraculous! Wherever you go, I shall open up the heavens and I shall pour miracles out upon you and upon those, whom you seek them for in the name of My Precious Son. Mighty miracles, healings and deliverances, these things shall follow you; and you will set the captives free, both near and far! Those, who bless you, will be greatly blessed; and those, who reject you, who scorn and mock you will be greatly cursed, immediately so, for what is in their hearts and for what comes from their mouths! Those, who love you, I love; but those, who hate you, I will turn on with a vengeance! For, those, who hate you, hate the One, who sends you; and this One is Me. For, I am at the helm of your ship.

"Good tidings come to you even now, My Child. A chapter is closed in your life and a new chapter is opening with mighty miracles and manifestations from Heaven on a regular basis. Great and horrible trials and persecutions you have been through for My namesake and you have endured, My Child. You have not been angry with Me and you have not cursed Me for your great trials; but you have humbled yourself before Me in great tears and sorrow, seeking more of Me and repenting daily for your many weaknesses. But, My Child, I know your heart and it is full of a pure love for Me. It is overflowing with love for your fellow man and it is time for you to move on out into a greater work for Me. My Child, you shall not want! And, the material things, which you need to live a comfortable life, are at hand. You have waited long to be free of a great persecution at the hands of the enemy and this time is at hand. Fret not, My Child, but rejoice; for great blessings are hand and these will not be stopped by any person, place, or thing; for these blessings are straight from My throne! I am your Father in Heaven!"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of July, 2001
Linda Newkirk

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