From the Mountain, Book VII

Chapter Three


"Revival Fire"

"My Beloved Child, blessed are you this day; for you come in earnest seeking My will and My heart. As you know Me, I am your Father in Heaven. Yes, My Child, this is Chapter Three of Book VII. Rejoice! For, great and mighty are My works, which lie before you. My Child, I will not call one to such a task as the one, which lies before you, if I have not already prepared one for such an undertaking. Yea, I have prepared you, My Child; and I have found you worthy for the task at hand. You ask, 'Is this revival anointing, which I have called the "Revival Fire Anointing," not also called the "Holy Fire," or the "Holy Wind Fire" Revival Anointing? And, My response to you is that all are correct; but, I have shortened this to read, "Revival Fire." Yes, My Child, this fire is holy; for it is straight from My throne; and it is complete and pure. It is a wind as well; for it comes as a wind and most often you have heard the roar of this Holy Wind Fire. Does this give you the understanding, which you seek?"

"Yes, My Father."

"My Child, I have told you that great blessings are at hand for you; but this does not mean that you will not be persecuted. For, even now the letters are coming in a steady stream from some of the errant churches; and they are full of hate and malice. My Little One, these churches, which are run by these errant preachers have already been judged; for My Spirit has long since left them. They are empty shells; and they are run by empty shells. Shake the mire from your feet; for you have entered therein with My word and they rejected Me. They have called you all manner of names. They have ridiculed you and they have stoned you in the spirit. Let the dead look after the dead; but keep your eyes on Me and My Son; for the dead shall not stop My works through you. Yes, My Child, this Revival Fire Anointing is falling upon you in its fullness; and in due season ministers of some of the churches will contact you in earnest. You will pray with these ministers and when prompted by the Spirit of God, you will bless them with this same Holy Fire Revival Anointing. This anointing, this spiritual gift, will come through you to others. Yea, many will rue the day that they have put women into corners, where they have been kept under thumb! For, indeed in these last days, I am calling some of My anointed women prophets, apostles, teachers, pastors and evangelists to step up to center stage, where they will lead the world spiritually. Great and mighty miracles shall follow these women; for unto them shall be given the anointings of the prophets and apostles of old. It is time to rejoice, My Child. It is time to sing songs of praise, which come from the heart; for a revival is going forth upon this land, here a little and there a little. What has been held back is now being given freely.

"Yes, My Child, at the end of this chapter, put the letter to the churches; and in due season I will also have you post some of the responses of the churches; but not now.

"My Child, look behind you! What do you see?"

"My Father, I see bleachers, like in an outdoor arena, or perhaps it is an indoor arena; but there are bleachers and they are all empty. I am standing alone, looking out across these bleachers, when suddenly I feel very sleepy, as if I am going to sleep, or perhaps being caught up in a vision. I look to see that I am dressed in white and as I look around me I see many angels; and a great light is manifesting before me. This light seems to come from Heaven and I hear a voice, which I know to come from Heaven, for Father, it is your voice. And, you say, 'Behold, My Son!' Coming from this radiant light is our Precious Jesus. He is caught up in the light, and He is full of glory and beauty, and as I lay prostrate on the floor behind the podium He looks at me and He says, 'Arise, My Child, for the Holy Fire Revival Anointing is upon you;' and I hear a wind, like a rushing wind and the whole stadium becomes aglow with this fire as it sweeps the stadium like a great wind. As this great fire goes forth, the bleachers all disappear; for a great light is everywhere and all that remains is this great light, which is a holy white fire. I arise and stand before our Precious Jesus and He looks at me and puts a cloth around my neck and it looks to be made of something like satin; for it is radiant and on the ends of either side are one, two, three bells. Then, our Lord Jesus says to me, 'The anointing of the prophet Aaron!' And, a great heat comes over me and I begin to dance and shout and praise God in unknown tongues and ribbons of fire come from my mouth. And, these ribbons of fire have different colors as they go out, but when they disperse, they become radiant, white light. And, when I move these ribbons of fire encircle my body and as these swirls of light go out, they form a white light fire. These same ribbons come form from my hands and feet and as they flow out they also turn into a white light fire. Then, our Lord Jesus places around my neck another cloth. Both of them remind me of neck garments, which are worn by priests; for they are sealed on all edges, yet they are straight. And, this cloth radiates a white fire, which also manifests a blue radiance. And, as our Lord Jesus puts this second cloth around my neck, I see that it is full of Living Waters. These Living Waters fall all around my feet; and they make a noise like a waterfall. These Living Waters bathe me all over, yet I am not wet. And, as I am bathed in these waters, I get a feeling that I am in many places at once. For, I seem to be here and there on many places of the Earth at once. I know the clouds; for I feel the clouds and seem to be a part of the clouds. I also seem to be a part of the Earth; for I feel as if I easily become a part of the Earth. I know sickness and disease in the bodies of others for I seem to be able to travel there. Our Lord Jesus now says to me, 'The anointing of Enoch!'"

As He says this, I find myself standing over a large waterfall, which reminds me of Niagara Falls; and the Lord says to me, 'The fall of man!' As I look at the falls, I see a man and a woman go tumbling over the falls and the falls become full of blood, guts and gore. As I look at this bloody scene, I begin to feel great pain all over my body. I feel as if I am being stabbed and kicked and I look to see that I am bleeding all over my body; and I, too, feel that I shall fall into the rushing waters and die. But, as I am about to fall our Lord Jesus picks me up by the back of my robe and embraces me. Then, He says, 'Save for My love, the pure love of God, all shall fall!'

I sit beside our Lord now overlooking the falls and I begin to weep uncontrollably. It seems that all the sins of the world are upon my back. I sense the murders of the billions of unborn babes worldwide. This weight upon me is so great that I feel that I will pass out. And, suddenly, I find myself sinking into the ground. I am headed down, down, down into the pits of hell! Dark, slimy creatures are all about, like snakes and eels and leaches. And spider webs abound; but these disgusting things do not touch me. I just keep going down, down, down. The wails of the lost fill my ears and their cries and moans make me feel sick all over. I stop for a minute and begin to wretch, and as I vomit, blood and guts come rushing out my mouth. I feel so sick as if I will faint and I back up to steady myself against a hard object, which I believe to be a rock; but the rock turns into a trap door and I am once more catapulted down as if in an elevator shaft. "My Lord and My God," I cry out, "Why are you doing this to me?" A black whirlwind carries me aloft and I am caught up in great darkness and confusion. "My Lord and My God," I cry out, "Why have you sent me here?"

"Finally, I hear the voice of our Lord Jesus and I see His face. Tears of blood stream from His face and as I look at him, he dips his hand into a vat and brings up dead babies, baby parts and blood and guts. All over again, I feel as if I will wretch, but I have only the dry heaves, which are full of bitter gall. I weep and howl before our Lord and tears of blood roll down my face. I feel so sick and so lost and cut off from our Lord Jesus even though He is before me. "Why? Why, my Precious Lord," I cry out! "Why have you sent me here?" And, I sob and weep uncontrollably. Suddenly, I feel His precious hand touch me, the hand of our Lord Jesus; and in a moment I am taken from the bowels of hell. Still, I weep uncontrollably as I rest my head upon our Lord's chest. He caresses my head and He begins to sing to me. These are the words He sings:

"Upon the branches of death and mire,
A thorn, a rose, a cactus in bloom.

Upon the branches of death, a hand unseen
Touches the dead and the dying.

Weep, Little Children, for the life that is gone!

Left among the thorns and cacti in the heat,
A rose, alone and dying!

But, I in My love do not miss a one,
For, all that is pure is at home in My love!

Reach out and touch the dead and they dying!

The children, I take home …
But, those, who murder them, will drink of the cup
Of blood, and guts and gore."

"For, this reason, My Child, I have sent you into hell to drink of this cup of blood and guts and gore; for if this nation will not repent of murder of the unborn, it shall soon drink of this bitter cup. I am sending you out, My Child, with this anointing of Holy Fire and Living Waters that you go to places you have never been before, and that you experience what you have never experienced before. This revival is the ultimate gift to the people of this land before judgement. The depths of this judgement depend upon the sincere repentance of the masses. All is not set in stone as many believe; but as our Father is merciful, He can change His mind. What you are to do, My Child, is to bring My people to repentance. You are to bless certain ministers with the Holy Fire of Revival and you are to heal the sick, raise the dead and set the captives free. All that the prophets and apostles of old did, you will do and more.

"Woe to those, who shut out women apostles, who hold apostles gatherings and deliberately shut the door to Mine anointed women apostles. For, I shall utterly embarrass those, who set themselves up to be gods. Because My anointed women apostles have been shut out, I shall raise them up to do great and mighty works."

"My Child, do you have any questions?"

"Oh, yes, My Lord! I have many questions, but one in particular comes to my mind. Is this anointing considered one anointing or two?"

"It is two in one."

"So, the Revival Fire Anointing has a counterpart, which is the Living Waters?"

"This is so."

"Yet, it is called the 'Revival Fire?'"

"This is so, but one without the other is not a balance."

"Why is it not called Living Waters/Holy Fire anointing?"

"In these realms it is; but for the sake of brevity, it is shortened to Holy Fire Revival Anointing, or Revival Fire Anointing. Remember, My Child, that this anointing is a coal of fire from the throne of God and as it goes out, it is likened unto the flow of Living Waters."

"Oh, My Lord, I wish I could understand the works of our Father, but in my heart I am happy to be only a child in His service!"

"My Little One, because you know you are a child and because you have walked humbly before God, you have been called and chosen for great works."

"Oh, My Lord, I feel so unworthy. I feel like such a lowly person. I am so deeply humbled, My Lord, that I cannot help but weep before you. Forgive me, My Lord, but I feel so unworthy."

"But, you are worthy, My Child. You are not perfect; but you are worthy of the task at hand."

And, with this, our Lord Jesus takes my hand, the hand of a child, and he and I step forth into white light, which begins to engulf us. I look down to see white rose petals filling the stadium below us. As I look out across the stadium, I see that it is full of people; and when a white rose petal touches any person, he or she is instantly healed and set free of all manner of afflictions!

Praises to our Lord and God! To Him is the praise and glory forever and ever!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of July, 2001
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~

Per our Father's instructions, below you will find the prophecy from our Father in Heaven, Jehovah, Most High God, which was sent out to the churches in middle Arkansas on July 10, 2001. This letter was sent to six hundred and five churches, but at last count 50 had been returned for mail-related reasons. As of July 26, 2001, we have received two hate mails and one "do not send me anymore." Not a single pastor has written stating that he and his church want the blessings, which our Father promises! It is a sad day, but in this I am not discouraged; for in my spirit I know that our Lord and God is bringing revival to Arkansas, if only one or two people want it.

Since our Lord has anointed me with this anointing, I have seen Him give many miracles to the needy; and I have seen Him move with great and mighty healings! I know that our Lord and God is moving in a great way with His Spirit and that many will be healed and set free. Even the dead will be raised; for He has promised it!


To: The Ministers of the churches in the State of Arkansas


Given on June 01, 2001

Warnings to the Churches!

To the churches of Little Rock and those of surrounding areas, both near and far, even throughout all the state of Arkansas, behold My words; for I am Jehovah, Most High God. Be advised and know, Shepherds of My Flock, that I see and know all. I am not a God afar, but One, who resides within your very midst. My eyes go to and fro throughout the whole Earth and I tell you that I am deeply ashamed of what I see. Yea, in the state of Arkansas, even in the very capital city, thereof, I see preachers, who are harlots. You whore after women and preach a word, which is not My word. You pick phrases from My Scriptures to suit your own agenda and you swindle My people. Yea, you pass the plate many times so that you may drive your Cadillacs and feed your every desire. Greedy preachers of the Word, I am disgusted with your hollow sermons. I am repelled by your empty words. I am angered by your callous attitudes toward the hurt and suffering. Through your vices, you have driven My people asunder. You visit not the sick in the community, not even those, whom you shepherd. You disgust Me with your piousness and sorely offend Me with your "holier than thou attitude." You refuse to allow My true prophets and apostles into your havens; for you are jealous for those, who do not even belong to you. Neither, do you want the Spirit of God to chastise you through the mouths of My true prophets and apostles; for you believe that you can hide your sins. Nay, you cannot hide your sins; for I know you, who are guilty of all manner of sexual perversions. You are full of adultery and even sodomy; and you believe that no one will know, that you can continue on in your wickedness. I see all and I know all; and I command you to repent, to come away from evil and cry out in true repentance, seeking forgiveness and full deliverance. For, many of you are possessed by all manner of demons. You have given My sanctuaries over to all manner of greed, lusts and sins and I am calling you to repentance! Repent or step down!

And, for the few, the very few, who truly love Me and who truly preach My messages of Godly love and repentance, I say to you, "I know who you are; and I say again that you are few, indeed! " For, this state or Arkansas is full of the blind leading the blind.

I am disgusted with the gargantuan buildings, which are laid up for the whole world to see, wherein you say in pride, "Look, what I have! Look what I do! How great I am!" Let it be known, Oh proud and arrogant preachers, that I am against you! In one moment, I will smash your centers of pride and I will scatter your flock; for you are an anathema to your very selves!

"Love My Flock!" "Bring them to repentance!"

To the good and faithful servants, who love Me with all their hearts, I say unto you, "Love My flock! Continue to bring them to repentance!"

God's Promise!

If the pastors will repent and cause My people to repent, I promise a great revival for the state of Arkansas. I promise to turn this state from a spiritual desert to a place of Living Waters.

God's Judgement!

But, if you will not clean up your churches and if you will not bring the people to repentance, if you will not go into the neighborhoods and minister to the lost, I shall smite this state through war, pestilence, famine, disease and death! I am a merciful God; but even now my judgement is falling all across the United States of America.

501 (c ) 3 Whores, Repent!

I say to you bought and sold whore preachers. "How many of you utterly refuse to speak against a Satanic government? Through your own tax-exempt agreement with the government, you have willingly agreed to look the other way, while one country under God has become one country under Satan. This tax exempt status is all about silencing the truth. Who among you is not bought and sold by this whore system? And, who has caused you to cower to a Satanic government, save you, yourselves?

Cowards, beware!

I ask you, "Are My people full of cowardice, that they will not speak the truth and stand for what is right?" Nay, these are not Mine; for I have given My people the boldness to speak what is true and to do what is right.

Church of Sodom, get thee hence from Me. I call Mine those, whose robes are made pure by great trials. Will a coward withstand trials and persecution for My namesake? Nay, a coward will run. A coward will renounce Me and My Son.

Church, come clean before God and be blessed, or perish in rebellion!

I say to you, Church, come clean before Me and I will bless you mightily; but if you will not come clean, I shall utterly destroy you. I am Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of June, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


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