From the Mountain, Book VII


Chapter Four

"The Seal Is Broken"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Behold My words today; for I shall give you much, which shall benefit the Children of Men, yea even the Children of God, the Sons and Daughters of the Most High, even Jehovah, the One God. Listen to Me, My Little One, when I tell you that the Earth, itself, rests within a sea of darkness; for the cumulative sins of mankind have polluted not only the Earth, itself; but they space around the Earth, even far into space. For, this reason, many see through glasses darkly and many see only partially; for this polluted sea closes in on all. Were it not for My Devoted Ones, those, who put Me first and who love Me with their all, this planet would have already imploded. For, darkness is a bitter cyclone of destruction, which devours itself. Yea, My Child, I know that you are wondering why I have allowed Lucifer and those of like mind to stick around; and the key word is 'allowed.' I have allowed the same; for this is part of My Divine Plan, that all might be tempted, that all might be tried and tested and found worthy of the Kingdom of God.

Now, My Little One, I shall carry you into a new word and some of what you see shall surely surprise you. Nevertheless, My Child, proceed on with the next chapter of Book Seven, yea Chapter Four. Beloved One, write what is revealed unto you and when you feel the need, question Me; for I will answer what you ask."

"Yes, My Father. I see before me a book." This is a very large book and it is divided into sections with tabs at the beginning of each section. At first glance, I believe these tabs to represent letters of the alphabet, but when I look closer, I see that they have fuzzy writing and I cannot make them out. This book is sealed but when I touch it, the seal begins to melt from around the edges and the book. The book appears to have a dark cover, which is almost black, but when I touch it, the cover changes quickly into a beautiful blue, like the blue of crystal pure waters. As I have my hand on this book, I hear a sound, like that of rushing wind, and this mighty wind pulls me forth, like a whirlwind, and the wind carries me headlong through the cover of the book. Quickly, I am carried into a room, where I land softly on a beautiful floor, and on looking around, I see that this room is vacant. The floors seem to be made of hardwood; but when I look closer, I see that they are made of the most beautiful radiant stone, which is cut in long strips and joined together to look like wood. This stone even has a grain, which reminds me of wood; and when I touch the stone, it is not cold, but warm. As I look around I see no furniture at first, just a room with many windows and beautiful curtains, which seem to be made of silk. These curtains have designs on them, which are pumpkins, all interconnected by green vines. Yet, these designs are very tiny and can only be seen upon close scrutiny. The background color of the curtains is a soft cream and now and then the curtains move gently as if wafted by a gentle breeze. When I close my eyes, I am so very aware of this warm and gentle breeze, which reminds me of a sea breeze on an early Summer morning. As I look behind, I see a counter, which reminds me of a counter at an inn. The front of the counter is made of the same stone, which is on the floor and all is rather plain, save a white tope, which has an iridescent hue. As I look at the counter top, I cannot tell for certain what color it is; for it seems to be alive with various shades of blue and green. Behind the counter is a most beautiful being. Surely, this being is female! And, even as I think female, she looks at me and says, 'yes.' She is adorned in white, a beautiful white robe, which is worn over a white dress. On her left hand is a beautiful blue sapphire ring, which seems to be alive with a most intriguing radiance.

"Hello, I say to her," my name is Linda Newkirk, a servant of the Most High."

"I know," she says; for He has summoned you. Enter in at the straight gate; for the way is narrow and few find this way."

"Yes," I say to her, " I know." And, suddenly I feel great sadness begin to overcome me. Tears begin to well up in my eyes and I begin to weep so greatly that I fall to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. Great sadness seems to grip me all over as I feel the burdens of the world upon my shoulders.

"Do not cry, Precious One; for the Broad Way calls to most." And, as she says these words, a gentle wind comes and dries my tears; and blue birds appear suddenly and begin to preen my hair. I can feel the flutter of their wings and as I reach up to touch them I sense that they are busy working in my hair. Such love comes from these precious birds and in a moment I feel great joy returning to my very soul."

"What are they doing," I ask the angel.

"They are beautifying your hair; for the tears had soaked part of your hair and they have come to beautify you, carrying your hair up here and there and holding it together with diamonds from the throne of the Most High God, our Beloved Father Jehovah."

"Why have they come?"

"Soon, very soon, you shall go through the door behind the counter and you shall visit with the Most High. You shall be carried into the Holy of Holies."

"Will I remember?"

"Oh, yes, you will remember; for this book is unsealed and the words of this book will be given unto you."

"Oh, I fear that I am not presentable!"

"But, you are; and were you not right in spirit, you would not have been given the power to unseal what has been written by the Most High and saved for you at this time."

"Oh, Beautiful Servant of the Most High, I am ready!" And, I look to see that I am wearing a white robe, which seems to reflect light like Mother of Pearl; for it radiates a pure light and my shoes radiate a pure light and my hands radiate this light! Suddenly, I feel so full of joy and light and radiance as if I could fly!

"Are you ready," she asks.

"Oh, yes!" And, in an instant I am pulled through toward the door behind the counter, again as if in a whirlwind, and I rush through this door so quickly that I hardly remember passing through it. Suddenly, I find myself beside this angel and we are standing on a most beautiful radiant sea of electric blue. As far as the eye can see, this blue sea extends; and it appears to be made of pure glass, or stone of a radiant blue. I take a step forward and realize that what I walk on is as slippery as glass. Then, the angel takes my hand and lifts me up and says, "Behold your radiant feet; for they will cause you to glide above the sea!"

And, as I look down, I see my feet leave the slippery glass; for a beautiful light comes from them; and this power lifts me above the sea. Interestingly, I note that the blueness of this sea matches her ring and what is of the ring seems to be plucked straight from the sea, itself. All around, I feel an electric blueness. This vibrant blue is in the air, which is alive with electricity. Here and there I see vibrant blue swirls, vortices of blue, small electric whirlwinds. In an instant, I seem to be flying, caught up in this majestic beauty, full of joy and radiance. Oh, what a time of joy!

"Stay focused, Precious One; for we are entering into the Holy of Holies." And, with this comment I am brought back to the purpose at hand and the seriousness of this time. Before me are white banisters, simply carved, yet radiant and pure. "Wait here," she says; and she disappears before my very eyes.

In deep reverence I fall on my knees as a most beautiful song begins to bathe me. It seems to come from all directions and curiously enough I know the words of this song. I also know that I am to sing alto; however, in the Earth realm I sing soprano. This song is a most beautiful song of praise and it is about our Precious God Jehovah and His Loving Son. There is much praise for the Lamb of God. And, just as I am singing about the Lamb of God, I see before me our Beloved Lord Jesus; and He is atop a white horse. His eyes are like fire and He is dressed in white; and He carries a bow on his shoulder and in his hand is an arrow.

I feel a gentle touch on my shoulder and I rise up; for I am now prostrate on my face before the presence of our Lord Jesus. Rising up, I see that the angel has returned. "The Most High will see you," she says. I try to rise and I am aware that my knees are wobbly and my feet are so very unstable that I feel that I will once again fall on my face.

"Fear not," she says, "for you have beheld Him many times."

"Oh, Beautiful Servant of God, I am only a young child; and I fear doing or saying anything, which will offend our Father and our Precious Jesus!"

"Yes, this is known, but be at peace; for He is ever full of love and mercy." With these words, we appear quickly before the throne of the Most High; and between us and Him is a carpet with the most unusual symbols and designs. As I behold the carpet, a thunderous voice says, "The Carpet of Creation;" and, just as I hear the voice, which says, "The Carpet of Creation," an eagle flies at my head and takes his claws, ripping at the diamonds from my hair. My heart leaps into my throat and I feel such fear that I fall onto the carpet before the Most High God, Jehovah, face first.

"My Beloved Child," He says. "Arise and weep not. I do not wish to frighten you." Oh, but I am afraid! Then, the angel picks me up and carries me to the throne of the Most High, where all my fears begin to dissolve; for I am bathed in such love and mercy. Before Him is a tray of fruit and He says, "My Child, eat of the Tree of Life; for in the earthly body, you shall not taste of death." And, I pick a most luscious fruit, which looks something like a pear, but the meat is rose in color and juice flows down my arm, as it is so abundant; and I eat all. "Eat another," He says. So, I pick another fruit, the likes of which I cannot compare. For, it is orange, like a persimmon, yet inside it is cream-colored, with a hint of vanilla in its fragrance. Oh, the smell of this fruit; for it is so wondrous!. When I have finished the fruit, our Father says to me, "My Child, do you know why you are here?"

At that moment, I look up at our Father and realize how awesome He is, for His eyes are a pure sea of love. I feel so small, yet so full of love and peace that I suddenly dread the moment that I must leave. Just the thought of leaving Him brings tears to My eyes. "My Little One," He says to me, "I know all your travails; for I have brought many across your path. I know your heart and I have found it full of love for Me and for My Son and for your brothers and sisters. My Little One, I know that often you long to come home. I hear you every time you tell Me how much you miss Me and My Son. I hear you every time you say you love Me. I know and understand your zeal for revival; for you know that it is to save souls. You know that this revival is not about you and you have no motive for fame or glory. I know your shyness and that you in no way want a spotlight upon yourself. You have not made riches your goal, but have walked simply before Me. My Little One, this is why you are here with Me right now and others are not. I know your heart and I have found it pure. My Precious Child, I shall withhold no good thing from you and your husband. Yea, the storehouse of Heaven is open unto you. What is Mine shall be give freely unto you two and I shall carry you to the ends of the Earth to take My words and to share of My Son's message of Salvation. Keep focused on My word and do not let distraction steal what I have for you. For, a time of great and mighty miracles is at hand for you two. Both of you shall move in the gift of translation, yet truly My Little One, you have moved in this gift for some time. Through this gift, I shall indeed carry you to many lands and I shall bring you back safely. No weapon, which is formed against you shall prosper; for I have deemed it so. My Little One, much is coming forth in this book, which is for the salvation of all. Therefore, make time daily for much prayer and fasting as I direct you. You ask about the translation key, which was given to two of you by Timothy Snodgrass, My Beloved Servant, and I shall tell you about this key. My Child, behold the key of translation, for it is upon your lap."

"My Father, I have it and it seems so large and weighty that I can hardly pick it up."

"It seems large to you now, but not when you received it; for in these realms you can see that this is a very large gift from Me. It seems heavy for you cannot pick up this key or even use it of the flesh; but one moves in and out of this gift through My Spirit. Pick up the key and eat it."

"My Father, you said, 'Eat it.'"


I pick up the key, which seems as light as a feather; and as it comes near my mouth, it flies down my throat as if it were caught up in a mighty whirlwind. Suddenly, I find myself in a vision standing before a door. Over the door are the words, 'The door of translation;' and I hear our Father in Heaven say, "Enter therein." So, I reach out to touch the door; and as I do so, the door flies open. On the threshold of the door are the words, "You will never be the same." Upon seeing these words, I feel uneasiness in the pit of my stomach, but I hear our Father say, "Proceed." So, I step across the threshold and as I do so I enter into a pink light. I can feel this light slashing through me like knives, but there is no pain. I just stand there, not knowing what I was to do. The light is full of powerful energies, which seem to run in lines, yet also in waves; and the longer I stand in it, the weaker I feel. Suddenly, this light turns into a massive whirlwind and I hear the angel say, "Hold on!"

"Hold on," I thought, "Hold on to what?" And, suddenly I realize that she means "Hold on to your bearings;" for the wind and the light are carrying me 'round and 'round; and I am going around so fast that I can hardly remember who I am, much less where I am. Amidst this whirlwind, I begin to plead with God; for I am afraid. Then, suddenly I am whirled back into the room with the angel and the counter; and I pick myself up from the floor, feeling that I had been ripped to shreds. But, I am not ripped at all. I wear the same clothes and my shoes still radiate with the Light of God, but now these shoes bear a pink radiance. On my left hand is a blue ring, like that of the angel; and just as I am about to ask her a question, great power comes from my feet and my body seems to torpedo up through the roof of the room and out through the cover of the book. I look down at the first tab on the book, which has been previously invisible; but now it reads, "The gift of translation."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of August, 2001,

Linda Newkirk


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