From the Mountain, Book VII


Chapter Five

"The Words Unsealed"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Hearken unto Me this day; for I have heard your cries. Yea, My Child, there is nothing, which is too great or small for Me; and this day I have destroyed the plans of the enemy to subdue you. I have taken note that certain ones within the office of another prophet have labeled you 'false prophet.' Woe to those in positions of authority, who wrongly label and accuse Mine Anointed! Woe to those, who only see in black and white, yet they deny the abstract! Yea, there was a reason that My Son spoke in parables. For, the swine would have truly trampled My pearls of wisdom and rendered them as mud beneath their feet. But, now in these very last days, I have opened up My deeper truths, that those, who hunger and thirst for them may not be denied them. Yet, the babes will not receive or understand them. And, the legalists will scoff at them, label them false and trample them under foot. It behooves all, who lack understanding to seek understanding! Now, My Precious Child, I ask you, do you have questions?"

"Yes, My Father, I do; and they pertain to the last chapter of the book and what I saw and experienced. What is this book, which is sealed?"

"These are My words for Book Seven, which have been sealed until this time."

"Why does this book change from black to blue in color?"

"It changes from a sealed book of bound words to a book, which is flowing with the Living Waters, as indicated by the vibrant blue color."

"And, the sound of the rushing wind, which sweeps me away is the Spirit of God?"


"Father, what is this room; and why are the floors made of stone?"

"My Child, this room is called the ante-room as it is here that many are brought before they are given special assignments. The stone is called gypsum and I chose this stone for reasons of My own."

"Father, it seemed so strange as the stone was warm, almost as if it were alive."

"In the Kingdom of God, all stones are living. What you experienced was a living interaction between the stone and you."

"Are these stones alive with the Spirit of God?"


"My Father, what is the significance of the pumpkins, which are interconnected with the green vine?"

"My Child, look at the pumpkins and touch one."

I reach out and touch one of the pumpkins and as I do so, I see an explosion of light; and in the midst of this light is my Mother. She looks at me and says, "I love you and I miss you. Give my love to all." Then, she is gone. "Father, I am so happy to see my Mother in Heaven and I thank you from the depths of my heart for allowing her to come and give this message? But, I still do unto understand all that I see."

"My Child, what did your Mother call you when you were young?"

"She called me 'Pumpkin."

"Then, realize that I have orchestrated this contact with your Mother, that when you came to Heaven, as you have in this vision, that your Mother would be able to say 'hello.' This has been her request and it has been granted; for she now understands that you are a true prophetess and apostle and she is pained that she would not accept this is the Earth."

"But, My Father, why are there many pumpkins?"

"My Child, there is only one, which is seen over and over. This is a remembrance of love from your Mother."

"Thank You, my Precious Father for allowing this. I feel as if I will weep that my Mother finally understands."

"Do not weep, My Child. For, I, too, weep when My Loved Ones weep. But, rejoice for the miracle, which has occurred in your Mother."

"Father, I do rejoice and I thank You and praise You; for You alone are Most High! Praises to your Holy Name! How I love and cherish you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing this visit!"

"Father, as we proceed to understand what you have given me, I would like to know the significance of the white counter top, which changes into beautiful hues of blue and green."

"My Child, this top signifies purity and it is flowing with My Living Waters. All, that is in this room, is alive with My Spirit."

"Father, what is this ring on the left hand of the angel; for when I left Heaven I saw that I, too, was given the same kind of ring."

"My Child, this ring is from the azure sea, which is before My throne. By having this ring, this angel has access to Me and to My throne at any given time. By nature of your having been given this ring, it means that you, too, have access to My throne at any given time. When you need Me, you will have immediate access to My throne."

"Oh, my Precious Father I am so very blessed and deeply humbled. You are so good to us, Father; and I praise You mightily; for I feel like the least of the least! Blessed Father, help me to further understand what is unsealed. Tell me of the blue birds, which came to preen my hair. They were so full of love. Why did they knit diamonds into my hair?"

"I sent them to you and they chose to put the diamonds in your hair; for they knew that you were coming here. This was their gift of love to you."

"Father, when this happened, it reminded Me of the way our cat preens my hair when the Spirit of God is upon Me; and this, too, is a most precious gift of love."

"If an animal on the Earth is capable of such love, imagine how much greater is the love of animals in the Kingdom of God."

"My Father, I have experienced this great heavenly love through these beautiful blue birds; and I am so deeply touched. Thank you, My Father, for this beautiful gift!"

"Father, I move on in these works to the song, which I was singing; and I ask you, 'Is this song the song of the 144,000?"

"You have experienced it."

"This is a most beautiful song. All that I experienced was so beautiful, especially the Carpet of Creation and I would so like to understand more of Your works of Creation."

"My Child, this carpet is called the 'Carpet of Creation;' for it is just that."

"My Father, surely no one could understand this carpet, save you; for it is full of signs, symbols and electric hues."

"This is so, My Child, and even this carpet is alive. Every symbol will open into a panorama of majestic experiences across time. And, each symbol bears a symbol within a symbol within a symbol. Such symbols open up into a great panorama of experiences and tell many beautiful stories about all creation and this carpet continues to be constructed. It is a living pattern of all creation."

"Oh, Father, how I would love to sit with you some day and experience the panorama of just a few of these symbols."

"Some day, this shall be so."

"Father, as we proceed to understand what you have given in this previous chapter, please tell me about the fierce eagle, which was attacking my head and trying to rip out the diamonds."

"This is Satan, the devil."

"But, why is he allowed here?"

"Even he comes before My throne; and he is trying to steal what I give you, to unnerve you and cause you fear as you come before Me."

"But, Father, why is this allowed?"

"Satan is a legalist and he knows the holy words better than the best trained preachers. He knows these words backwards and forwards and he, himself, comes here often to demand judgement upon many of you for the smallest of infractions."

"But, Father, why do you allow this? He is so evil."

"For a short time, this shall go on and then he will be shut up."

"Father, why did you have me eat the key of translation?"

"That it is within you and not without. This key, which is now within you will open many doors from within My Kingdom. In due season, you will move in and out of this gift with great ease. Yes, My Child, I have translated you already great distances. For, I did translate you to China, where you entered a prison and released one of My Cherished Ones and even so walked past the guards unnoticed. And, I have translated you across the waters to Burma, where you brought healing to three. In addition, I have translated you into certain meetings, where I wanted you to see all. Even so, these are not all, but a few. I tell you, My Child, that you have truly seen and experienced nothing yet. For, I shall translate you into remote jungles and frozen wastelands to save My people. This gift shall allow you to make provision where there is none, just as My Son multiplied the fishes and the loaves."

"Father, I wish I understood this gift."

"My Little One, I shall explain in detail in later messages that those, who have a heart after My deep words, may know and understand My hidden truths."

"Oh, my Father, I look forward to these messages; for surely a goodly number shall operate through this gift in these latter days."

"This is so, yet some have been ridiculed, despised and put down for telling of this gift. But since you have been ridiculed and despised by many for revealing the truth of reincarnation, you are well used to the attacks. Therefore, giving this message shall be easy for you."

"Oh, my Father, I cannot control what people think or even say. Your word says that we are all held accountable for every word, which proceeds out of our mouths. People have caused me pain in the past because of great ridicule; but I just keep on plodding along, loving You and our Precious Jesus and seeking Your holy will."

"Father, will you tell me about he door of translation?"

"You have entered therein. You have received the translation anointing; and you will never be the same."

"Father, when you say, 'You will never be the same,' what do You mean?"

"When you least expect it, you will enter the translation plane and you will bring mighty miracles into the Earth."

"Oh, Father, I approach this with such awe that I do not even know how to respond to what you have said!"

"No, not now; but in due season I will have you write at length about it."

"Father, will you explain the nature of the pink light?"

"This will be revealed to you in due time."

"Father, why was I so afraid and why was I dumped from the anointing when I became afraid?"

"You were afraid because you did not know what to expect and you were dumped out of the anointing when fear developed; for to move within this anointing requires a total absence of fear."

"Father, will I get to go back there?"

"Over and over again. With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of August, 2001,

Linda Newkirk


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