From the Mountain, Book VII


Chapter Six

"Keys To The Nations"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Hearken unto Me, My Little One; for I am giving you a message for the nations. I am placing in your hands keys to the nations; and I will open up new avenues, wherein I send you into these nations with My holy word."

"My Father, as I stand before your throne, I take both the written words and the keys upon a ring. There is one large key and many smaller keys and when I lay hold of these keys, the weight is so great that I am straining to carry them."

"Neither by might, nor by human power, but by the Spirit of God."

And, as the Most High says these words, the keys and the ring, which bears them, begin to radiate a great light; and I find myself above the Earth, traversing the lands. The waters move quickly beneath my feet; and here and there I see places on land and sea, which light up as I pass by. Here and there I throw seeds, which come from a bucket in my left hand; and these seeds are called the Holy Seeds of Salvation. North and South I go and East and West I go as these seeds dot the world. Then, after a while I stand above the North Pole and as I stand there, Our Father comes, full of love and mercy; and He places a crown upon my head. This crown is called the Crown of Salvation; for as He places this crown upon my head He says, "The Crown of Salvation; for you will bring many souls to salvation."

And, suddenly before me, I see a door; and our Father in Heaven says, "Enter therein and eat." So, I enter through the golden door and I sit to eat what is before me."

"Eat this book," says the Most High.

So, I eat the book, page for page; and the taste is bitter and salty and also tastes of mold and mildew; and I believe that I shall be ill, for the taste is so bad.

"The travails of salvation," He says.

Soon, the book is eaten and I drink of the cup, which is before me and the taste is bitter and acidic, and it burns my tongue and throat. But, I drink all and He says, "Bitter is the cup of salvation."

I rise from the table and behind me is a mirror and standing beside the mirror is the prophet Timothy Snodgrass and He says, "Look!" Then, I look into the mirror and I see beasts of the jungle and I cringe; for there are rhinoceros and tigers and various birds of prey, snake and vermin. As I see what is before me, I clutch my chest and exclaim loudly, "Oh, my!"

Then, Timothy says, "Look!" And, I look again and behold that Dennis and I are in a boat and we are traveling a river in an outback and I gasp, for there are snakes in the trees and again I proclaim loudly once more, "Oh, my!"

Timothy touches the Crown of Salvation upon my head and I see that he, too, wears such a crown. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I feel faint; for it seems that when Timothy touches this crown I am slain in the Spirit. And, as I am slain in the Spirit, I enter into another vision and I see souls, as it were, all dressed in white and they are levitating just above the ground. In the air above them is a great radiance and within this radiance is our Lord Jesus. He says, "Blessed are the peaceful at heart; for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God!" And at this instant I see a black door open and it leads directly into the burning fires of hell. Coming from these fiery pits, I hear great cries and moans and shrieks, like those of the devil, himself on a rampage; and I say, "Oh, Lord! Lord Jesus, save for your mercy, your love and your grace, there go I." And, in an instant the trap door is closed and I am back at the table. Timothy is behind me, yet he is fading away, as in a dream, and once again I am given to eat. This time an egg is before me, yet not a real egg; for this egg is made of jewels and precious pearls and it opens in half. Within this egg is a gold necklace and as I lift it out, the voice of the Most High God Jehovah says, "Eat this gold; for riches you have not, but in due season the wealth of the wicked shall be yours; and it shall be used for the salvation of many souls."

So, I take the gold necklace and I eat it and great smoke comes from my mouth. Acid, like that of sulfuric acid, spews from my mouth and the pain is almost unbearable; for my mouth burns with great pain. Then, I see a volcano blow; and I hear the words, "like unto that of Popocatapetl;" and ash and smoke and molten lave fill the air. People try to escape and some make it while others do not. Cities are burned and claimed! Then, another volcano erupts, "likened unto that of Kilauea," and houses are consumed and the sea is full of molten lava. Then, a third volcano blows sky high and this one is "likened unto that of Mt Fuji in Japan," and the top of this mountain is blown clean off. Huge boulders fly high into the sky and ash and fiery stone fly out for miles. Molten lava and boiling water and steam pour forth and I hear the voice of the Most High God Jehovah say, "Only three of Seven!"

I slump to the table and I weep and howl before God as tears of blood run from my eyes; and as I weep tears of blood I see the prophetess Sherri Elijah. She is sleeping; and I say to her, "Awaken, my Sister; for the sound of the horn fills the air!" And, as she looks, a great fireball fills the sky and another and another, such that great terror is upon the people and as she watches, she says, "Oh, My, what is that?" And, the Most High God Jehovah says, "My wrath and My fury." As I watch in great awe, I say to her, "Sherri, come here. Come high upon this Holy Mountain and look!" And, she comes with me high upon the Holy Mountain and as we stand and look below we see a great and mighty dam break and waters rush down between mountains and whole cities are claimed and I hear the words, "Like unto Peru." Suddenly, I feel faint all over; for the calamity is so great and many perish beneath the waters! And, just when I feel that I shall faint from the great sorrow and pain, a great bolt of lightening strikes over our heads and a "burning star," as it were, a great "burning star," crashes into the ocean and we both hear it and see it as it crashes. Then, I hear our Father say, "Like unto the Pacific Ocean." The winds howl and the air is electric with fire; and as rushing waters claim the islands, smoke, darkness, and steam fill the air. The world over, people are terrified; for great horror has hit the skies; and the people mourn and tremble. But, the angels rejoice; for they cry, "It is a new day unto the Most High. Souls will e saved! Victories will be gained! The Most High God Jehovah reigns supreme!"

But, below I see the Red Dragon and I say, "Look, Sherri!" For, the Red Dragon has risen to new heights and he thinks to seize this time of terror to advance his own agenda; but he is not allowed. His tail is pinned down by the Most High and his feet are pinned down by the Most High; for it is not yet his season. And, the voice of the Most High God Jehovah rings from His Holy Mountain and His words fill the air as He says, "Unto man is given a season longer!" Then, Sherri and I weep. We fall to our faces upon God's Holy Mountain; for we know that we will be given additional time for the salvation of souls. To Jehovah, Most High God, is the praise and the glory, forever and ever!

"My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven. This is Chapter Six of Book Seven. Go this day in peace and be blessed!"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of August, 2001,

Linda Newkirk


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