From the Mountain, Book VII


Chapter Seven

"The Box of Diamonds, and more"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. I bring you before My Throne this day to bring you to a new awareness. Open up your hands and receive of Me; for I have a blessing for you this day."

"Oh, my Precious Father! Glory to Your Name! Holy is Your Name! To You is the praise and the glory forever and ever!" And I fall on my face before the Most High God and I begin to weep. In my hand is a white box and this box radiates great light; but already in my spirit, I sense that Lucifer wishes to steal what is given to me; so I clutch the box tightly before my chest."

"Fear not, My Little One; for what I have given you none shall take away. Open the box. Eat all contents. Then, eat the box."

So, I open the box, which is full of radiant stones, which look like cut diamonds, and I do not know how I shall chew them. Nevertheless, I grab a handful of these stones and stuff them in my mouth; but to my surprise, these stones are not hard to chew. As I chew them, they crumble easily in my mouth and release the sweetest flavor. They are actually full of juice and oh so tasty that I look forward to eating all. I sit before the throne of God and I eat until I have eaten all stones and at the bottom of this box is a key. It looks like the key of translation. And, even as I think this, the Spirit of God says, "But, it is not."

"Father, what shall I do with this key?"

"Come hither, My Child; for this key opens another box." So, I get up; for I am seated before His throne and I take the key and the small box and I glide toward the throne of our Father."

"Place the key in this box; for this key has been reserved for you to open this box at this time."

"Father, should I eat this small box first?"

"As you wish."

So, I fold the small box, which is malleable and I eat it bite for bite until all is gone. As I eat it, I hear and see explosions going off in the Spirit and I begin to feel unsteady, even drunk."

"My Father, I am feeling lightheaded, as if I am drunk."

"Yea, you are not drunk, but drunk with the power of My Spirit; for all is given to you for the increasing of My Spirit within you. This is My gift to you today and it is a mighty gift."

Slowly, the imbalances begin to subside and I sense a great radiance around me and one me, like I have never seen before and my heart leaps with such joy; for the love of God fills me and bathes me with such beauty. In my hands is the key and before me is the large box, and as I move to insert the key, I feel such anticipation as that of a young child at a birthday party. Gently, I insert the key into the box and I turn it 1/4 turn to the right and the box lid swings open. The box is rather large, almost large enough for me to crawl into, so I have to rise somewhat to see what is in the box. What I see are packages; and all are bound with ribbons. Curiously, I look at our Father and ask Him what I should do."

"Open all," He says.

"So, I take the first package and as I touch it the ribbon unties itself and the wrapper unwraps itself and a flowing robe unfolds before my eyes. On the back of the robe is the word, 'China;' and as I grasp the robe and pull it to my chest, I ask our Father, "Does this robe represent what I believe, that I will go to China?"

"Yes, My Child, my words through you shall get into China; for the door is now open."

"Father, what do I do with this robe?"

"Eat it."

"Eat this robe also?"

"Yes, My Child."

So, I take the robe and as I begin to put it into my mouth, it rushes down my throat and I hear and see a volcano blow its top. "Father, what was that?"

"That was communism in China. One day, it will blow sky high, just as you saw with the volcano."

"Father, how long?"

"When the sea implodes with the 'burning star,' that is when."

"Is this when I shall take your word into China?"

"This is when you will pass through the open door. Now, proceed."

Then, I look in the box and take out the next package, which is thick, but light as a feather. I open the package and see that there are five robes, which are wrapped as one. As I think to unwrap them, the ribbon lets go and the packages unwrap themselves. Before me are the five robes. One says, 'Malaysia.' Another says, 'Indonesia.' A third says, 'Bahamas.' A fourth says, 'Sahara Desert.' And, a fifth says 'England.'

"Eat them all," our Father says.

And, immediately, all five robes become intertwined and they rush headlong down my throat. Immediately, I see terrible visions of fighting and killing and many lie dead in the streets with blood all about. And, the smell is a putrefying. Flies congregate and evil people with guns roam the streets. "Oh, Father, what is this? Is this what we will see?"

"You will, but violence will not come near you. Those, who think to harm you from henceforth will suffer a rapid death! Woe to those, who come to lay a hand on Mine Anointed, or who come to mock and scorn; for as the bear killed the rebellious children, who mocked Elisha, such will be the fate of those, who come to mock, scorn, and harm Mine Anointed."

"But, Father might I ask, what could we possibly do in such a desert?"

"Heal the sick and raise the dead! Provide Living Waters where there are none and physical water, too, to do what the mind calls impossible."

"Father, is this all I need to know about these five places at this time?"

"At this time, this is all."

"Father, I see three more packages in this box. So, I will take out the next one, which is on top. As I pick it up, I see that it is very heavy. It looks small and light, but feels like stone. Father, why is this?" And, as I say these words, the ribbons unravel and the paper unravels and I see a robe, which look like it is made of steel. It is radiant like metal, but malleable; and on it are the words, 'Robe of Translation.' And, within this robe is another robe, which is also attached to the first robe. And, this second robe says, 'For Dennis, in due season.' Father, shall I eat both?"


And, even before I can think about what our Father has said, a long metal pipe goes down my throat and great steam bellows from the pipe as it goes down. I feel steam coming from my mouth, eyes and ears and my feet and hands. Suddenly, I feel myself shooting straight up, like a bullet; and I know that I am flying, soaring all over the Earth. Then, I hear the words of our Father and He says, "Precious Child;" and I am suddenly standing before Him.

"My wonderful and beautiful Father, what happened to me?"

"You got a taste of the gift of translation."

"But, Father, it seemed like more than a taste as steam was coming out of me everywhere."

"Yes, My Child, I know that to you it seemed to be more than a taste, but I can assure you that what you experienced is only a taste."

"Father, I am left with two packages and as I reach for them, I see that they are joined together. It is two packages in one." As I touch the top of the package, the two rise from the box and I witness them unraveling before my eyes. Two robes, side by side, yet with no names. One robe has a checkered pattern of white and dark brown and the other has a pattern of white with green stripes. Father, these two robes, which are joined, are a mystery to me. Will you explain this?"

"Yes, My Child, these two mystery robes, which are joined together, are you and Dennis. Your union was ordained before the foundation of the world. You are very different, yet very much alike. You have a different pattern, but a similar purpose."

"Father, what shall I do with the robes?"

"Eat them."



And, even as I think to eat the robes, a plate is handed to me and the robes have suddenly been turned into a meal. I eat the robes, which appear as a pile of radiance on a plate; and when I am finished eating them, I begin to feel very sleepy. "Father I feel so sleepy, as if I shall fall off to sleep." But, before I can finish these words, I see myself in a bed with a canopy. This is a very expensive room and Dennis is sitting in a chair and reading a paper. I awaken and feel very sleepy still. I look out the window and know that we are in Israel. "Honey, tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah," I say; and a mighty celebration is at hand. Far below, a horn sounds in the street and I have a vision of people, who are fighting and dancing at the same time. In an instant, I am back before our Father on my knees, "Oh, My Beloved Father, how I love and cherish you and your Beloved Son, our Precious Jesus!"

"This, I know, My Child."

"Father, we are so blessed, truly blessed beyond words. How grateful we are! Thank you, Father, from the bottom of my heart."

"My Child, you have left a small book in the box."

I rise up to the top of the box and peer inside and see that there is remaining one small box. Inside are many airline tickets and train and ship tickets; and on the last page of this book, I read these words, 'You and Dennis will travel the world to save many souls. You will carry my gospel to the ends of the Earth and you shall not want. You shall stand before rulers of nations and you will decree My word. For, I, alone, am Most High. I, alone, am Jehovah, the One and Only God, the Great I Am." And, as I read these words and shut the little book, our Father says, "Eat the book; and go in peace this day for I know your every concern and you shall not want!"

As I think to eat the little book, it rushes down my throat quickly and with a great wind. The mighty wind of the Spirit of God catches me up and brings me back past cities and hills, until I rest comfortably in my home. Blessed is the name of Jehovah, Most High God, forever and ever!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of August, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


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