From the Mountain, Book VII

Chapter Nine


"More Time"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God, the I AM that I AM, Creator of all. Blessed are you, My Child; for you have been steadfast in your faith; and you have a heart after salvation of souls. My Love for you and your fellow man and woman is kindled within your heart and this love shall bless many. Hearken unto Me this day, My Child; for I know that you have many questions; but at this time we will continue with the Sons and Daughters of Thunder; for surely there is much, which needs to be explained."

"Oh, yes, My Father. I am eager to know more that the people might also have understanding."

"My Little One, do you see the eyes of the owl as He is perched on the tree?"

"Yes, My Father, I see the owl and I see its eyes; and as I walk by his eyes move. They follow me; but he never moves a feather."

"Yes, My Child, I want you to remember this; for I am as the wise old owl; and wherever you go, My eyes are upon you, though you cannot see Me move, not so much as a twitch. I know your every movement. I know your every thought. I know your every emotion. There is not one thing that escapes Me about you and nothing escapes Me about any, who cross your path, who come in contact with you, or who have any communications, whatsoever, with you. I know every person, who has called you a false prophet. I know every conversation anyone has ever had about you. I know every finger, which has been wagged at you. Conversely, I k now every person, who has extended an act of kindness to you. I know everyone, who has helped with this ministry and likewise I know every person, who could have helped, who saw a need and had the means to help, but refused to do so. My Beloved, those, who have helped with these works, and who continue to help, will reap a mighty reward in Heaven. Those, who love and honor My chosen servants, are loved exceedingly by Me. They are blessed by Me and they are honored by Me. Woe to the scribes and the Pharisees. Woe to those, who see only in black and white and who deny higher truths. Woe to those, who bloat themselves up with pride and arrogance and go off on their own tangents. Woe to those, who love the world and follow after vanity, but will not help My chosen servants in a labor of love for souls! Woe to the hypocrites, who know to do right, but live a lie. Woe to the workers of iniquity, who love what is of this world, but know Me not. You have your just reward in the Burning Lake. Woe to the preachers, who feed the people honey, but will not speak the truth of My words, lest they offend. Woe, woe, woe to a generation of vipers. You have your just reward in the fiery pits. This said, My Child, let us proceed; for I have much to tell you. My Little One, what do you see before you?"

"I see the ravens; and they are lined up in a row. They most assuredly have the silver rings on their toes. They are standing shoulder to shoulder; and they are doing a jig. As they dance, I am once more aware of the clanking of the rings; and the sparks are shooting from their feet. My Father, I do not know what to make of this; for it seems that now and then, the heads of the ravens change to human heads."

"This is so, My Child."

"Father, what does this mean?"

"My Child, do you see what is before them?"

"Yes, my Father, it is a sun dial."

"And, according to the sun dial, what time do you make it out to be?"

"Father, I am afraid that I do not know how to interpret this sun dial time very well. Will you let me see the time as if it is a clock with a face?"

"Yes, now what do you see?"

"My Father, the clock says three minutes until 12:00. Is this 12:00 midnight, or is this 12:00 noon?"

"My Child, through there is light on the sun dial, My light, what do you see when you move past the ravens?"

"I see a forest and it is very dark, save a 1/4 moon."

"So, you see that it is not yet midnight."

"Yes, my Father, I see this and this most assuredly means that you have given us more time, In the Spring of this year, in March, when you said that you would give us more time, I knew you were truly extending us a time of mercy. Then, about two weeks ago when I was praying with another apostle, she said that she saw the hands of the clock suddenly turn back. To add another confirmation to this, the apostle Timothy Snodgrass came here to visit us from the Philippines and he told us that he felt that you would give us another generation as you did for King Hezekiah, and that this decision on your part was hanging in the balance at that time."

"This is so, My Child; and what you have all been given is correct. I have indeed extended My mercy upon an errant and prideful generation; but when this reprieve is up, there will be no more extended."

"Father, so many people believe that you do not change your mind. So many believe that what you say is always set in stone. And, when you say you will bring judgement and then extend your mercy, those of us, who spoke Your warnings, are often labeled as false prophets. The prophets warned and many people fasted and prayed and you heard their cries and were merciful. Above all, Father, you are full of love, mercy and tender kindness; but people cannot understand.

"My Precious Father, I will be the first to say that the stress of this close call with war this Spring , the illness of my Mother, plus the attempted murder of me by the covert government groups, all nearly finished me off. But, my Precious Father, in spite of all that I went through, when you decried that you would give a reprieve from this war, I was so relieved, so grateful, Father, and so full of love for You. I was so happy for the people, My Precious Father, that they would have more time to come in out of the cold. Oh, My Beloved Father, I was and am so very grateful that your mercy prevailed once more. To know that we have been extended more time that people might repent and that souls might be saved brings indescribable joy to my soul. Father, Precious Father in Heaven, how I love You! How grateful I am and how blessed we all are! Father, I beg you, please do not let the people go back to sleep! Do not let them forget your love and grace! Do not let them forget Your precious love for all of us! Father, I implore You! Do not let this happen!"

"My Child, you are in a war; and this is a war for the souls of all. Each, in and of his or her own volition, will make a conscious choice to choose Me and My Son, to follow after righteousness; or they will go the way of the world and the devil. My Child, the raven and his clones know that the time has been extended. They know and they also rejoice; for they know that they, too have more time to advance their evil agenda. But, I warn Mine that the sorting is going on, even now. My Child, the tall trees, which you broke and threw into the fiery furnace were servants of Satan, the devil. These tall trees have been taken down in the spirit and the physical bodies will soon follow. My Little One, you are a worker of the harvest and you are sent to harvest both the souls for hell and the souls for Heaven. This harvest is on-going and you will send many souls to salvation; but to each is given a choice. Will it be Heaven, or the fiery Pits of Hell? I warn all not to put off until tomorrow what must be done today; for some will not see another day. Violence and oppression will escalate the world over. Do not be so smug as to think that you, any of you, can sit back and do nothing while the devil advances. There is a great work to do and those, who will not do their part, who will not lift a finger to help in this war, may very soon become a victim of it. So, I say to each of you, who reads these words. Will you help My chosen with these works that souls may be saved, or will you sit on your wealth and take it to your grave? Will you do your part to save souls; or will you go the way of the grave in your own selfishness? A revival is coming to Arkansas and to the USA. Those, who will help with this revival, will reap mightily; but if you see and know of this need and you will not help, you will be judged accordingly. Now, My Child, I know that you have questions about the Seven Thunders."

"Yes, my Father, I do, but I really do not even know enough about the Seven Thunders to ask sensible questions."

"My Child, the Seven Thunders are Seven musical tones. They are Seven prophets and apostles. They are seven messengers from the Kingdom of God. They are called the Seven Thunders; for their walks shall be walks of thunder. Their words shall be words of thunder. Their demeanor shall be that of thunder. Wherever they go, they shall shake the people up. They shall wake the people up; for their words shall be as a double-edged sword. They shall cut to the heart of a situation; for My power and anointing shall be in their words. They shall reveal that, which has been hidden for millennia and because they reveal that, which has been hidden, many shall mock and scorn them . Many shall criticize them. Many shall deride them for the secrets and mysteries, which they speak. But, every foul word, which is spoken against them, shall be like a whip, which goes back and beats the one, who spoke the foul thing against Mine anointed. Fire shall come from the bodies of these seven. Over and over again, they shall stomp the head of the devil and his minions. They shall truly bruise the head of the devil. To these seven is given much authority and though many speak of the two witnesses, few, very few upon the face of the Earth, know of the Seven Thunders. Much wisdom and much understanding is coming forth through the mouths of the Seven Thunders; for their very words shall shake the heavenlies. Their very words shall rattle the world's infrastructure. Their very words shall smite the enemy and send him flying. To all seven is given the fullness of the Rod. All seven operate from the highest level in My Kingdom and all seven will be sent around the world to take My word, to take My miracles, to heal the sick, to raise the dead and to save souls. They walk upon the Earth and the devil trembles. When they stomp the Earth, the devil and his minions flee. When the Seven Thunders speak, lightening clouds and thunder will often follow them. Great judgements will be spoken out of the mouths of the Seven Thunders. All have the keys of translation and none of them will die. Many know of the two witnesses and what they will do; but now it is time that My people know of the Seven Thunders."

"My Father, I want to know about all the keys and also the storm in the Spirit, which took place yesterday."

"My Little One, I know that you are getting tired from writing, but we shall continue on. All keys in this room, you will use. These are keys of My Kingdom, which are given to the Seven Thunders to use in the latter days. No good thing will be withheld from the Seven Thunders. These keys will open many doors, which you believe to be totally inaccessible; and they will also close many doors. My Child, in no way can you comprehend the magnanimity of this with your carnal mind, but only through the Spirit of God. Wherever you to, these keys will go with you and when you need a key it is automatically given to you without your conscious awareness. You will see and understand more about these keys as time goes on. As for the storm, which hit the spirit world yesterday, yes indeed this was a mighty storm. The devil, Satan and his minions, have been put on notice; for soon, very soon, tall, very tall trees in his kingdom will meet the fiery furnace." (As I proof-read this chapter on 09-16-01, I can truthfully say that in no way did I know just how soon this latter sentence would come to pass; and I am afraid that we have truly seen nothing yet!)

"Father, what of the clones?"

"Those, which they have cloned, to look like those, who will be taken out, will begin to drop dead like houseflies. I am against the clones. I am against the genetic sciences, which they have devised to destroy My purity. I am against the evil alchemists, who play god. When they least expect it, I shall utterly destroy them. Go this day in peace, my Child; and know that My love for you is great. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of August, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


Beloved and Cherished Brothers and Sisters through our Precious Jesus, these last six chapters were given to me while I was on a ten day Daniel fast. The storm, which is referred to in this chapter, was also heard by another apostle. While I saw the storm and witnessed the devastation of the storm in the Spirit, this apostle heard the howling wind audibly, as if the wind were really blowing. This was a most powerful storm, which most assuredly manifested later in the physical realm in the disastrous chain of events, which we experienced in this country through the so-called terrorist atrocities. Great and awesome events are truly unfolding in the Kingdom of God!


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