From the Mountain, Book VII

Chapter Eleven


"Interpretation from Book One about the Towers"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea, Jehovah, Most High God. Blessed are you, My Child, for you are faithful to My purposes. Yea, they come now to stone you from many directions. Even some among My Chosen Ones, My Elect, stone you. They speak lies about you behind your back and gather against you as a pack of wolves; for they see you standing alone before Me and proclaiming My word. They believe that there is strength in numbers, so they pile up on one another, like football players in a football game, who are out to tackle a quarterback. The wolves do not win, so they send in the wolverines, their 'yea-sayers', to attack you and to bring you down. But, the wolverines fall and are utterly defeated. For, those, who stand around a circle, looking for a bombshell to drop, are practices of witchcraft. They are full of rebellion, believing that they are in a circle, which cannot be broken; but I tell you that they are broken and they know it not. For, their wooden bombshell is only a shell; and it is wooden. It has no power and no substance and with a slight of the hand I will utterly consume it with fire. Those, who come to make war with My Anointed need to know that they do not make war with you, but Me. My rod shall utterly destroy My enemies. Those, who are enemies of My Beloved Servants are My enemies.

"Yea, I am bringing Mine through fires of cleansing. Those, who will not knuckle under and do what they know to be right will be consumed with these burning fires. I will cause their lives to be hell on Earth if they will not repent. It is an abomination to Me to see My Chosen Servants backbite and gossip and mistreat those, who have only shown them kindness. I say, 'Beware to the users and abusers of My People; for I shall make your walk slippery like one's walk over ice. I shall cause you to fall over and over until you will not get up again, save you repent and come clean before Me. Yea, be advised that the wolves will come back empty handed. The wolverines will come back empty handed; and the circle of witchcraft, along with the wooden bombshell, will be devoured through My unquenchable fires.' Get ready, I say, for your redemption draws nigh! You have been warned in advance. Repent, or perish! For, I am cleaning house!

"Now, My Child, as one of My Loved Ones has called you repeatedly regarding certain parts of Book I, I shall further explain this vision. Write as written on page Four of Book One, that I may explain further.

"Yes, my Father, I am copying this vision from Book One below:

Vision from Book One

The following vision takes place as I am standing in the Vatican. Something falls from above and hits the floor in front of me. What I see reminds me of a cap, which we used to see on carbonated drink bottles, the kind of cap, which would have a cork at the top of the cap, which is placed therein as a sealant. I picked up the cap and could see that it the cork was already lifted on one corner, so I lifted the cork from the cap. The following is what I saw after I lifted the cork from this cap.

Something came pouring out from beneath the cork. There were many pictures connected one to another by plastic holders. These plastic holders reminded me of the ones used to hold pictures in a wallet, and were about the same size. The long line unfolded like an accordion, and fell from my chest area all the way to the floor. It kept unrolling all the way down the hall and into The Square outside where it finally stopped by a brick wall.

Someone climbed out of the last plastic picture holder. He wore cowboy boots and saddle pants with jeans. I followed his feet as he climbed a ladder by the wall. He kept climbing up the ladder until he stood on the wall. "Who is this man," I said.

Then, I saw him pull off his cowboy hat. He stood there on The Great Wall of China waving his hat back and forth and smiling. It was Bill Clinton.

Someone from the Secret Service ran up to Mr. Clinton, and said, "Mr. Clinton, you must come down from there. We've had a bad explosion, Sir. America is burning. The United States has been bombed, Sir."

"By whom?" the president asked.

"We do not know, Sir. Our towers aren't functioning. We can't track it. We can only tell that we're surrounded, Sir."

"My Father, I ask for an interpretation as You say that you will reveal more."

"This is so, My Child. Let us go back to the picture holder. As you held these empty picture holders before your chest, they tumbled out in front of you, like an accordion. Is this so?"

"Yes, Father."

"And, the last one, the last picture holder, is the one, which opened up to show what is above. What do you make of this?"

"My Father, I do not know."

"My Child, what is a picture?"

"It is a way of capturing an image, which can be held over time."

"This is so, My Child, time as you know it."

"So, you have therein an image, which is held over time. Yet, an image, which is held over time without any reference to a given time is illusion. Is this not so?"

"My Father, You know that I do not have all understanding, but only a small part. As I lack understanding, I ask that You give me this, that the reader may also understand what you are saying."

"My Child, I am saying that within the Earth, time is based on a linear system. Is this not so?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, when a picture cannot be connected to a specific event, does it not generally fall into illusion?"

"Yes, my Father, this is generally so as I understand it.

"So, with this vision of Bill Clinton upon the wall of China, have you been able to connect it to a certain event?"

"Not specifically, my Father; and even now I cannot be sure."

"Nay, you cannot be sure unless I give you understanding; but have I not said to all that if you lack understanding, come to Me and I will give you understanding?"

"Yes, my Father, you have said it."

"Therefore, I say to you, why did you see the series of plastic picture holders unfold before you?"

"Father, surely these represented a series of events, which would unfold at some point in the future; but as there was no point of reference they amounted to illusion to many."

"This is so, but I will show you that this vision is not illusion; and I will show you that a babe in Christ called to question you about this vision; for My Spirit stirred him to do so. Did he not ask you on more than one occasion if this vision and the one subsequent to it, plus another following vision had to do with the bombing of the Trade Towers and the Pentagon?'

"Yes, my Father, he asked this."

"And, what did you tell him?"

I told him that I could not answer this; for the visions, which you give Me, are often complex and that I do not understand them, save you give an understanding. But, I told him that I would present all to you."

"And, so you have. But, I say to you, 'What is the significance of the last picture holder and the fact that they are all plastic?"

"My Father, I can only speculate; for I do not know for sure."

"My Child, have you ever seen a spotted camel?"

"No, my Father."

"Have you ever seen a camel with stripes?"

"No, my Father, I have not seen this."

"Have you ever seen a black leopard?"

"No, my Father, I have not."

"Have you ever seen a bird fall from the sky and die in flight?"

"No, my Father, not that I can remember."

"But, you have seen desert sands and you have felt the heat of the same?"

"Yes, my Father, I have seen and experienced this."

"Well, then, My Child, I ask you this, "Does My River of Life run dry?"

"No, my Father, but I do not understand what these things have to do with this plastic picture holder and Bill Clinton."

"My Child, is there a common thread among these questions, which I have asked you?"

"Yes, My Father, and I believe this common thread to be truth."

"This is so, My Child, and this being so, I ask you, "Does the Spirit of God bear falsehood, or truth?"

"Truth, my Father, always truth."

"But, does it not speak in symbols, which many do not understand? Therefore, many regard visions as lies or illusions, unless backed by a parallel event in time."

"Yes, my Father, I understand this to be so."

"My Child, I have taken time to go into all this that the babes may be weaned from the breast. It is time that they begin to think for themselves and to question what they do not understand, even as the babe, who called you, that they may be given understanding. Thus said, My Child, behold the fountain of Living Waters. Go there, cup your hands and drink."

"As you say I do, Father."

"Then, take the last picture holder in your hands and write as seen and given."

"My Father, as I hold the last picture holder, it begins to crackle and to melt in my hands and as it melts, I see Bill Clinton at a table with Saddam Hussein. My Father, they both wear a ring, which has a Goat head of Menendez on it. These rings suddenly become ablaze with a roaring fire and in the midst of this fire, I see the vision of Bill Clinton, dressed as a cowboy, climbing this wall. On the wall, I see the words, 'Heroin and dope trade.' As Bill Clinton waves his cowboy hat, large numbers of dollar bills and large stacks of checks, measuring into the millions, all come streaming out and form a long trail in the air. This trail goes all the way to the leader of China and when he opens his mouth to smile, I see a front tooth with a goat head star on it. This is his left front tooth. Then, I see some strong hands with a set of pliers and these pliers rip out the right front tooth and what is within the tooth and left is the end of a screw. I do not see the head of this screw; for the head is embedded in the jaw of the Chinese leader. Suddenly, this screw turns into a peg leg soldier, who is wounded and blind in one eye. This soldier walks with crutches; and on its rear end I see the word, "Pakistan." The word "Pakistan" is actually written on a door and when this door opens up and I see within it US soldiers with helmets, combat gear, face grease and guns, and they are crawling on their bellies. Overhead, I see a helicopter and I see someone standing in the door of the helicopter. It is a Chinese soldier with a megaphone and the soldier is saying, "All aboard." The US soldiers, who are crawling on their bellies rise up, and form a line. The helicopter lands and the soldiers prepare to enter onto the aircraft. As each one enters the helicopter, he salutes the Chinese general. The general utters something, which I do not understand, but as the Spirit of God translates it, I know that it means, "Attention, this is a new order."

"This is a very large helicopter, which is flown by the Chinese and the US soldiers are now subservient to those in charge."

"Oh, my Father, I must go back; for I am so concerned for these things, which I see. Let us go back to the last picture holder. My Father, please explain."

"Did it not melt in your hands?"

"Yes, Father, but why?"

"My Child, the last picture of Bill Clinton, which represented freedom in America, was only an illusion. In the Clinton years, many espoused all manner of freedoms, yet all become ten times more a prisoner. During the Clinton years, he espoused great financial growth; but you know that this, too, was only a lie, for America is bankrupt and each of you is taxed more than ever. Bill Clinton took away many of your freedoms in the name of preservation of freedom; but how can one lose freedoms and preserve them at the same time? Yes, My Child, Bill Clinton was the last great picture holder. Oh, he rode high and he still rides high. He does not travel the world for the fun of it. He travels it; for he and George Bush are partners in power and crime. Many believe that Clinton is gone, just another retired president; but alas how far could you all be from the truth. You will see, My Child, that he has gone nowhere, but is very much involved in the shenanigans of Lucifer and the New World Order. You will soon see that he is very much alive and well and at the forefront of Lucifer's works."

" So, my Father, we know well that Saddam Hussein is a New World Order whipping boy. We know that he is just someone they use when needed."

"Oh, my Child, Hussein is a class servant of Lucifer. When I say, 'class,' I mean that he ranks near the top of the class among Lucifer's servants. He is key to much, which goes on in the Mideast and he is a silent key, very silent, to the dope trafficking in that part of the world. On, yes, he and Bill Clinton, the Bushes, the Rockefellers and even the Rothschilds and the Queen of England and more, are all pawns of the devil in this work of evil. For, remember, My Child, that Lucifer desires to enslave every person on Earth; and what better way to enslave all, save through the mental straight jacket of drugs? Not only are many enslaved in this way and tortured on and on by demons; but through addiction, many are robbed of the money they need to survive and support their families. Then, all in the family suffer because of the chains and shackles of dope. Therefore, at this time, there is a great push to increase the dope trade and this is why Bill Clinton is standing on the wall of China waving. My Child, he is dressed as a cowboy; for he is herding in the dope trade. He is herding in the body parts trade. What a blasphemy thrown into My face! And, what a stench upon the land! But, alas the body parts business flourishes through these very faces, which I have just shown you."

"So, Saddam Hussein, Bill Clinton and the Chinese connection all pull together; and this is why Bill Clinton is grinning and waving. For, his hat is full of evil money and the trail leads all the way to the President of China."

"This is so."

"But, Father, why is he told to come down off the wall?"

"He is told to come down; for he is oblivious to what is going on back home."

"My Father, if he works with Bush, how is he oblivious?"

"He is not told all."


"For, often the right hand in government does not know what the left hand does. Clinton is an insider in this evil, but does not know all."

"But, my Father, You have shown that he is a Rockefeller and you have implicated this family in great evil."

"This is so; but it is also known that Bill Clinton is a liability. It is known that Bill Clinton can be manipulated and he is both an outsider and an insider."

"So, he is called off the wall and told that there has been a bad explosion and America is burning."

"Yes, My Child, this is the devastation of the Trade Towers and the Pentagon. These towers are not functioning and neither can the aviation towers provide accurate information."

"The Secret Service calls him Mr. Clinton and not President Clinton."

"This is so and also a clue that he is no longer President when this happens."

"And, the Secret Service says, "America has been bombed."

"This is so and you are learning that it was not the planes, which took out the towers, but explosives, yes even bombs."

"Oh, my Father, this is most interesting. I wish to go back to the vision, which proceeded Bill Clinton, Saddam Hussein and the goat head rings. My Father, much is self-explanatory, but what hand removed the covering from the right front tooth of the Chinese leader?"

"My hand."

"And, what does the screw mean?"

"That the Chinese screw will be applied to the American military."

"And, Father, what is this screw?"

"It is a twisted rod of steel, which will be put on the backs of the American military and it is coming from the Chinese head. This twisted rod of steel will cripple the American military. They will be sent out to crawl on their bellies like snakes in the dark and they will answer knowingly or unknowingly to the Chinese military. Eventually, they will be broken and will not only salute the Chinese generals, but will obey them. No good thing will come of this present war; for it is a war, which is based on total enslavement of the world' people. It is a war against terrorism, which is sponsored by world terrorists. In due season, all within your military will openly understand that this is truly a New Order and that China has been chosen by Lucifer to enforce the New Order. Let all be advised for you will not win this war. As a nation, you will fall through this long and protracted war, which brings terrorism upon this land over and over again. My Child, we shall stop for today and letter resume to explain more from Book I and how it relates to the burning towers."

"Father, I have just one more question before You go. What is the Pakistani door in the rear of the American military? What does this mean?"

"My Child, this door is in the rear of your crippled military and for this reason is not seen."

"What do you mean, 'rear?'"

"I mean that this Pakistani door is hidden in the Chinese tooth."

"Hidden in the tooth?"

"Yes, My Child, the twisted screw of steel will put a bite on the American military and help to make it subservient to China through the hidden Pakistani door."

"What do You mean, Father?"

"I mean, My Child, that Pakistan is allied with China and the purpose is to bring down your military. Yet, this is all known to the pigs in your very government, who know and work toward their common goal that America must fall. And, fall it will; for the masses have deserted the Very One, who has made this country great. Therefore, I am giving Lucifer power over you here a little and there a little; and if you will not repent in a great way, you shall surely fall to world communism."

"My Father, was Pakistan involved in the bombings?"

"More than you will ever know."

"What about China?"

"Have you not seen Pakistan in the Chinese head?"

"Yes, Father."

"Then, know, My Child, that this is complicated picture. All is orchestrated within your own government and the end goal is the enslavement of all. Go this day in peace. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of September 2001,
Linda Newkirk


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