From the Mountain, Book VII

Chapter Thirteen


"Our Father Opens the Heavens!"

"My Precious Child, be at peace this day, knowing that you are within My will. Yea, I awoke you in the early hours of the morning that you would come out and pen My words. Hearken unto Me this day, My Child; for I have a new word for you and it is to go on "A Message for You" as a message, but also as the next chapter of Book Seven. My Child, I have recently told you that I shall part the heavens and I shall show you great and mighty things. Is this not so?"

"Yes, my Father, and I have been eager to see what You will reveal."

"My Child, see My sword go before you. See its brilliant and fiery blade. And, see it move under My hand to cut and divide asunder the heavenlies."

"Yes, my Father, and as it moves forth beneath the power of Your hand, I see great fire and explosions in the heavenlies and awesome steam pours forth. Clouds roll forth, mighty storm clouds, and they are churning with a great wind. I hear piercing thunder and I see great lightening, as violent storms move in. Rain falls in sheets and hail the size of baseballs pours forth from the angry clouds. Below the clouds, on the face of the Earth, I see mountains crack and earthquakes rumble and rattle the earth, breaking and splitting the ground. Fiery lava flows are seen below as they ooze from the ruptured mountains. Then, suddenly I witness a great stillness come upon the land. The clouds develop a calmness and the wind is only a whisper as I behold before me a great rip in the heavenlies. And, even as I behold this rip in the heavenlies, Father, I hear your voice say, "A rip in the fabric of time." But, I do not understand what you mean when you say, "A rip in the fabric of time."

"Come up hither, My Child."

Suddenly, I am drawn through this rip; and even as I sit and write, I know also that I am drawn upwards and through this rip in the heavenlies, flying within this rip in time. Great energy and power bathe me and a coolness settles on my face. I am traveling in spirit, yet at the same time I seem to be a part of rushing waters. The sensation changes back and forth from that of a cool breeze to that of rushing waters and I stand now atop a very tall mountain, sensing that I am on Mount Ararat. Below, I sense activity but I am prevented from knowing what this activity is.

"My Child, turn due East."

"My Father, direct my feet; for I do not know what due East is from where I stand."

"Very well."

And, in that instant, my feet are turned and my body is turned and before me is a substance, which looks like a fibrous web. I know that I am to part the web with my hands and it is as a cloud, but also like a web; and as I push my hands through it, I am drawn through this web. On walking through this web, I find that I am standing at the edge of a busy street in India. All around me, Indians are milling around, going about their daily activities. The streets are full of dark-skinned people and many of them just stare at me. I smell a foul scent and I look to see a dead corpse on the street near me. As I look closer, I can see that houseflies are all over his body and flying around in the street. I glance around to see people in a nearby shop and a few are at a counter, drinking something from cups. "My Father, there seems to be so much confusion here and so much sadness. Here, near my feet is this poor soul, who is most certainly dead, and people are going their way, seemingly oblivious to his plight. Why am I here; for I feel so sad."

"Do you not know?"

"No, My Father, I do not know and I feel so distraught by what I see. The people, in general, appear to be so poor and here at my feet is this dead man. What shall I do?"

"Reach down and touch his left wrist and tell him to awaken; for he only sleeps."

"Father, I know that you say he only sleeps, but surely he is dead; for as I reach down to touch his wrist, I see many flies coming out of his nose and his mouth and the smell is so putrid. My Father, I feel so sad; for he is dead like a dog on a road and it seems that no one even notices. " Reaching down, I touch the man on the wrist and I feel that he is ice cold; and words come out of my mouth, which I do not understand. However, I know that I am saying to him,

"Awaken in the name of Jesus Christ; for the Most High God Jehovah has commanded it." Than, as a zombie, the man begins to stir. He moves his eyes and blinks them a few times; and then he staggers to his feet, spitting out flies and muttering unintelligible words. He just looks at me as if he is frightened and I do not know what to say to him. His shirt is unbuttoned and his ribs are protruding. His trousers are very dirty and ripped and torn here and there and he appears disoriented. "Be healed in the name of Jesus," I say to him; and he looks at me, shaking his head in the affirmative as if he understands. As I behold the man before me, I look around to see a small crowd of people, who have gathered and as this man begins to say a few words, several of them jump back in disbelief or fear. One woman seems to faint and as I look at them and begin to tell them not to fear; for all is well, they look with wide-eyes disbelief. Then, the one, who is raised from the dead, begins to dust off his pants, and to brush his dusty hair back with his hand. One woman rushes forth with a sick baby and puts the baby in my hands. I touch the forehead of this child and feel that its head is very hot and its nose if thick with mucus. "I stand before you, Father, and present this child to you in the name of our Beloved Jesus, that this child may be made whole. Father, I pray that this child is healed in the name of our Precious Jesus. And, to you, our Beloved God Jehovah is the praise forever and ever." I hand the child back to the Mother and even as I do so, I feel that the cloud is moving in on me. I see the web-like substance and I am moving through this substance again, once more caught up in the wind and rushing waters, travelling at a great speed until once again I am here at home, yet deeply aware of this rip, which I perceive in the heavens. My Father, I do not know how to comment on what I have experienced. Please explain this."

"I parted the heavens today and a time of great and mighty miracles, My miracles, is upon this planet."

"But, Father, what do You mean when You say that You parted the heavens; and why was there such a mighty storm?"

"When I say that I parted the heavens, what I mean is that I have caused changes in the space/time continuum, which will make it easier for My Chosen Ones to be translated to distant parts of the world to work My miracles. The mighty storm, which you witnessed, is both a spiritual storm and a physical storm. Lucifer knows that I am empowering My Elect with My power to do great and awesome miracles in the Earth. This empowerment of Mine at much higher levels will put a severe crink in his work. Therefore, you will see him pick up speed in his evil in an attempt to stop what Mine are empowered to do. You will see him begin to restrict travel in an attempt to stop Mine Anointed from going to distant lands to work My miracles and to save souls. You will also see him pick up in his destruction and attacks on Christians worldwide, as in the "holy war," which he is initiating between Christians and Muslims. You will see evidence in many areas that Lucifer is building up steam to persecute and do away with all Christians. Just as King Herod sought to kill all babes when My Son was born, you will see great annihilation of Christians worldwide, in an attempt by Lucifer to kill off many before they can realize this new power. And, truly many, many Christians will die; but I will work great and mighty miracles through My Faithful. And, this will not be stopped."

"Father, was I just translated to India?"

"You were."

"Father, this was so awesome, but also so sad and painful. What happened with these two?"

"The man lives and the babe is healed."

"Father, do they understand that this is a gift from You through our Beloved Jesus?"

"They do."

"When I went back through the web, or curtain, did they see this?"

"They only saw you disappear."

"What did they do then?"

"They are still talking and a greater crowd has assembled."

"But, Father, will they come to You. Will they serve You and our Lord Jesus?"

"Some will."

"But, Father what will it take for them to come out of paganism and to give up demonic gods?"

"The same thing that it will take for the Mormons to give up membership in a freemason cult."

"Which is?"

"A shake-up of major proportions."

"But, Father what could this possibly be?"

"When their world falls apart and they see that their religion does not save them, but it persecutes them."

"And, when will this be?"

"When the mystery mark begins to burn them."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that those, who are marked by the devil, will be claimed by the devil. Those, who resist will be severely burned by him."

"My Father, how long will so-called Christians be allowed to continue in a lukewarm walk? Father, how long?"

"To each is given a free choice. Will each of you get a hunger and thirst after righteousness? Will you be on fire for more and more of Me? Will you hunger for deeper and deeper truths? Or, will you rot in complacency? Those, who are lost in cults, such as the Mormon Church, are rotting in complacency. Their religion will not save them. It will condemn them."

"Father, what happened today when this rip took place in the heavenlies?"

"As I said, I have caused this rip in the heavenlies and this rip will allow My Chosen Ones to move about much more freely in the miraculous."

"Do You mean, as far as being translated to other places, or as regards the manifestation of all miracles from You?"

"As regards all miracles."

"Father, how will this manifest?"

"Just as you experienced today."

"You mean with translation?"

"And, healing and other kinds of miracles."

"Oh, Father, I wish I understood this; but I feel so ignorant. I feel like such a babe. How can we ever comprehend your great and mighty ways?'

"You cannot save I give you understanding."

"Father, I wish I knew more questions to ask about what I have just experienced and what you are about to do for Your people, but I do not know what more to ask. However, I do have a very important question. Father, two days ago, you showed me an angel atop Your Holy Mountain and this angel was blowing a horn. Then I saw angels descend from this Mountain and they had scrolls and various ones around the world were give to read these scrolls. Father, what does this mean?"

"My Child, look at the trumpet, which is in the hand of the angel. What do you see on the banner beneath the trumpet?"

"I see the word, 'plagues' written on the trumpet. But at the time of the vision I did not see this."

"And, what do you see written on the scroll, which is in the hand of the angel?"

"Father, I see the words, 'Great judgements from Jehovah, Most High God. And, on the rear of the scroll. I see a woman, who is weeping at well. She points at a water bucket, which only bears sand and debris and she says, 'We have no water. Israel thirsts for water.' Then, I see again this angel with the trumpet, who continues to sound the trumpet; and on the banner I see the word, 'plagues' again and beneath this word in smaller print I see the words,

"Devastating plagues are about to hit the USA!" The angel keeps on sounding the horn; and I look again and on the reverse side of this banner, I see a skull and crossbones. Beneath the skull and crossbones are the words, 'Antichrist machine rides the world.'

"Oh, my Father, on the afternoon following the morning when I saw the angel sound the trumpet, I read on the net that an ebola-like plague had hit the Afghan border. As we have read of Russian troops on the Afghan border, my first thought was germ warfare."

"You have sensed what is true. For, WWIII moves on."

"But, Father, what are the people to do? How can the masses survive such a war?"

"They cannot and they will not; for the greatest numbers will die."

"But, Father, what of those, who say that the Bride will be taken out and not have to go through hardships?"

"My Child, My Child, all are purified and made clean, who wed My Son. And, how are they purified and made clean, save through great trials?'

"But, Father, what does our Lord Jesus mean when He says that we should pray that we are counted worthy not to have to go through these things?"

"He means what He says. Some will actually be translated out of devastating situations or totally protected. Some will come home and will escape in this way. But, those on Earth, when He comes, will be purified by great trials, just as the apostles of old."

"So, Father, what we are about to experience is germ warfare right here in the USA?"

"Sooner than you can possible realize. Go in peace this day and type this soon, that people might prepare. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of October 2001
Linda Newkirk

The very day that our Father in Heaven parted the heavenlies, a storm came through this area; and for several days time we experienced a series of storms. Great, dark angry clouds continue to roll in and it is as if what I saw in the spiritual that day is now reflecting in the physical realm.



September 11 is "Only The Beginning of God's Judgement for America!"

My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Blessed are you, My Little One; for you obey Me. You put Me first and you have heeded My words to come out of the worldly traps. You have walked the straight and narrow, loving Me with you all, putting Me and My Son first; and because of this I am using you in great and mighty ways. Just as I parted the sea for Moses, I now part the heavenlies for you. A new day is at hand for those, who love Me with their all, and who put Me first. And, this, My Child, is a day of great and mighty miracles, wherein My Faithful shall regularly drink of My Living Waters. They shall swim in My River of Life and eat of My heavenly manna.

Yea, My Child, it is a new day for those, who are faithful. It is a new day for those, who have willingly given up the world and its traps for love of Me and My Son. Yea, it is a new day for those, who are obedient to Me.

But, alas, for those, among My servants, who will not come out of the world, who will not give up the lure of its traps, yea even these, whom I love greatly, shall be whipped with many stripes. For, they will not give up the lure of the world. Those, who rely on television, and will not give up this mind control box, will be beat with many stripes by their own choices for mind control. Those, who will not live a life, which is based on truth, will be beat and gashed deeply by every lie, which they tell. Those, who will not knuckle under and live a life of obedience to Me, will obey Lucifer, willingly or unwillingly. Those, who return evil for good, will be deceived by evil. They will eat the fruits of evil and they will suffer mightily for it. Those, who are living a lie, will be consumed by a lie and the fires of lying and deceit will burn them with a white-hot fire.

Yes, My Child, I am cleaning up My people. The Bride of My Son is being washed and scrubbed through adversity. In the past, many have been allowed to put off for another day what must be done today. But, I tell you now that those, who run from My spiritual responsibility, will be beat by the irresponsibility of their choices. Those, who will not willingly give up the world and its traps will wrestle with these traps on a greater scale on the Broad Way to destruction. Yes, indeed, Mine will live a clean and pure life before Me and they will weed out the deceptive practices in their lives. They will broken by their own choices and obey me willingly, or they will fall to Lucifer and his wiles.

My Little One, I have put a rod of iron in your hands (See Book V); and this rod will judge the nations. This rod of iron will judge the wicked, along with the so-called righteous, who are inwardly no more than ravenous wolves. This rod of iron will break the backs of the wicked and it will deal deadly and consuming blows to the New World Order heads and to their plans. This rod of iron will judge and it will judge in a mighty way; for My power and My unbending will is in this rod; and when I tell you to pick up this rod and use it, it is not under your power that judgement goes forth, it is under My power. My hand rests atop your hand when this rod is used and those around the world, who are hell-bent on wickedness and defiance, had better get ready; for great judgement, My judgement is at hand.

Yes, My Child, I know. Many believe that the devil has orchestrated the attacks of 09-11-01 on the USA. But, I tell you now as I have told you previously: I orchestrated these attacks; for it is I, who controls this world. I am the Creator of all and I have orchestrated this destruction. I control Lucifer and I allow him to rise in these end-times, that each of you may be judged as to your faithfulness. It is time that you wake up to this; for I am Creator of all. I set the universes in motion. I created all life forms; and I always bring judgement upon a proud, stiff-necked and arrogant people. I am judging the USA and I am judging the whole world; for wickedness has taken over and the masses have loved wickedness. They have forsaken Me and most churches the world over are bone dry.

I am sickened by the stench of mediocrity. I am sickened by your paltry offerings to Me and to My work. I am tired of your petty foxhole prayers and I am putting the rod, My rod of judgement to the root of a spiritual tree in the USA and elsewhere, which is growing abominations. If the preachers will not repent and if they will not cause My people to repent, I shall utterly devastate this land from North to South and from East to West. Over and over, I have warned the preachers to repent and to cause My people to repent and you would not. Now, you shall repent and you shall cause My people to repent or you shall go by the way of the grave, lost in sin and rebellion and mediocrity; and the fires of hell shall rise up to meet you.

What you have seen on 09-11-01 is only a beginning of judgement in the USA. Soon, grievous biological attacks shall hit this land and you shall find yourselves dying by the hundreds of thousands with no cure. I have warned the leadership of this land not to start a war of annihilation against the Muslims. For, these 09-11 attacks were orchestrated by the hidden leadership of the USA and other countries, which you see at the forefront of this war. However, they would not listen; for, it is their design to start a "holy war" between the Arabs and the Christians! I tell you now that because they will not listen to My warnings, many shall fall by way of the sword. They shall die from strange and unusual conditions.

Within the USA, I shall cause the real sleeping terrorists functions to awaken and these terrorist functions are not orchestrated by your own government. I shall cause them to awaken in Europe. I shall cause Red China to attack Taiwan and North Korea to attack South Korea. I shall cause a bitter war for control of the world's oil supply to break out among China, Russia and the UN antichrist conspiracy. This bitter war for control of the world's oil supply will cause a war to ravage the USA. It will ravage Europe, Russia, China and the Mideast.

Yes, My Little One, the Antichrist machine is rising and they foolishly believe that they have the world in their pockets; but this could hardly be farther from the truth. Beware of the roads, which have been heretofore untraveled. For, the Antichrist, One World Order Machine is doomed to fail. But, I tell you that it shall rise and because of it, the world will be utterly devastated.

"My Father, I have a question and it is one, which has been passed on to me by a reader in Singapore. Since you moved back the hands of time, does this mean that the sequence of certain dates, given in previous prophecies, has also been moved forward?"

"My Child, some of these dates have been moved forward and some have not. My advice to all is to live a holy and righteous life; for great and devastating changes are at hand and My Son will return when most least expect. Therefore, clean up your lives. Repent daily and watch always; for those, who are not spiritually clean, will not be His bride.

Go this day in peace, My Child, warning all to get prepared for some very hard times. Get ready for biological attacks of major proportions on US soil and for more explosions. But, these, which I speak of, will not be orchestrated by the US government. I will allow these things to come to pass; for you have entered into a foolish war, which I have warned against. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Post this on a 'Message for You', and also post as the next chapter in Book VII, that all may be recorded for posterity."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of October 2001,
Linda Newkirk

Note: Since this time, we have seen a wave of anthrax cases come about and we have seen the downing of another civilian plane. We know by now that the destruction of this plane was not an accident!


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