From the Mountain, Book VII

Chapter Fourteen


"I am Cleansing My People"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Hearken unto Me, My Child, and take note; for your redemption truly draws nigh. My Child, the world over, My people groan beneath the weight of oppressive darkness. They cry out to Me and to My Son because of their great pains and sorrows. I tell you, My Child, herein is wisdom. Listen to Me and write as I say that those with they eyes to see will see, that those with the ears to hear will hear and that those with a heart after Me will understand.

"I am cleansing My people. I am washing and scrubbing My people. I am getting them ready, here one or two and there three or four. Yes, My Child, I am getting Mine ready; for as they are washed, as they are cleansed, as they are made pure, I am elevating their vibratory rate. For, that which is clean and pure vibrates at a much higher level than that which is polluted with all manner of darkness.

"Yes, My Child, I am bringing Mine through the fires of adversity, where they will either voluntarily clean up their lives spiritually, or they will continue to stumble over the great dark boulders of their own making. I will not accept half-measures. I will not accept lies! This path is bathed in truth and carved out in purity. All, who walk herein, will walk at a higher vibratory level, or they will not walk it.

"Many, who follow Me and My Son, even many of My prophets and apostles have it wrong. They believe that My Son will come and change them into perfection in the twinkle of an eye. This is a fabrication and many will not make the grade because of this kind of thinking. Those, who put Me first and love Me with all their hearts, with all their minds, with all their strength and with all their souls; and who love others as they love themselves, walk this path. Those, who will not love in this way will not know this higher vibratory rate; for it is a vibration of pure love.

"Therefore, I say to each of you, If you have a problem with your brother or sister, go to them and try to work it out. If they have offended you, tell them the truth of what they have done. If they will not listen to you and if you have no one else, no other person, to ally with you to make them see their wrongs, forgive them and go to My Son, asking him to bear your hurts and sorrows, to take your pain and to forgive you of your transgressions. He will do so and you will be free.

"Those, who will not look at what they have done with an eye toward honesty and who will not make amends, but continue to hurt others and to lie to self, will be cut off from the Spirit of God if they will not repent. What they have done will be a large stumbling block in their paths. It will become a millstone around their necks. Those, who agree with them in their wrongs, will suffer the same fate. They, too, will be cut off from the Spirit of God. They, too, will suffer the weight of the wrongs, which they have willingly agreed to carry and they, too, will have these wrongs as a continual stumblings block before them until they repent.

"My Child, the escapism and self-victimization, which many have used to manipulate in the past and get their ways is not going to work for them any longer. Those, who continue to hide behind victimization, escapism and all manner of lies and will not repent, will find themselves behind prison doors. They will find themselves isolated from Me and from My Spirit. They will find their lives full of darkness; for they have chosen rebellion. They have chosen a lie over the truth and regardless of how many they can gather as 'yea-sayers' and 'nay-sayers', numbers do not add righteousness to rebellion and darkness. Such numbers only create a feeding frenzy of demonic activity and this feeding frenzy is as one dark whirlwind, seeking to consume all, who will partake of it.

"I tell you all, I am cleaning up My people and you will either choose the higher road to salvation, that is the road of truth and purity and you will vibrate with a greater light of love; or you will choose the low road of lies, deceit, and manipulation and you will choose slavery and darkness.

"Many, who claim to know Me and My Son hide behind a fake light show! Many cry, 'Lord, Lord,' and even manifest all manner of miracles; but I do not know you. Many cry 'Jesus, Jesus, Yahshua, Yahshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, and Jehovah, Jehovah,' but you are far from Me. You will not receive your heavenly reward, save you repent. For, the darkness of your every word will keep you in chains. Your every dark deed is your great stumbling block.

"Hypocrites, hypocrites! My Son warned of you; for you are a poison among My flock. You are a seed of darkness, a bitter seed, and I spew you out of My mouth. You say one thing and you do another. You hide behind My work and you spew out scriptures and even prophetic words, all to deceive My people. You make a big show and you cry out to be seen of men; but I say to you that you are as a boiling teapot, wherein all the water is gone from you, save a few drops; and you are intent to get the most out of the last few drops. But, I say to you, You are barren and you are empty inside. You talk, talk, talk because you cannot stand the shrills of emptiness and confusion, which come from deep within your soul. You have no peace in your life and therefore you must constantly stir up confusion. You are a walking tower of Babel. You take, take, take and constantly manipulate to get what you want. Your ways are an abomination to Me and I warn you now, repent or perish!

"Hypocrites, how long do you think you can hide behind a mask of deception? Do you believe that I am fooled? Do you believe that you fool all? Nay, you fool few and the ones in bed with you are the poor gullible ones, who have not yet found you out, or they are of the same caliber. You use people. You bait them and you use them. This is an abomination to Me. You have no excuses; for you know the evil of your ways; but because of your selfishness you will do or say anything to stay on top. Yea, you are indeed on top, floating on the top, like dirty oil, which floats in the oceans after a toxic oil spill; and your words are just as devastating.

"I tell you, hypocrites, the oil, which is hidden deep within the Earth may turn to coal in millions of years and some fragment of it may even turn into a diamond in due season. But, do you have millions of years in which you can repent of your hypocrisy before the return of My Son? Nay, you do not. Therefore, I say to you that you will soon repent or you will perish.

My Little One, we shall stop for now. Post this as the next chapter of Book VII. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of November, 2001,
Linda Newkirk

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