From the Mountain, Book VII

Chapter Seventeen


"The Runaway Train"

"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Hear Me this day and write as I say that all may be the wiser. The vision of December 11th 2001, regarding the slaves of Lucifer, who have commandeered a runaway train and plowed it through your constitution and military is taking place now. This vision does not relate to some distant point in the future. Did I not tell you that in one month, certain ones in the White House will know that there is a Jehovah, Most High God?

"Yes, my Father, You said it. You also said that you were calling up the winds and we have certainly seen this come to pass here. And, You said that you were calling up the fires; yet I have not seen this come to pass. (This very day, someone sent us an e-mail regarding a fire in the largest church in America, which is a cathedral in New York City. As I understand it, the fire in this church was started in the bookstore and caused extensive damage. A week or so before Christmas, as I was reading news on on the internet, I was thinking of the fires, which our Father said He was going to call up and as I looked down at the very next article, I read of great fires in Australia. Since that time, we are all aware of fires in Peru that killed well over two hundred. This fire began in a shopping mall. Beloved, this saddens me so; but I sense God's judgement in these fires!)

"My Child, all has to do with My judgement upon the errant and rebellious of this land. My Child, do you believe that black is white?"

"No, my Father, I do not."

"My Little One, if the masses could see and hear, they would perceive the evil, which is coming out of Washington. They would perceive the lies and they would fight against evil so as to retain rights and freedoms."

"But, you have a president, who has been turned over to Lucifer; for he would not obey Me. You have a president, who is skating on ice, yet without the skates; and he shall soon take a fall. Oh, he will stumble to get up again, but he shall fall again and again until his work in the Earth is finished. Yes, indeed George W. Bush and his Father, plus the New World Order alliance, to which they belong, all gloat at the gullibility of the masses and the continued belief in and acceptance of the lies, which are foisted upon them. The world over they laugh, they guffaw, at the 'idiot' mindset of the masses. They ride upon great clouds of ego, not seeing their own Achilles heel. My Child, I have told you over and over that if people will repent, if the preachers and the congregations will repent and serve Me anew in truth, honor and Spirit, that I will delay judgement upon this land. I do not get joy from judging My people; but if you will not soon repent, greater, much greater calamities shall readily befall this land.

"My Beloved Child, I am aware of those, who are sending out the repentance letters to the Churches in America. I have heard your prayers, My Child, that all, who help with these works receive the Seven Thunders Blessings as I have promised. My Little One, I am true to My word, that those, who help with these works shall be blessed mightily. They shall see many a miracle straight from My throne; for each one, who works for Me by sending out these letters, is working to save souls and this is the most important work any of you can do. As pastors repent and as they cause My people to repent, I will show these parts of the country over and over that I have extended My hand of mercy upon them. Therefore, My Child, I say to the few, who have sent out this letter and to those, who are sending them out, 'My blessings are upon you and your households; and my hand of protection is upon you. Be faithful. Pray always and I shall send mighty spiritual blessings into your life. For, I am pleased in each of you and you shall know My great love and glory. Stay the course. Be faithful. Continue to come out of the world and put me first in your lives and I will give you a basket, which is overflowing with my miracles.'

"To those of you, who have read this letter of repentance and refuse to do your parts to bring America to repentance, I ask you, 'Do you love Me and My Son and your brothers and sisters in word only, or do you love Me and My Son and your Brothers and Sisters in word and deed?' If you love the lost and the rebellious, you will do your part to bring them to repentance. This land is full of rebellion and if you will not do your part to save your part of this country from judgement, who will? Do not pass off to another what you, yourself, are able to do. Get busy and get My message of repentance out into the churches; for My judgement is upon this land and save you repent in sufficient numbers, I will further bring down this land through grievous calamities.'

"Yes, My Child, the runaway train will be stopped in due season and I will stop it through My very judgements upon this land. Will each of you do your parts to cause My people to repent? Will you work to save the people of this land? Will you work to save this land? If you see the need and will not do your part, I shall doubly judge you. Each of you, who lives herein, bears a responsibility for the serious degradation in morality, for the rebellion, for the witchcraft and erosion of this government and for the spiritual erosion in the churches. If you will not do your part by helping in this work, even as I plead with you to do your part, I say to you, that there will come a time wherein you will also plead with Me and I will not hear.

"This land is in grave peril and for the sake of My Loved Ones, I am merciful; and I will always be full of love and mercy toward My Faithful. I will always provide for them. I love the wicked and I love the lost. I love the heathen and the rebellious and it is because of this love that I judge. For, I do not judge the wickedness and the rebellion, it will consume every bit of good. Evil absolutely destroys all good if left to do so; and I will not ever allow such to come to pass. For, My hand is upon the righteous, … My hand of protection and provision. Therefore, I say to each of you. There is work to be done. Will you do your part? My Child, put this on the next message and also as the next chapter of Book VII. I am Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of December, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


Prophecy fulfilled: Did George W. Bush not recently take his first fall before the whole nation? If you believe this was the result of a pretzel, read our Father's words in the first chapter of Book VIII. Then, you will know better!

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